1st Look at the Fuji X10 – Video & 1st Snaps!


Fuji X10 Super Quick 1st Look!

So I received the much sought after Fuji X10 to review and even though I was going to pass on it, there seems to be a ton of interest in this little guy. When it was announced I thought OH NO! ANOTHER small sensor camera! Ugg! A zoom lens, double UGG! Well, it is now in my hands and have to say I am very happy I decided to review this camera. This $599 Fuji has the same excellent build quality as its bigger brother, the X100 (and in a couple cases, even better). It’s about the same height but not as long. It feels solid and I love the way the camera turns on and off (with the lens barrel).

My review is coming very soon, as are some ISO comparisons between this and the Ricoh GRD IV, NEX-7 and E-P3, just for fun of course. I am curious to see how the small sensor compares to the larger sensor in the E-P3 most of all.

I can say that the X10 focuses faster than the X100, feels much snappier and from the small amount of testing I have done so far, the lens seems fantastic. It is f/2 at the wide end of 28mm and f/2.8 at the long end of 112mm so NOT TOO SHABBY. It seems like the cameras coming out these days are all pretty damn good and the price of the X10 seems just about right for the build, the lens, the speed and the IQ.

Here is a QUICK video I put up today on youtube showing off the X10, the controls and how fast the AF is..

NOTE: In the video I say “This has a full on 100% optical viewfinder” – I did not mean it has a 100% coverage VF, I meant it is not an OVF/EVF hybrid! Sort of confusing, sorry. The OVF of the X10 has 85% coverage, not 100%!

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SO far so good. Yet another camera that can be taken anywhere with you but the X10 has some nifty controls and an “OK” OVF (but at least it’s there). Love that the lens zooms manually as well! Here are some 1st quick sample snap shots. Many more will be in my full review! All of  the images below are JPEGS…



    • D-Lux 5 is smaller and a different kind of camera control and looks wise. You won’t get the Fuji color but the D-Lux 5 is fantastic nonetheless. It’s all personal pref.

  1. Martin I totally agree with you,The comment I made about the M9 was meant to provoke thought. I think that we are all waiting for that miracle camera that is an M9 and x100 etc mixed together that is economical and has all those “simple” controls with the latest IQ inner cutting edge technology… all the great but simple stripped down stuff … and under $1000 price range.

    I, too, am looking for that magic camera. But sadly it’s a pipe dream for right now. Perhaps we expect too much nowadays and the result is usually a disappointment. But in this expected perfection, at least cameras are getting better by leaps and bounds. The manufacturers ARE at least half listening.

    I am also one of the fortunate enough to have the M9 and x100 …and and a wonderful family … and I too wish these two systems (M9 and x100) were somehow “blended” to give me a “magic” camera. But then again, maybe it would not be THE ONE i expected… human nature.

    I love this site and wish you and all in it great shooting with whatever camera happens to be in the hand.


  2. … and I am sorry, I replied to Jorge in my last posting (not Robert) and adding: Olympus, Fuji and some others are pursuing the right path with their new compacts but they are not there, yet.

  3. Robert, we are talking about a 500-1000 dollar range here. I can more than agree that sufficient money buys everything including perfection – I am an M9 owner (and avid user 😉 but there are people – say, fortunate to have a family and three kids – for whom an M9 plus appropriate lenses is far out of reach.

    The challenge is to the industry: Give us a stripped down, easy to operate digital without the sometimes annoying bells and whistles (“sepia”, “face detection”, 7 Million spots autofocus) with few functions and analog-style operation. Appropriate but not high-end glass and casing but bring back the simple fun we had back in the days. Leave the rest to Lightroom, Aperture and the children of Adobe.

    I remember my old Pentax and my pocket Minolta from the film days and boy, how easy that was and how well the pictures turned out. If I only had that in digital for an affordable price. My life is wild and active and there is no way I am bringing my Leica everywhere. My Pana GF1 with 20mm 1.7 is close but not close enough yet (the camera is OK but relatively poor in manual focus –compared to the M9, am I losing my own simplicity and pricing argument here … ;-).

