Another Sony NEX-7 Video plus 1st high ISO tests

Came across this thanks to a reader sending me an e-mail link. There is a new video showing the NEX-7 as well as some ISO tests. To see the high ISO tests, click HERE. Video is below and you can pre-order the NEX-7 from my preferred sources at B&H Photo and Amazon!

PRE-ORDER THE SONY NEX-7 AT B&H PhotoBody OnlyBody with 18-55 Kit lens

PRE-ORDER THE SONY NEX-7 AT Amazon –  Body Only–  With 18-55 Lens

I pre-ordered mine and the release date is late October/Early November from what I have been hearing. Enjoy!

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  1. PS – I hear LOTS of whining about there not being enough lenses, but honestly, you can tell me, how many lenses do YOU actually use? The most lenses I ever had for a system were a 28, 45, and 90 for a Contax G1. I have a 12-60 for my E-520. I have a 50 and a beercan zoom for my old Minolta.

    Unless you want to look like a dork, you aren’t going to be carrying 50 lbs of glass in two bags with you to shoot walking around pix. The more stuff you carry, the fewer pix you’ll actually take.

  2. I see the pixelpeepers are still trolling based on 72dpi web browser images… Good gods. In, what, ten years of increasingly decent digital cameras the talking points stay EXACTLY the same. Ridiculous.

    If you can’t take a good picture with digital cameras by this time, a little noise or not, then go take up a new hobby.

    A 24Mp digital image reduced to a 6×6 inch web image – which is what most of you people do, is utter and complete overkill. You could get by with a six year old 2MP Russian RipofcM and no one would know it.

  3. From what I see in the test, Noise is well umder control up to 3200… Geewhiz.., i don’ t care too much if A,B or C is better above that. 3200 is better than I ever got even in films…

  4. Very excited about Sony’s latest offerings but a little disappointed there isn’t more lenses announced for both mounts. Hoping the increased resolution will encourage lens manufacturers to produce high quality prime lenses designed for an APS-C format. Sigma 30mm 1.4 seems to be one of the only ones available albeit with flaws. The CZ 24mm f/1.8 is one of the main reasons I’d switch to NEX over A65/A77.

    The A mount AF adaptor seems to be getting a lukewarm reception but I’d be very interested. If it wasn’t for that I’d of dropped interest in the NEX.

    I’m actually very tempted by the a65 primarily due to it’s size, part of me suspects the a77 is larger than it needs to be to accommodate a pointless LCD (all the info is available on the EVF) and I’m sure the reduction in FPS (a measly 10!!) is down to Sony limiting performance to differentiate it from the flagship offering.

    🙂 may have gone of on a bit of a tangent from the posting….

  5. My main problem is that neither of the shots look sharp, and ISO 100 looks flat. I think they should never forget that 95% of shots are taken between 100 and 400 ISO by normal people…

  6. We should also keep in mind that these shots were done with the new LA-EA2 adapter, so there is a mirror robbing the camera out of another .5EV-ish.

    • But in the end only a raw file really shows how good or bad the sensors sensitivity really is. I really hope it does well cause the 7 would be a perfect addition to my gear. I’ve been looking forward for a smaller, yet powerful camera. I like my 5d mk ii but not ideal for hiking.
      So I hope that in the near future there’ll be some more (maybe even raw) pictures from the 7 so that I can finally decide wether the 5n or 7 is more suited for me. I really love the 7s controls and the EVF is welcome, too but on the other side it’s a bit bigger and probably has a worse snr (compared to the 5n).

      Please correct me if the following is not true:
      The sub pixels of the sensor are seperated by small gap. The gap prevents current leakage to adjacent pixels. The gap should be as small as possible and not depend on the pixel size (theory, ideal). By increasing the pixel count more of the total sensor size is lost on gaps. So the noise not only increases due to smaller pixel sizes but also due to wasting more space for the gaps.
      So if the same technology is used and only the pixel size is reduced it’s quite unlikely that the sensor will be able to compete with it’s lower pixel count variant.

      Please don’t treat this as a general judgement. It’s just something I thought about since I first read about the 7s 24mp sensor.
      The a77 raws I’ve seen didn’t live up my expectation but I also expect the 7 to have a slightly better iq. Sadly for at about 1/4 of my shots I need high iso settings (800+).
      I’d really wish they’d make a Nex-6 using the 5n sensor and the nex-7 body.

  7. I think the controls on the NEX7 can/should be its biggest selling point. Those controls are way better than those on my A55.

    In my mind the nex7 fills the gap, or, more accurately, is the camera the a55 wants to be. Not that I don’t love my a55, but it is kind of a tweener, and the nex7 is just a better tweener. (From what I can tell.)

