VOTING BEGINS! Here is the top 10 in the Noktor/SLR Magic Lens give-away!

VOTE NOW! The top 10 in the Noktor/SLR Magic Lens give-away has been posted!

Here we go! I received just over 300 entries in the Noktor/SLR Magic Lens give-away and the top 10 are posted below. Before I get to that I wanted to say that there were MANY great entries and also MANY SUPERB entries did not follow the rules 100%, so because of this I could not consider them! Just to be clear, the rules are reposted here as they are posted on the contest page:

RULES, follow them or else your image will NOT be entered!

  • Images must not be any larger than 1600 pixels wide horizontal or 1000 pixels wide vertical.
  • ONLY ONE IMAGE can be submitted. JUST ONE! If you send more than one you will be disqualified!
  • Post Processing is allowed but nothing so crazy that it changes the image. In other words, no “photo art” or additions to the image in PS. Just things like levels, contrast, color, etc.
  • Images MUST be shot with a SONY NEX camera. NEX-3 , 5, VG-10, 3C, etc.
  • Old or new images can be submitted but must be with a SONY NEX
  • EXIF data MUST be intact.
  • Submit image with your full name and mailing address.
So if you did not follow all of the rules above your image was not considered. 


Ok, on to the top 10! The images are numbers #1-#10. YOU will be picking the winner so vote for your favorite in the poll under the images. The top three vote getters will win! The 1st prize is the NOKTOR f/0.95 50mm for NEX mount. The 2nd place prize is the SLR Magic 28 2.8 lens for NEX mount. The third place prize is a Think Tank photo Retrospective 5 bag.
#1 – Audun Brekke – NORWAY
#2 – Roger Lim – Singapore
#3 – Chris Su – Japan
#4 – Elaine Dudzinski – Gilbert, AZ
#5 – William Harris – Fayettville, NC
#6  – Nicolas Vedrenne – France
#7 – Fabrizio Siano – Miami, FL

#8 – Andy Tran – Singapore

#9 – Jeff Mesko – Rolling Meadows, Ill


#10 – Maria Avramidou – Greece

There you have it! The top ten chosen out of the entries that were submitted that followed the rules. To be honest, there were 2-3 images that did not make it but could have won. I could not break the rules as it would not be fair to those who did. So vote now for your favorite image! The voting will last through Sunday September 4th and the winners will be announced on September 5th 2011.

Only one vote per person will count and be registered! GOOD LUCK TO ALL!

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  1. Thanks for all the votes guys! It was a close one for sure!!! Honored to have competed with such great photographs!

  2. Thank you everyone who voted for me. I’m delighted to have won second place. Congratulations to William Harris and Maria Avarmidou! Your images are great! All the best! Roger Lim.

    If anyone one is interested in tilt shift images and bokeh, please follow me at

    • once again thanks everyone, and to the other winners i must say it was tough competition! and roger i just looked at your flickr page and WOW! you are an awesome awesome photographer!!!!

  3. So many great shots there but that #2 with the fisherman in the boat has fantastic colour and use of bokeh as a compositional tool. If someone deserved that fast lens, it would have to go to #2, Roger Lim.

  4. I felt like I won an academy award or something when I saw my photo made the cut into the top ten! Being in the top ten is more than I was hoping for and I’m excited to be competing against these great photographers. I’m just starting out in photography and this kind of recognition has really spurred my enthusiasm. In fact, I have already signed up for lessons and can’t wait to learn more on how to improve my shots.

  5. My vote for #2. I like the subject, the fisherman at work. Something that most of us mat not be too familiar with, they risk the weather to bring us a catch!

  6. Hi folks,
    Have not been commenting much lately. Just lurking and enjoying the pixs/articles. 10 great pixs, and from the comments a number of pretty darn good ones that missed the cut. Personally, I like the pixs showing – the grit of the solder doing sit up in the rain and also the perfectly time shot of the bird of pray about to land on the gloves (and the lady’s emotions).

    😉 Secret vote!

    cheers and keep enjoying photography!

  7. Alright let’s play nice and please leave my sister alone. she loves her family and I love her too! she’s only supporting me, and ill always do the same for her. Any who onto more photographic discussions…I’ve always thought it lucky to vote for your competition so my vote went to Chris Su. good luck again to everyone!

  8. All great candidates, and I’m sure there were many more than 10 quality entries.

    Is it just me, or does #1 load to 4592×2576 when you click on it?

  9. no politicking here, but i went for Su. some decent images, but nothing as immediately striking as that beautiful b/w image. having returned now, a few days later, to look again… to me, it just stands out all the more.

  10. Damn, just checked my sent items, and what do you know? I disqualified myself by not sending an address *hits head on the keyboard*. Must have been all the excitement he he.