  4. Hi Steve,

    The Contax TVSII had a manual zoom ring that turned the camera on in the same manner. It did one better by opening the lens cover as well. It is a dearly missed companion, with a mechanical aperture ring and image quality that bested SLR’s. When will we get compact, mechanically beautiful, full-frame cameras with optical viewfinders? The X-100 is close but still cropped sensor. When will we get the equivalent of a Contax T2, Nikon 35ti or Minolta TC-1?

  5. The design looks nice and minimal on the front of the camera, but the back is just like any other gadget camera… or tv remote. Fuji could have taken the retro look all the way!

  6. With a set of lenses in Leica M-mount, a coupled rangefinder, a fair price and a bigger censor this camera could be the digitale Leica CL that I have been waiting for…to bad it is a zoom camera…

    • So if it was a completely different camera you would have been happy? I really don’t get how many people are upset that this isn’t their do everything camera. It’s a p&s, if you aren’t looking for a p&s it’s not the camera for you.

      • I´m not upset. Are you?

        I´m looking for a p&s but with a bigger censor, a decent viewfinder (not evf) and a decent set of lenses to a decent price. And, yes: I do believe in Santa Claus;-)

        The Fuji X10 is sweet when it comes to camera size and price. However, I´m not a big fan of small clumsy viewfinders and zoomlenses…I guess I just have to wait until Leica releases the new system they were talking about earlier.

        Anyway, I´m sorry I got you upset, and I hope you get a good nights sleep;-)

  7. Thanks for your first impressions of this tempting camera, Steve. I am just wondering how it performs against, say a Canon S100 in a not too crazy comparison … We are in a “small focus sensor world” here anyway and the big advantage of the canon compact is that it truly fits into any of your pockets.

    Then again, a crazy comparison with the iPhone 4S would be interesting, I guess. The air gets thin in the 500 Dollar sphere somehow.

  8. It will be great when we can actually easily buy some of these cameras (X100, X10, Nex 7 etc…). They always seem to be just around the corner to be released or out of stock after they are released.

  9. This looks like a souped-up version of the Oly XZ1. Sounds like a good market to go after. I am not familiar with the sensor size comparison between this and the Nikon V1, but I am looking forward to the troll wars on DP Review.

    Every camera has some sort of limitation, I just need a camera that is weak in areas I don’t care about. So far, no one makes one, but there is always hope.

  10. Just bought the bullet and ordered mine. It was kind of a stretch but I need a camera with decent image quality and a deep depth of field for taking pics of my model railroad and toy train stuff. Hopefully it will get my digital camera cravings out of the way for awhile. I keep “almost” buying a Canonet GIII and then blowing my money on something newer…


  11. I feel kinda disappointed. Despite its sexy look, the image quality is still something that comes from a small sensor. If this were a ASP-C sensor with 28mm equiv, I would be willing to pay twice the price of an X100.

    • I’ve been playing around with the x10 all day. It reminds me of my Rollei 35s with a bright viewfinder and compact form factor. It can achieve similar depth of field of my AE1 with an f2.8. All film references- ok, but that’s what I shoot the most. Unlike film, I loaded the initial images onto my pc tonight, from the evening’s family photos, I’m pleased. Very pleased. This one’s a keeper. Looking forward to hearing other’s point of view as we discover this camera.

    • Why are you disappointed ? The specs have always listed a compact sensor, and thats the only way your going to be able to get a f2.0-2.8 28-112mm equiv zoom in a reasonable size as well. This is just supposed to be a fun compact type camera at an affordable price. Perfect for something to throw in the coat pocket for a walk etc and that still has some handling ergonomics that will make it appeal to more serious shooters, manual zoom and direct EC control for example.

      Fuji will have an APS-C or perhaps slightly larger even camera coming out next year for those who something along the lines of a X100 but with interchangeable lenses. And it probably will cost twice the price of the X100, and I too will be in line to buy it.

  12. Got my x10 from B&H on Wednesday. Looking forward to shooting it a lot this weekend and comparing my experiences and results to yours. Thank you.

