Press Release: New Leica M9 Firmware 1.176 ready for download!



Allendale, NJ (December 6, 2011) – Leica Camera, Inc. announces the latest firmware update, 1.176, for the Leica M9 and M9-P, the world’s smallest, full-frame digital system cameras.  Users wishing to benefit from the new offerings can download the firmware update from the Leica Camera website.

Firmware update 1.176 eliminates a rare fault occurring during the formatting of SanDisk cards, ensuring compatibility with the Leica M9 and M9-P in accordance with the cameras’ respective standards. All card types available from SanDisk have been fully tested by Leica’s expert technical team and firmware version 1.176 guarantees their proper function, resulting in the previous constrictions on the cards being revoked.

Leica Camera is dedicated to providing products that exhibit mastery in optics and mechanics, high-quality design and outstanding craftsmanship, resulting in an uncompromised customer experience. The company thanks all affected customers for their patience and support in searching for the cause of the compatibility issues as well as SanDisk for their intensive technical assistance.

For installation instructions and to download firmware update 1.176, please visit:

About the Leica M9 and M9-P:

As the world’s first digital rangefinder camera with a 24 x 36 sensor, the Leica M9 carries the proud heritage of the Leica M system into the digital age.  A truly professional camera for authentic Leica M photography in the familiar, classic and timeless M design, the M9 is the perfect contemporary tool for those who set the highest standard in image quality and are committed to creating images of enduring value. The Leica M9-P provides an alternative, even more discreet and resilient design that further reinforces the classic nature of the M9 and specifically meets the needs of professional photographers. The M9 and M9-P are compatible with nearly every Leica M lens in existence.



  1. I really do not believe that it was a rare fault. I was foolish enough to use a SanDisk Extreme SD card and bingo lost a bundle of photographs. I thought the SD card was messed up and then simply put in my second SanDisk Extreme card and it was also destroyed. I would be very curious to know what exactly was the problem. All attempts to get the cards going again have been in vain. Let’s hope that all SD card issues have been resolved!

  2. As a pro photographer I was really ready to acquire M9 with 35 & 75 ‘crons…
    But then I read some users mentioned data writing problems 😮
    Hey, I have never had any problems with my SD nor my CF cards!!!
    I mean… I wouldn’t feel comfortable and I wouldn’t be so happy if I gave 5500 euros for any camera with this issue.
    I don’t want imagine poor photographer facing her/his clients with fact that she/he doesn’t have half of files from their wedding 🙁

    Have anybody here had similar experience?

    Regards, All

    • I have never had ANY issues with my M9 and Sandisk Extreme cards Ever. Been using them for a year or so. But some have had issues. This firmware is said to fix the problems for those who had the issue. So weird that its random too. Hmmmm.

    • I have an M9, and have had no problems. I also have an EOS5D mkii and did have problems last year with SanDisk 32 but I just put it down to the card. At about the same time, I stopped being able to shoot tethered with Lightroom 3. Is there a Canon issue we should be getting more obsessed about?

  3. I hope this resolves many issues for many people. I personally (thankfully) have no bad experiences with the SD Card, and I hope not to get any.

    But at the moment I will not upgrade my M9-P firmware, and leave it at factory firmware.

    I mean – why fix something that’s not broken.

    • Normaly i would be with you on ‘don’t fix what aint broke’, but the wording of the leica update seems very specific; if it is a “rare fault”, then it likely won’t be a problem–until it is too late.

      However, i fully intend to wait a few weeks and let others surf the bleeding edge… Besides, i need to send in my camera for service, and they likely will update the fw then regardless.

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