The Fast & Prime Leica M9 Case/Holster 1st Look Video

Fast and Prime Leica M9 Case/Holsster 1st Look Video!

Received the case I was talking about earlier today via Fed Ex from and had a chance to give it a quick try and decided to make a quick video showing you guys what it looks like and how it works. Mine is the all black version which is fitting for an all black M9P 🙂

This is a hand made case from, a brand new company that started up to provide these cases and accessories. There are thousands of M9 owners who read this site so I thought this would be interesting for those of you who enjoy cases and a way to carry your camera. This design is pretty unique as you can wear it around your waist or your body. It is a holster style that also locks in your M9, much like a gun holster actually.

When you want to shoot you simply pull out the camera and return it to its protective case when done. I could see this being great on all day street shooting outings. The case is quite firm and stiff out of the box but it would soften up with use. The case ships with a 5 year warranty card and a serial number stamped on the back of the case.

The only negative I found with it so far is it can be tricky to slide the M9 OUT of the case but this could be because I do not yet have the wrist strap (should be here tomorrow). Usually the wrist strap would be on and you could just pull it out in that way. This case is different than the Luigi cases which are made to stay on the camera at all time. This case is more for when you are out shooting with the camera and is a way to protect it in style, plus like I said, it is very functional.

You can also buy a lens case that slides on to the adjustable strap to hold an extra lens. Overall this is a very nice and premium product but it is not cheap! You can check out the options over at and to see pricing options and color options click on “Catalog”. This will not be for everyone as many M9 shooters go naked but there are also many who love protecting their cameras when out shooting. Fast and Prime made a very unique case solution here IMO for those with the Leica deep wallets 🙂 It is a beautiful product.

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  1. Looks like a beautiful setup IMHO, I love when someone is able to bring pride and true craftsmanship to any game. Limitations right now are the lack of compatibility with thumbs up or Thumbie users, and also other M cameras (film M). But these may get addressed in time. As for the cost…well, it is expensive, but that’s a function of using actual true English saddlery leather and techniques. Those who want to keep moaning the blues about the price should go to any English saddlery (as opposed to western) website. There’s not a lot of leather on some of that gear; dressage saddles regularly cost $4500 and beyond. Get over it. Particularly those of you who worship Luigi cases for $300+, with a quantity of thin leather amounting to 1.5 hand sizes. Non large factory craftsmanship costs money, otherwise they cant stay in business like a factory in China. Hmmm…sounds a lot like why we support Leica too….

  2. I believe this setup will bring you some surprise as time goes by …

    like scratched & dented lenses, scratched M9 bodies (you notice the hard metal hook linking the holster and the belt) !

    It will very likely bring you some initial fun, then you are going to dust or sell it … Haha !

  3. People intend to wear this in public?

    What is the point compared to a “naked” body on ordinary shoulder/neck strap? It leaves the lens unprotected. Rubbbing and sliding will wear body paint anyway. It adds a lot of bulk and still bears the risk of theft, in particular with the pictured wrist strap. The wrist strap is not adjustable. It takes time to fiddle your wrists through, but then it does not provide a firm grip against accidential dropping (or robbery).

    It protects the LCD screen which is all good I could say about it.

    • I agree.
      Some people here say it’s ugly. I would rather call it a misunderstanding. This is the very opposite of the Leica “design-idea”. It’s unelegant and anti-bauhaus.

      Though the leather seems to be of impeccable quality – which doesn’t hurt if one accidentally bought one. Like Steve Huff. 🙂

  4. This system appears to make a lot of sense to me. It seems versatile as well as very good looking. For those of you who need the “grunge factor”, tough guys, don’t buy it. I’m going to and can’t wait!

  5. Seems a copy of the Leica one. The prices though are absurd – the maker hasn’t realised that it is 2012 and hand crafts are not the domain of western countries and not price supported. Just wait until one of the many great leather workers on eBay from China make a similar product for 1/20 the price and 100% the same quality and finish.

  6. Been told by fastandprime this morning that the wait time is up to 1 month due to influx of orders… It is a solid holster design that works more like a bag than case. It’s something you would only use when out shooting, not when the camera is at home. I will shoot with it this weekend in Chicago at the workshop and see how I like using it and will report back here in the comments with my experience, good or bad. I like the design and the fact that you can carry an extra lens but we shall see how it works out in actual use. I do love my Fogg bag so….

