Daily Inspiration #295 by Elizabeth Wang-Lee

Dear Steve:

I enjoy your reviews and your user reviews, finding them very informative. I have been following your blog for just under a year. The same time I decided to take photography seriously and move out of the snap shot world. I ogled at Leicas and read your reviews. After hemming and hawing at the cost (huge expense), Oliver, my husband, got tired of my foot dragging and decided take the plunge for me: He bought me the M9. It was a challenge I could not refuse. Then after your review of the Ricoh GXR, Oliver got me that as well.

I look at other people’s work for inspiration and learning. Naturally viewing your Daily Inspiration became a must. So here is my first attempt. I took these shots in Wenden, a little farming town about 100 miles West of Phoenix, Arizona, while we were camping nearby. They were shot with the Ricoh GXR S10 Lens.

I have a travel and photo blog which I plan to make more substantial over the holidays. I hope people will follow my adventures. When I am not traveling, I look for interesting subjects in and around the streets of Los Angeles, my current home.

My photoblog:


My photo sites are:



Lastly, thank you for authoring your blog. You offer an indispensable community and information site for all photographers. Keep it coming!

Best regards,

Elizabeth Wang-Lee


  1. I love the number one with the natural frame! Very nice photos! Now that make me re-consider the GXR.

    Thanks for sharing!

  2. Or why would you need the M9 when you have the Rikoh? Just kidding!

    I agree, great to tones, Elizabeth. So much B&W on the web is flat and lifeless.

  3. I love the 2nd photo (35 Summilux?) as it brings context to the portrait. Also the tones and textures are simply lovely.

    It was great to meet you at the Leica Akademie in Venice Beach, and I look forward to following your blog and seeing more of your work.

    Congratulations on a very nice “Daily Inspiration”

  4. Love the tonal range in all three, Elizabeth! My favorite is the first one. Love the contrast, the subject matter, composition, & shadow detail. I would be tempted to crop the image very slightly but that is just my own preference.

    Are images b&w from in-camera or did you convert a RAW file? If it is a color conversion, it is nicely done IMO!!

    • Thanks for the nice words Richard. RAW images processed with Lightroom. I did try cropping pic#1 but found the dynamic relationship between black frame and subject was lost. The pic also became flatter when I tried to crop.

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