  13. Hi Steve, cant wait for the full review, probably will get myself either X10 or Ricoh GR IV. Will wait for your review to make the decision.

  14. Looking forward to your review, I’ve got an X10 on pre-order. I used to be one of those people who complained about the sensor size, but then realized it wasn’t suppose to be a m43 competitor but a point & shoot designed for the professional photographer. If it was going to an m43 competitor it wouldn’t have a zoom lens with the same size and aperture. Also point & shoots appeal so to someone like me who’s already spent a ton on a DSLR/Lens and just wants a carry everywhere camera that’s an all in one package (i.e. something like the Nikon V1 would have me constantly thinking oh I should by that lens or this lens). And when you compare the X10 to the other p&s, the stats of the X10 seem to blow the other’s away. I think fuji’s being really smart, they realize you can’t make one amazing camera that does everything so instead they’ve made an amazing big sensor/fixed lens camera, and now an amazing point and shot, and rumored to have a interchangeable lens camera coming in January. I think Fujifilm and Sony have been the two most interesting companies making cameras this year.

  15. Balls! Just decided to get a 5n while waiting for next year’s (now) Nex-7, and Fuji launch this beauty. Have always like Fuji’s command of color. Seriously tempted… sigh.

  16. Glad to see you’re reviewing this one. It’s a beautiful design, and it has the potential of being the best tradeoff between size, image quality, and focal length range to date.

  17. Hello Steeve,
    can’t wait to read the full review, just one question for your future review of the X10, is there focusing mode that look alike the one call “Snap” like on any Ricoh cameras, it is a mode that is really important for me to do street photo ?

    And congrats for your blog, have been reading for quite a long time now, always appreciated your reviews and the way you are doing it.


  18. Looking forward to your review Steve! Maybe you can do a comparison between the X10 and the Dlux 5 since that technically is its competition being a P&S small sensor camera. I have the Dlux and am curious to know if this is worth a switch. I really LOVE the colors and DOF I’m seeing here and on Flickr 🙂

  19. Potential buyers might now be more wary of the X10 after the problems encountered with “sticking aperture” blades on the X100 and the lacklustre response by Fuji.
    Performance, wide open on the X100 is not exactly breathtaking.
    Despite the clamour for the X100 before and after its launch, there are now plenty of barely used examples now flooding onto eBay. It’s great that Fuji are developing cameras like the X100 and X10. However, if things go wrong due to poor product testing, sticking their heads in the sand is not the answer. I wanted the X100 to work brilliantly since I was a potential customer. Gladly I held onto those funds and I am going to put them towards buying a used Leica M8, M8.2 or even an M9.

    • Just be aware that all cameras have their issues. As for the X100, I never encountered the problem and for those that have, Fuji fixed the cameras in about a week door to door. The M9 has its share of issues as well like the RF needing adjustment every so often (takes about 4-6 weeks) and others have had cracked sensor glass issues and SD card issues.

      All cameras have something that keeps them from being perfect. The X100 issue is more of its slow AF and operation IMO. The X10 has no real manual focus (but it’s basically an advanced point and shoot). I doubt that the X10 will
      Have the aperture blade problem. Highly doubt Fuji would let that happen again.

      In any case, seems like a class leading camera so far. (advanced point and shoot).

      • Yep! I agree with that, but it’s hard enough training yourself to use a new type of camera without it becoming an obstacle for all the wrong reasons. I’m sure Leica are no different, just more frustrating baring in mind the cost of their equipment.

        I really want the X10 to work and be a great little camera, although it probably won’t make me sell my Lumix LX3.

        I’ve been out this weekend in Glasgow taking portraits of random people on my newish Nikon D7000 and my very oldish Nikon 85mm f2 ais lens and new 40mm micro DX lens. No reliability problems, just a really good camera and two fantastic lenses, although it is funny how some people have got the point and shoot way of taking photographs stuck in their head. It just means I have to learn to really focus the 85mm properly again. And do it quickly.