  7. Like Sebastian above, I don’t usually post negative opinions, but this is silly.
    First, it’s a never-ready case; you have to drag the camera out when you want to, you know, take a picture.
    Camera is exposed even when you’re not using it.
    Lens is not protected.
    Camera finish (especially black chrome or paint) will eventually be damaged by sliding in and out.
    Ugly. (matter of opinion, of course.)
    So expensive that you’d have to be worried about someone stealing your case!

    I predict an epic commercial failure. (But I’ve been wrong before.)

    (If I’m shooting, the camera’s in my hand. If I’m not, the camera’s in a crappy, stained canvas messenger-type bag that is nicely padded on the inside, but looks like it holds only my lunch.)

  8. The first picture yesterday showed the model wearing the holster on his back. Try that in any major city in Europe, and it’ll be gone in 10 minutes.

  9. Man, several weeks/months ago I was bemoaning the lack of holsters for the M9, everything seemed to be a bag or case. I eventually went out and ordered a full case from Luigi and just received it about a week or so ago.

    Now this comes along! But I’ll resist temptation and convince myself the Luigi case is more weather-resistant(I think it’s pretty obvious it is).

  10. Can’t say I’m tempted, even ludicrous price aside. Way too ugly and bulky – a small bag is not much bigger and offers more protection for that exposed $$$$ lens.

  11. First thing`s about your filming. Maybe it`s because I have little hangover ( yesterday was my birthday) but watching your video made me even worse. There was hardly a second without jittery movement. I know Leica man with his nocti-summi-jummi-LUXES don`t use tripod but it`s number one accessory in film industry. Just stand or sit in front of camera and leave it alone doing your presentation job. You do all the moves and not the camera and you in some catch me if you can dance. The case looks really good even if I wonder how the people in some jumpy part of world 8Mexico, Afghanistan, Libia) would react to it when you`d start drawing M9. M16 might be more reassuring.

    • Totally agree. If I saw someone wearing that I would die laughing. What about a basic strap? That thing is hideous. Its like a Man purse. Its the Murse of the M9 world. Maybe I have no sense of style, but I guess David Bowie would like it.

  12. Hey nice looking product, beautifully put together although a little fidgety. I am still trying to work out why you would need to put it into a pouch connected to a strap. The M9 is a remarkable camera due to the ease of use and seamless ability, I feel cases such as this alter the Leica experience and simplicity of shooting.

    As for the price, well if you have an M9 and a few lenses this is chump change. But once the holster, strap, lens pouch and shoulder pad are purchased you could just as easily grab a new Ricoh GR4 for your pocket and the left over money for a battery.

    I am certain this product is aimed exactly where it should be with Leica M9 users who have the cash for such an extravagant, all be it, beautifully crafted camera strap.

    Does look great in the natural brown I must say.

  13. Looks good but the price with the extras is crazy IMO. Also, if you use either the standard Leica grip as I do or a Thumbs-Up no go I guess as others have noticed immediately. How about when using a wide + finder too? Hmm. I do like it though, looks very well made using very high quality leathers, I wish the maker well but not for me at those prices or limitations.

  14. Not my thing, I guess, unless I were to see it in person….I think it’s a great hipster accessory, and the leather seems nice…personally, I am more of a bag guy, in which I could stash more stuff (wallet, cell, batteries, SD, cleaning cloths) without drawing much attention…but as Steve said, these accessories are very much in the eye of the beholder. For those who like to snaz it up, this seems like a solid option…

  15. OK I don’t usually bother adding a negative point of view, but this thing looks like the stylistic equivalent of a fanny pack. Oh — and look — it converts into a lovely leather dangly insecure man-purse with a $4000 lens poking out of its side! Starting at 350 pounds huh? Wow.

  16. Wow! Looks great! I bet it smells amazing.

    A couple design questions- what are the holes for in the latch? Also, why is the leather fashioned to allow for the frame line preview lever to be accessible while holstered- is it because you can shoot with it in the holster? Thanks!

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