Sony Releases new firmware for NEX series cameras 3, 5, C3 and VG10

Sony just released new firmware on their blog that will allow you to use their new LA-EA2 Mount Adapter, enabling phase-detect AF capabilities for the nEX-3, NEX-5, NEX-C3 and NEX-VG10. Not a huge update but for those interested in the new adapter and using Sony Alpha mount lenses, it is a great update. You can download it HERE direct from Sony.


  1. OMG i just got myself a Nex 7 for Japan domestic market not knowing its only in Japanese language, does anyone know any way which i can convert it to English language…. if not I’ll be screwed! ='(

    HELP!!!! ;((

    • Join the club. I switched from a Canon 5DMII and just stupidly assumed that no one would sell a Japanese only model. I am trying to negotiate returning the NEX-7, and move back to Canon.

      • also just purchased a new-7 online and got the japanese model. They should specify what language it is if it is so specific. I am also negotiating a return. Good luck!

  2. Exactly – what does this update do to my NEX-5 that dows not include the changes for the adapter (yeah, the overpriced one), or for the videocamera-NEX? Please tell me..

    Regards, Fredrik

  3. whats about timelapse recording with sony cameras ? how come they dont put that in ? its just a simple software thingy….so depressing.

  4. What I want from a fw upgrade for my NEX-3:
    – 1080p recording enabled
    – fix the sluggish Shooting Mode scrolling (this came about with fw 4 I believe)
    – manual video control
    – greater EV values when bracketing

    I’m quite sure all of these things are doable and easily so! My NEX-3 is dumbed down!!

  5. I wish they would add the menu options (right soft key, 5 custom menu options instead of 3 etc) to the Nex 5 as well. Still, they would keep some of the existing Nex 5 owners from buying the 5n, so I’m not suprised.

  6. meh.. thanks for the free firmware upgrade so i can buy your $400 overpriced adapter. awesome work sony. NOT. how about you give manual video control to NEX5 for the love of god.

  7. I’m thinking of giving up on Sony. Even though their products look nice.

    I bought the WX30 but hope Sony updates the firmware soon. They forgot to add a setting to turn on or off the macro mode and it is almost impossible to get macro to turn on when you need it. All of the camera I have tried are duds so far including the one I bought unfortunately. Black and white photos also take ages to process. Up to 5 seconds. I just want standard B&W. Don’t know why they added a filter. The old B&W setting was great in the T30. After that model they took away all the color settings…

    Sony has also removed the language settings form the NEX-5N and newest NEX-7. What’s with that? They say the want all the cameras to be the same and that’s why they can only record a certain length but all their Japanese camera only have Japanese menus. Just put English in all the camera Sony. Also offer proper recording times. If you can strip English out of the cameras in Japan you can dumb down the video just for Europe if you don’t want to pay tax.

    • Kind of a grumpy post for a company that just released firmware updates for free!

      Every camera that I have seen with video has the 29 minute limit. a4jp, have you ever watched a 29 minute unedited clip? Most movie clips are around 20 seconds at most, usually much less. I have never felt the need to go over that limit, but if you do, the VG-10 is really cheap right now.

      Personally, I can’t wait to get home and upgrade the firmware 🙂

      • Do some companies charge people to fix problems J Dog? I know Adobe does but didn’t think camera companies did as well.

        Sorry I’m a bit grumpy 😮 I must be getting old lol. I had a DSC-T30 and it was almost the perfect camera so of course when the next one came out I wanted a new one. Unfortunately, Sony took away all the color settings and filters which was really annoying because I loved taking shots with vivid colors.

        Until recently, Sony just keep doing the same with all the cameras they brought out so you could imagine the disappointment… After a few years of testing every camera that came out I bought the new WX30 which looked like a winner but the rich B&W was sooooo slow and looked really bad compared to the image I could see on the screen (standard B&W) before taking the shot, and the macro wouldn’t kick in most of the time.

        Sony did at least add the macro on/off setting to the TX55 but just left the WX30 the way it was. Some of the Sony reps also just said sorry that is the way the camera works instead of we will try to help you get it fixed…

        After seeing all the updates for their new adapters but lack of fixes to easy problems like adding the macro on/off setting it just made me a little grumpier. Please fix my WX30 Sony.

        PS I’m writing here because if more people know about the problems then something might happen quicker. I have already asked Sony a few times but nothing seems to happen.

        *An extra request* Dear Sony, please add the color shift/hue settings to all your cameras coming out from now at least and all the filters again (standard B&W, etc).

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