Daily Inspiration #274 by Ib Mathiasen

Hey steve, my name is Ib Mathiasen and comes from Denmark. Love your website and all the recommendations, test, and stories are found here, and it has from the start been a great inspiration, both in terms of images, but also for the purchase of camera equipment

After having shot with Leica M9 in a little over a year, I’ve become more and more in love with the camera.

Even though I with great pleasure also shoot with a Canon D5 II, I feel that it is with M9 I feel at home, and love the thoughtfulness and speed I come down with M9, and the images coming out of it.

From the start i shot with 50mm summicron, and later the 35mm Summicron, loves both lenses when everyday should been documentary.

I have long been on the waiting list for a 50mm Summilux, it´s hopeless. Since then the store got a Noctilux 50mm f/0.95 home, it was bought over summilux.

Wow, what a lens, love it and the opportunities it offers to be creative, and look forward to what exciting projects and pictures Noctilux will lead to in the future.

The pictures are all from a local boxing tournament, the pictures are all shot with the Noctilux

Ps. should be mentioned that the M9 and Noctilux was calibrated shortly after purchasing Noctilux – clear difference on long distances

exif info picture 1: Leica M9 – Noctilux 50mm f/0.95 – 1/500 sek – f/1.0 – iso 400

exif info picture 2: Leica M9 – Noctilux 50mm f/0.95 – 1/3000 sek – f/1.2 – iso 400

exif info picture 3: Leica M9 – Noctilux 50mm f/0.95 – 1/1000 sek – f/1.0 – iso 400

Sincerely Ib Mathiasen

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  1. Thanks to 99% and Anders

    99%: Yes, it was also a few quick reflections before Summilux was canceled and the Noctilux was bought – but have not regretted a moment, it is a wonderful lens followed lots of options – love it

  2. Wish I had the funds to to buy a 10000$ lens because “the cheaper one happened not to be in stock…” yikes.

    Have fun

  3. Thanks byFer – I canceled Summilux when I bought Noctilux
    I still have 50mm summicron and think it’s overkill with all 3 versions of the 50mm lenses – but i will should never say never

  4. I don’t see what’s so great about the first shot. If anything it looks like instead of standing out, it distinguishes itself as being mediocre. The sepia also is ridiculous. Go b/w or none at all. What a lousy set of images for daily inspiration. If anything, it has inspired me to immediately discount images made by an M9 and Noctilux as absolute trash unless further attention is warranted. Which in this case, would probably be never.

    Use of bokeh also gets old fast. Amateurish.

  5. David, thanks for your point of view.
    I do not agree – but luckily there is room for diversity
    But will then try a few b / w versions

  6. Thanks Damian, Zheng and Julio

    Damien: Good observation about the energy of the boxers and the calm observation of the referee -you have absolute right, and the contrast is greater than I was aware of at first.

    julio: It can well be right – great movie, o))

  7. Thanks Andrew and Steven.
    Picture 1 is also my own favorite, and I’m also looking at ringside next year, to catch other great moments

  8. Agree with previous comments, all good but the first image is fantastic timing. Love the contrast between the energy of the boxers and the calm observation of the referee.

  9. ! All good but the first one is great. timing, spot on, contrasting the sport in front with the formal attire in the back. so good.

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