1. I do feel a bit stabbed in the back,
    been waiting since march now for the freakin adaptor ring / lens hood for my x100 (and some more updates/ bug fixes).
    But they do have time and resources to produce a new consumer grade variant.

  2. I hope you will reveiew this camera. I’ll wait until you review it before buy one. 🙂
    Your opinion is very important.

    Thank you for your site. Great work!

    (and sorry for my poor English Steve)

  3. I’m itching to see what Panasonic is going to do with their “pro” mft camera. If they wimp out again I’ll just go with the Nex 7. Of course this little beauty will be too hard to pass up. Good times ahead for gear junkies!

  4. We can’t really no what kind of picture-taking machine this is going to be, butnit certainly wins on sex appeal, doesn’t it?

    I’m currently lusting after the NEX 7, being a happy NEX 5 user, but this certainly could become my take-anywhere-anytime camera, if only just to show it off.

  5. I am so getting 1 image quality ought to be a lot better than the others g12 p7100 lx5 zx1 s95
    Plus it looks so sexy if it had 24mm lens and the rotating screen it could have been my dream camera….

  6. The patter on that video is hilarious, sounds like it was written in Japanese and translated into English by someone using Google Translate. “Optical performance magnifies your passion for photography…Design invites mastery of its potential…” ?!

  7. The X10 is a nice camera but Fuji went the wrong way for me. I own an X100 and love it, but hope a full frame, interchangeable lens version of the X-series is coming soon.

    A Fuji equivalent of the M9, with a couple of enhanced features … auto focus, 20+ MP’s would be outstanding.

    • It will at least light a fire under Canon, Nikon, Panasonic and Olympus. All who think you can keep shoving the same old 1/1.7 10mp ccd sensor into a premium camera and call it a day in premium compacts.

      The ancient 1/1.6 12mp Fujifilm F200EXR best all the aforementioned efforts to this day in base iso dynamic range and resolution(detail), will be great to see how the X10 will redefine pocket camera with an even bigger and far more modern camera.

      Heres hoping fuji presues all avenues though, a full frame interchangeable lens X100 sounds great too.

  8. Hmm – leave it at 28mm and put the ricoh GV-1 on it…? Just need to see what the GRD4 can be? Rumours have it Sept 15 announce. Not that my GRD3 is useless but it got smashed while stopping some lout beat up an old man on the subway. Grrr….

  9. No mention of AF speed……., waiting for the review.
    Wish it could change lens. However, the size and design is very attractive.

  10. Looking great with the leather cover and the lens shade. Could be a nice backup camera for situations in which you don’t want to handle the M.

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