1. These are becoming more and more available. The chrome has been kinda tight but this is a good sign as some people are still trying to get more than retail for their used M9P. One recently sold for $6900 on ebay… used but newish.

    • Well, used is used. A used M9-Ti also sold recently for $20,000 (well below it’s retail price), and I believe the chrome M9-P for $6900 is the only used one that has sold. There are always people who buy what they cannot afford and get desperate for cash, but it’s not indicative of the market.

      No matter how it’s wrapped the chrome M9-P is still basically an M9, which is a camera that has been available for several months now. Considering that Leica is also rolling out their chrome/sapphire glass M9-Us (or whatever the official name for these upgraded cameras is) I would not be surprised to see chrome M9-Ps readily available early next year.

      Of course lenses are another matter. Today’s price increase announcement will only drive the speculators more crazy. Too bad for those of us who actually USE Leica glass, and don’t just re-list on the auction sites.

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