  8. Nex-5n with 18-55 and EVF would be $1049
    NEX-7 with 18-55 is $1349

    Difference of $300. That $300 would get you a slightly bigger body, better grip, built in EVF, the dual NAVI controls, built in level, higher res sensor and oh yea, fancy shmancy packaging. Lol.

    So the decision has to be made on budget, needs and of course, wants. Me, I would gladly pay the extra $300 for the 7 due to the slightly larger size and controls alone. At the same time, the 5n is very impressive so to those who do not mind the control scheme of the 5/5n, or the bulk of the added EVF, the 5n may be the better buy.

    But personally, I would stay clear of the C3. Not worth the $$ when compared to the 5n.

    • Not to mention flash and hot shoe. Ideally I’d honestly prefer everything about the NEX 7 with the Nex 5N sensor in it.. but I’m not complaining. It’s on preorder..

      • I agree. i think that there is no argument that ergonomically, the 7 is the far better camera. I will wait to see what IQ both cameras display in real-world tests before commiting to one or the other. Ideal situation = 7 has better IQ (not just resolution) and high ISO performance than 5N. If 5N tops or even matches 7 for IQ …… tricky! Prices in UK seem further apart making 5N more attractive from a value point of view.

        • After all the considerations about the NEX-7 IQ and comparisons against the 5N, I’d like to ask if someone has already seen any image produced by a camera with the final production firmware.

          What amazes me, and not only regarding this particular case, is the Japanese companies price policies for the US and Europe – USD 1349 (equivalent to £ 832 in the States and £ 1200 in the UK (lets see the price in €…

  9. I think the quality is excellent up to ISO 3200, higher numbers have more noise but are still very usable. I wish my 1Dm2 had that IQ!
    You can only analyse noise from a shot like that. The sharpness maybe affected by many factors beyond the camera.

    • I agree, looks to me like even 16,000 would be usable for something not so serious. 16,000!?!? Doesn’t look as clean as the new 5n but what was the light like in this test shot? Even the 5n, when shooting high ISO in LOW light gets pretty grainy and my max would be 3200 in that kind of situation. 6400 if i had to get the shot. Does anyone ever really use ISO 12,800? Not me!

    • i agree. Alpha 77 high ISO is shocking from what i’ve seen of previews. Really hope that NEX 7 is better than this. Have to say, though, at moment 5N is looking favourite for my hard-earned cash. For roughly half the price (in UK at least) the IQ looks great to me. If the add-on EVF is good then it will be a winner for me. 5N + 18-55 + EVF will be about £800 vs £1200 for the Nex 7. £400 difference = nice extra lens. Any one else thinking this way or am I a lone voice in the dark? 🙂

      • I’m also considering those cameras, but I think the NEX7 is so good to let it pass. Consider that you will have to spend a little more for the EVF if you get the 5n. And yes, being both sensors of the same technology (I suppose), it makes sense a lower resolution one has a better signal to noise ratio. The 5n is not half the price, but 2/3 of the 7, plus the EVF. Mmmm, I think this decision should not be based on the money, the price will not be so different with the EVF being considered. If the 5n has definitely better IQ then the only hope of the 7 would be the ergonomics and better control, but even though, I don’t think the IQ of the 7 is bad at all.

        • It’s best not to say things like ‘the price may not be so different’

          Given the readers of varying means, it is important to complete cost analysis based on percentage, not overall financial outgo. There’s always something better that isn’t ‘too much more’.

          In this instance, 2/3 of the price is 4-500 less – which as mark rightly stated is at LEAST one nice legacy lens.. and possibly two.

          I think that with all the hype Leica get people forget there are outstanding lenses for a couple hundred bucks providing you don’t need 1.0-1.4 on everything.. which many don’t.

          This site is heavily biased toward fast glass (which is fine Steve, not a dig in any way) but there are a lot of people that overdo it (myself included) and many who are more than content to shoot at 2.8…

      • It’s tough to say, but based on those samples (if they are accurate) I’m thinking the same thing you are and I am considering canceling my NEX 7 pre-order

      • Mark,
        Im thinking about the same thing,i just wished that they had kept the 5n sensor in the 7 body(that would have absolutely been my favorite choice),i mean seriously 16 Mp is more than enough for almost any usage!

  10. Is it me, or are those higher ISO settings (1600 +) looking a little noisy? NEX 5N higher ISO looks better to my eye. Am I missing something other than over-populated sensor? I hope not, The NEX 7 looks like my ideal camera (on paper at least).

    • I have to admit, I mis-read the 16,000 as 1600 and thought it was pretty bad. But as ISO 16,000… well – pretty good, it’s like Sony Nightshot 🙂

      I can’t think of anytime I’d use anything above 3200 personally.

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