Three Bag Roundup Video! Artist & Artisan and Think Tank Photo!

Three bag ROUNDUP!

The Artist & Artisan 7000 and 7200 and the Think Tank Photo Airport Airstream video Review!

Today I wanted to do a video on three bags that are all SUPERB! The first two I have become quite fond of, the Artisan & Artist ACAM-7000 for the days when I want to carry along my laptop, Ipad and more than one camera and lenses. The GCAM-7200 is for those days when I just want to bring along something like an M9 and two lenses, or even an M9, lens and Fuji X100/Leica X1. I retired my Domke F-803 as I fell in love with the looks, feel and functionality of these A&A Bags.

I also purchased a rolling bag from Think Tank Photo for my airport travels, the Airport Airstream. This is a semi compact roller that holds a TON of gear and can be stored in an overhead compartment on an airplane. This is a TOP quality bag that is made extremely well. Watch the video for the details!

Where to buy?

Think Tank Airport Airstream – Buy direct from Think Tank Photo for great service, and fast ship.

Artisan & Artist ACAM-7000 – Dale Photo & DigitalPopflash also has the 7000, IN STOCK.

Artisan & Artist GCAM-7200 – Dale Photo & Digital or Popflash Photo

Here is the 15 minute video review of all three! Video shot with the Fuji X100!


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  1. I’m a journalist and photographer in Ontario Canada, meanwhile, I used to be a big fan of Artisan and artist camera bags and straps since I was in U.K, I was thinking about to buy some new model camera bags,but I totally gave up after I had notified the following issue.

    Couple days ago, my Japanese wife found some online articles posted on the Yahoo Japan with absolutely incredibly disgusting issue about the mother company of Artisan and artist cheating local users by selling bags and straps imported from China in the name of “made in Japan” .

    These online articles posted on the Yahoo Japan in Japanese language tells how Artisan and artist cheating local Japanese buyers with dishonest business behaviour:

    It says, the company of Artisan and artist was bought by a China company named: Schumidt marketing Asia Ltd a few years ago. Since then they started importing camera bags,straps from a Mainland China manufacturer,then they add the same country of origin label of “made in Japan” to those bags and straps and keep selling in local market and export to outside of Japan,in order to cut down production cost.

    However, they didn’t announce this to public and keep selling products as “made in Japan” with same prices but lower quality.
    Obviously this company cheating buyers with such a dishonest business behaviour, this is a kind
    of criminal activity.

    To be honest,as I am a fan of Artisan and artist, I don’t want to believe this is the true, but if it is, i need to announce this to the public such like posting to camera related magazines or websites.

  2. Great reviews, Steve! I ordered the GCAM-7200 through your popflash link. Wow, I love it. I can fit the NEX-5 with C-Biogon 35 attached and a Contax G 90, Nokton 50/1.5, and Sony 16mm (as well as the very good .75x converter.) What a fantastic, small setup!

  3. Nice review. I use the Lowepro Messenger Exchange bag. At around $25, it is just the right size. I can fit the X100 in the front pocket and my 13″ Macbook Pro in the main compartment.

    • That’s relative. After spending upwards of 10,000 USD on your gear. What’s a little 500? Don’t mean to sound Port-side Out Starboard-side Home(the origin of posh). But at least Steve didn’t mention fogg yet.

  4. I’m going to have to second that request for a review on the Think Tank Retrospective 5, especially since I’ve been pondering between it and the Domke F-803 you Steve used to have.

    Otherwise thank you for showing those A&A bags (and shoulder straps on a previous article).

  5. Think Tank is the best. I have their waist pack It’s sturdy and well made. Lots of features. I would love that Air Stream bag. My fave is Think Tank out of any bag I’ve ever owned.

  6. @Dave I think it would be too small. The tabletop tripod I have won’t fit in the three without protruding

  7. Steve,

    I think you can get a bag similar to the smaller A&A bag, but without the leather front, which you mention you’re not that keen on:

    It’s called the ACAM-7100, or Oskar’s One Day Bag. I’m guessing from the number that it might be between the 2 sizes you’ve reviewed, but it might be worth investigating.

    • I don’t know if ya’ll know or not but that content is NOT artisan and artist genuine contents, nor is it their site. PhotoVillage runs it and is not an A&A Distributor. If you go to the actual japanese A&A site their is a warning about it…

  8. Nice review Steve. A&A, Think Tank & Domke are unfortunately not distributed over here (Belgium).

    I recently wanted to buy a small messenger-type bag that did not scream “photo” for a trip to Istanbul. I hesitated to order a Think Tank Retrospective 5 from abroad but reverted to a LowePro Passport Sling which was readily available at my local store.

