More Sony NEX-7 Testing Coming – Wide angle Leica lenses and 5n comparison

More Sony NEX-7 Testing Coming…

Wide angle Leica lenses and NEX-5n Comparison

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Just a note to say that I will be posting more testing with the NEX-7 this week including some testing with wide angle Leica glass from 15 to 35mm. These tests will include the Voigtlander 15mm, Leica 21 Elmarit, 24 Summilux as well as the 35 Summilux. I will also be doing a side by side high ISO test with the 5n which will show you full size samples from each camera as well as downsized NEX-7 files to match the 5n. Should be fun.

I am able to test these lenses and 5n thanks to LENSRENTALS.COM who has basically sponsored this test by sending out all of the goodies to me at no charge so all of you can see the results. SO THANK YOU to Not only do they rent Leica glass and cameras, they also rent Sony NEX lenses and bodies in addition to Canon, Nikon and Olympus. Show them some love and check out their site HERE and think of them when you are looking for your next rental. They even rent out the Leica Noctilux f/0.95 🙂


  1. At dpreview, Ricoh forum, a guy posted a well executed comparison between 5N and GXR-M with the CV 15mm and 28 f3.5 mm lens respectively. The winner does not come as a surprise, but the difference is much much clearer than I would have ecpexted. The GXR wins hands down re corners, sharpness micro contrast. But go have a look yourself.

  2. Steve,

    First time poster here, but I’ve been reading your site for months now. After reading your reviews on the X100, I rented one from LensRentals. The service was fantastic, and definitely worth my money. Kudos to them for sponsoring this coming review.

    Thanks also for the 7 review, as I have been DYING to get a real-world perspective on this camera. Now I just hafta figure out how to pay the piper when the bill comes due. 😉

    You’re doing a great job here. Keep up the good work. And btw…anytime I’ve needed anything I try to link from your site.


  3. Steve, Thanks and very happy to know that you are comparing 5n with 7 side by side.

    Please don’t stop at just high ISO comparison . Compare these two in full and complete. Compare the sharpness of images, accuracy of color, white balance, contrast, Dynamic Range and Exposure. Exposure may be an important comparison, as exposure in 7 is under question. With low-light lets also have some Portrait, Landscape and fast moving like sports.

    Also compare the speed of Auto-Focus on both,shutter lag and also how fast the image is written on to the memory card,time between each shoots, because of the increase in number of megapixel.

    Thanks to lensrentals for making it possible. I will remember them when I need something.

  4. Nice! Love your reviews Steve!

    I guess the one I’m concerned with is the 15mm Voigtlander, color shift on the 5C made it practically unusable.

    Also when doing the ISO comparisons, do you think it’ll be possible to test them in low light? I always see people testing high ISO at perfectly lit rooms, that wouldn’t show us the true performance of the cameras in situations where you actually need high ISO.


  5. Thank you for your effort Steve. It is not your obligation to do the test although we all would like to see it happen.

  6. Thanks Steve – Tell lens rental that this post reminded me that I wanted to rent a couple of lenses for my Brothers wedding.
    Also, I am also sorry that people are not as tactful as they should be will critiques of your critiques.
    Will be looking forward to the results


  7. Fantastic Steve, thanks for doing this and thanks to too! It’d be interesting to see some of these lenses on both the 5N and NEX-7. Glass like the ZM 25 and 35 is doing quite well already on the 5N; it’d be interesting to see if they’ve upped the ante on the 7.

  8. When I showed the NEX7 to my wife, she said, “your camera’s perfectly good.” She just doesn’t understand. “Perfectly good” is not good enough for those of us with the fever.

    I’m looking forward to the wide angle images. I will have to live vicariously through your experience.

    • Yep. When I bought my 1Ds2 I mistakenly told my wife this would last me forever. When I told her I was getting a NEX7 I was reminded of this statement I made years ago. But not wanting to wait for the 7 my N5 arrives tomorrow!

  9. That is a great news, thanks. I did not really expect this after some less than kind comments to your NEX-7 review. And kudos to lensrentals. Looking forward to see the results!

  10. Can’t wait to see these tests; especially the 35mm Summilux. Would you mind also taking photos of them mounted on the NEX-7 so we can see a size reference? One thing I realized when looking at the NEX-5 in person is it’s not that the lenses are especially large, it’s just that the camera body is so small lenses look huge on it. The NEX-7 seems to balance things out better.

  11. First, thank you so much for this (and other) reviews! What a great job you’re doing, giving us the practical side of how the camera handles and how easy it is to control.

    It’s good news that the other lenses will be available for testing. As I read through your NEX 7 review, I was struck by your photo with the Fuji, Olympus and NEX. The first two have a real classic look that the Sony lacks. I think it is important that we be inspired by our photographic tools. After spending forever on line, looking at manual lenses mounted on NEX cameras, I’m inspired by their appearance. So, I’m looking forward to photos of the NEX 7 with classic lenses mounted.

    Yeah, I know, it should be all about how the camera performs! But some eye candy photos of the gear will help me feel good about my upcoming purchases.

    Thanks, again, so much for all of this. Please know your work is appreciated.

    Jim in Sequim, WA

  12. Great, thanks Steve! If possible, you should make sure the shutter and aperture in your tests between the two cameras remain constant, since real ISO values between cameras can vary.

  13. I’m interested to see how M type lenses perform and how they look on the Nex 7. Maybe it’s an optical illusion, but those Nex lenses look huge compared to many Leica lenses. If those much smaller lenses work on full frame, surely Sony has the technological know how to make smaller lenses work on their sensor.

  14. What about your 50mm Noctilux? Your other review just mentioned the Summitar….did you sell off all of your Leica glass???

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