        I would love to send you a couple. A compare and contrast exercise pitting the 85mm ais with my new 40mm micro G DX lens as portrait lenses.


    • Des, while I really did like my M8.2, I really don’t see how you can in the same post criticize Fuji for poor product testing, and yet say your going to buy a M8 or M8.2, which due to its IR issues was one of the worst products brought to market in terms of product testing. I mean come on, the “solution” of giving everyone 2 free IR cut filters you have to use on all your lenses after buying a $5000 camera was far from ideal.

      In fairness though, as I usually converted to b/w it wasn’t a huge issue for me and I didn’t really bother with the filters

      • I don’t dispute that at all. Look at my post again…

        ” I’m sure Leica are no different, just more frustrating baring in mind the cost of their equipment.”

        If the public are happy to become a giant test-bed for products, companies such as Fuji and Leica are happy to sell them their less than perfect products. But Leica needed to get to the M9-P eventually. I’m really glad that they are at that point now. It’s a bit of a double edged sword. Leica needs income from sales and the customers want the product in the shops yesterday.

        I can’t afford an M9-P but despite my views I am prepared to take a chance on a M8 /M8.2. If it’s not for me I’ll sell it on. I have had a M3 for quite a few years now and I believe in the Leica myth, I would just prefer it to be the digital version now.

        Did you keep your M8.2? I would like to hear about this camera , even briefly, from an informed source.

    • I agree that almost all cameras may have issues, but you only hear about the bad samples, but that doesn’t mean that is a general problem. I never encountered any problems with my x100 after many thousands of shoots.

      IQ is the best in its league (Aps-C) although focusing is still not perfect especially when light is low. Still I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend the camera to anyone if the are willing to spend some time learning to use it.

  20. Anyone with any experience of this camera,

    Does it need an adapter to use lens hoods, like the X100?

    Is any information displayed in the OVF? I’m thinking, exposure, ISO, battery, focus points etc.

  21. hello Steve,
    Thank you for this quick review.
    Just a little question : where did you bought the strap on this X10 ?
    I’d like the same one for my X100, hoping I can find in in France…

  22. I liked the camera very much. For small price, it beats the **** out of the competition.

    The only downside I found was the missing information in the viewfinder. I was expecting at least focus confirmation in the viewfinder, NOT on the side of it.

    The lens is great but it`s power isn`t properly shown by the small sensor.

    Manual focus is a joke, just like the Nikon 1 V1`s. Better get used with the AF than try to get anything in focus manually.

    I found the battery to be too small. 1000Mah will only get you 200-300 pics. No wonder they put a “turn off lcd button on the back”

    I wrote a preview for the X10 about a week ago on my blog so if you`re curious. Go check it out. 🙂

      • It`s tough to say.

        I did enjoy the the “almost no shutter-lag” of the V1, but the overall experience was flawed.

        The X10`s AF would have been legendary if only it would have had focus confirmation in the OVF.

        To answer your question, I`d buy the X10 as it is for street (I have it on pre-order already). The AF is almost the same, but the V1 has viewfinder lag, as in “it takes ages for the silly sensor to switch the EVF … ON.

  23. EXR sensor : to get the best out of it use X10 at 6mp (& RAW).

    Combined with X10’s excellent lens (sharp wide open from f2) it will give output as decent as the Schneider on the venerated Kodak P880 and almost as decent as Digiliux2 (LC1).
    Considering those two are largish bridge lense, X10’s small lens is something..

  24. In the hand body is slim. Really is an excellent design.
    OVF 85% is not a tunnel as on say G12, X10 ovf is brighter shaper than quite a few dslrs.
    Enjoyable to frame track through ovf, feel part of the scene.

  25. Cool

    Re : Noise
    X10 EXR SN (6mp) RAW will show what it can do. Should be up there with best of m4/3 at 800 & 1600 & as decent as my ole (aps-c) S2 pro with Nikon 18-55kit.

    • Manual focusing is more accurate than focus by wire. Rear sub command wheel is for manual focusing.
      Given X10 compact size, adding a decent focus ring would have added to size by a fair mount.

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