    Not as nice looking for sure, no AW protection unfortunately, not really a messenger bag, but does not look too much like a photo bag (my wife would say it rather looks like a baby changing bag!). It easily takes a M+lens mounted, 3 spare lenses, and various stuff like batteries, cookies, a guide and a small bottle of water. Content is easily accessible with a top zipper and no flap. Great for changing lens. All in all, an ideal bag when travelling, even if not my dream bag. And it is cheap too (50€).

  9. Steve and gang, I am looking for something even smaller than the small bag. Big enough for a M9+lens, no room for an extra lens. Any suggestions?

    • Hello Tony. Check out the “Evans Walker” also called ACAM 1100 from Artisan&Artist. It’s smaller has no flap. But evean it is a smaller bag its get the wide comfortable shoulderstrap. I use this bag to carry my Leica m8 with a attached and a second lens and some other stuff like my samsung galaxy tab. I like also the fact that it has a space with zipper inside to store my wallet securely. I prefer this flapless design, because it gives you quicker and quieter access to your stuff. On the company website you can find a nice picture about the insinde.

    • When I go with my M8 and just one lens I usually don’t take a bag.

      I sometimes use a small LowePro Terraclime 50, but it will only work with a small lens attached.

  10. Great review Steve. I like the A&A bags, but my favorite is still the Domke F803. What I especially like about the Domke is that it can hold an M body, a couple of lenses, all the little stuff, AND I can get my 11″ MacBook Air fully enclosed in the back sleeve. It’s my perfect day bag (which I bought based on your recommendation!!!). I also think the waxed canvas looks fantastic, and the hardware is first class. Did you really sell yours?

  11. Great review! I’m liking that second A&A bag, may just be the right size for my DSLR gear. Definitely checking it out!

  12. I have to agree Steve. I retired my Billinghams(Hadley pro, small and f/2.8) for the A&A gcam 1100. The smaller form factor and leather are just a lot prettier. Although it’s not at all rain proof but it just seems to work. Best part, it really doesn’t look camera bag like(hate this term really). Some people even mistake it for what priests use to carry their bibles, crucifix and holy water!

  13. Forgot to add: the crumpler bags come with Velcro silencers for those who loathe the sound. Allowing a solid buckle to hold them shut.

      • I like Crumpler too. I have the 6 million dollar bag for my D-SLR. But I actually use the Think Tank bag when walking around all day.

  14. You certainly have expensive taste in accessories! Any chance you have a budget bag shootout planned? For those without 10k in gear $200 is a lot for something like a gf1, nex, or even x100.

    For the x100 and misc stuff I still like my crumpler three million dollar home. Very unassuming, functional, inexpensive.

    • the Domke F-5XB is a nice compact bag, I can fit my M9 plus 50 Lux mounted with my 35 Lux and 75 in seperate slots

      • I love this bag. Amazed at how much you can fit in it. Mine currently has a X100, Sony Alpha a55 with a 50mm 1.4, Polaroid Pogo printer (these are fun) and a Galaxy Tablet.

        Much prefer the velcro to the Domke metal clips which frustratingly require two hands.

        • True. Love Domke bags, have several, hate those metal clips. I even considered replacing them with plastic squeeze clips, but it’s beyond my skills as a seamstress. (seamster?)

  15. For the 7200, you should check out the Think Tank Retrospective 5. Similar size, made of canvas, plus it has silencers on the Velcro on the flap. You can silence or not – your choice. Plus it’s even more unassuming than the black leather. Typical great Think Tank quality.

  16. “Leica X100”? (~3:18) LOL… I guess you do *really* like the camera. 🙂

    Personally, I find the horribly annoying sound of velcro a huge turn-off, so I would never use either of those A&A bags. They look like a good size though. Thanks for the review, Steve.

  17. Hi Steve,

    Great review. I have the A&A ACAM-7100 bag and it is just like the little bag in your review, except it has a canvas front flap instead of the leather front that you don’t like as much. All other features appear to be the same. I got mine about a year and a half ago at and it has held up beautifully. I carry two M bodies with lenses and have plenty of room for extra batteries, film, cables, etc.


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