    Number 5 got my vote, although number 2 was a very close second.

  11. # 5 is a great picture of our soldiers in the Army working hard at training to defend our Great Nation. I love this picture not just because it was taken by my brother Will Harris who is in The Army but also because it shows how our soldiers have to endure hr training under hard conditions to be ready to defend us whenever they are needed.

    • ok lets just relax a little gendi. it’s comments like yours that could do your brothers photo (which is very nicely shot) more harm than good. this is intended to be a fun photography competition, not a place to drum up support for your forces. you may notice that others have submitted photographs from their “great nations” too, but traveling all over the globe in order to ‘defend’ ones country has always felt a little strange to me and to millions of other fellow human beings. however, this is not the type of site for that debate, so i hope it can be left at that.

      by the way steve, i’d hate to keep the negativity rolling but i really think that you (and perhaps a panel of friends) should be the only ones voting. it’s so incredibly simple to sit behind my computer and vote again and again through virtual IP address. these types of competitions also have a tendency to become ‘who has the most friends who can vote for me’ events very quickly. we trust you… 😉

      ok back to the photos… well done to everyone!! i’ll be keeping my vote a secret, because it’s difficult to choose a favorite. sorry again for the negative comments. i’m a life loving, people friendly photo nerd (who happens to have lived in all corners of the world, including america!).

      • You cool down and please stop telling other what to say and what not to say (I’m beeing like you now). Just read and enjoy. Let her express what shee feels, she is not offending anyone. Also, take into consideration that contests like this are done to increase the website exposure and make it more known. So, if the one with more friends win, what is the problem? The one with more votes will win, not the one with better pictures, do you get the point?

        • Yeah i get it Julio, how could I be so ignorant? Of course this is great publicity for the site, however the competition is intended to give the prize to the person WITHOUT the best photograph, right? My bad.

  12. My vote goes to the photograph by Nicolas Vedrenne – a brilliant and original picture of skateboarders.
    I have always been impressed by so many photographers from France, which includes many from Steve’s “Daily Inspiration”. I think in French culture the art of photography has been appreciated more than in many western countries, where it is considered a very poor relation to painting.
    Best of luck to all the entries, which in the main are excellent.

    • I just fell down from my chair when I had a look on Steve’s website … I really don’t know if I deserve it, by watching all these great photos, but actually I feel proud with this TOP10 !
      And, special thanks to Andrew, of course 😉

  13. I was excited to see my photo up as one of the top 10! I want to wish everyone the best of luck! the competition is sooo tough, I hope i win would be nice to try that Noktor, the NEX-5 has made me all about manual focus!!

  14. I knew as soon as I looked at the images that the #2 image (Roger Lim, Singapore) was going to be the most voted on…..its a good image…but so typical and safe…(way over-saturated in my book..) and that is what the majority relates to.
    I love the boundary-pushers!!!!!! I think that the Nicolas Vedrenne image..#6 is SO unusual and exciting… It effects me in an disturbing kind of way…but is so very original..AND a little dark….I LOVE IT.
    Fresh perspective …great image. It is unexpected.

  15. I did not make it either, maybe because I forgot my address or maybe because the others are just simply better…

    Anyway, best of luck for the contenders!

    PS: If you guys like the photo then please check my photo stream at and just leave a comment, so I would feel a little bit better :))


  16. I’m so depressed I didn’t make it at least into the top ten, but all of these photos are amazing! I totally voted for #2. 😀 At least I can still show you guys my submission:


  17. So nice to see other NEXers’ photos, and especially photos they consider being their best + chosen by Steve! Chris Su got my vote easily.

    It would be nice to see the photos that didn’t make it. Here’s my photo for the competition:

    I know it’s basic stuff.. 🙂 Learnt much since that photo as at last I’ve had time to shoot more with my NEX. (Yes, I’m a beginner in photography). Check out my other photos too in Picasa.

      • As steve said, ineligable is ineligable, I forgot to include my mailing address. That being said, I love #2 and #5. Both are outstanding and will be worthy winners

        • Ha, I was a schmuck too. Went to the pub to ask a friend which one to send. Had too much fun and realized it was 30min past deadline. Sent it in anyway, but the Huff is tough! 😉
          Never mind, rules are rules. There are enough great ones above!

    • #2 but.. you can tell it’s been over processed.. which really takes away from the over all feel of the picture..

  18. Just saw the mailing address part. I guess I was disqualified. That being said these pics are excellent and I really enjoyed them all. Will be hard to pick my favorite

  19. Voted for Roger Lim, as I like the kind of scene he portrayed, the mood of the particular scene and the colours in the picture. Great work, Roger!

  20. Dam it’s going to be a tough vote, this will need a “look over” a few times before i choose.

    Good Luck everyone.

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