1. Are there any depth of field scales on the lenses or on the data screen? Any news on a Nikon adapter with auto interface?

  2. Why are the reviews of digital cameras always about the CAMERA? WHERE ARE THE IMAGES???? The sole reason I’d ever buy a camera is solely to have stunningly beautiful IMAGES!

  3. I own the Fuji X100 and I sold my Leica X1 because I believe that the X100 is the superior overall photographic tool. I love the Fuji X100 but, like owning any camera, was looking forward to the next higher level that Fuji was going to offer. There have been very little real world reviews but my gut reaction is that Fuji might have rushed this product. My main concern is that the image quality from this camera seems to have mixed reviews. My plebian concern is that I hate the grip on the right hand side of the camera and I hate that there is no built-in flash. Call me elementary, but I love my flash in the X100. I hardly ever use it but when I do I know that it is there and it is discrete. I just would’ve felt more comfortable if Fuji just took more time with this flagship product. First the X100, then the X10, and now the X1-Pro. Too much, too fast.

  4. [img]https://lh5.googleusercontent.com/-eMtcAojM73k/AAAAAAAAAAI/AAAAAAAAA1w/KSPNzpWmUGg/s200-c-k/photo.jpg[/img]
    this could really heat up the competition.

  5. The best way to tell if this camera lives up to the hype or not is to look at sample images and reviews. We haven’t had any real reviews yet, however Hugo Poon’s images on Flickr have been a good indicator for me that this camera excels at high ISOs. He has samples of images from 2500 to 6400 ISO. They are all quite sharp to be shot at those ISOs.

    I shoot with a 5DMKII and L glass and im not so sure that I could get that level of sharpness at ISO 3200 with it. Perhaps I am wrong but if anything these images would be comparable to anything the 5DMKII could do at ISO 3200.

    With my 5DMKII I notice a loss of sharpness at high ISOs and a good deal of noise…

    I went searching for similar images to the POON shots from 5DMKII shooters. All shot at ISO 3200 all at night all of similar locations.

    See for yourself…
    HUGO POON: XP1 @ 3200iso

    5DMKII @ 3200 iso (Photographers unknown)

    Needless to say, I am impressed

    Another from Hugo Poon @ ISO 6400


  6. How do we tell Fuji what we would like fixed before the camera gets released? Does anyone know if people from Fuji ever look at this blog? Is it possible to fix the bulb settings and have it like on the older cameras? Just opened then closed when we push the shutter button. Why do most of the new digital cameras limit the bulb settings… Is there a reason?

  7. Having seem more form the new Fuji, GAS is gone. It ticks most of the right boxes, but is too large for a aps-c sized sensor camera. The NEX 7 body size is more compelling, but then the Sony lenses suck in comparison to the ones Fuji launches its camera with. Waiting for September and Leica and enjoying the gear I have until then. A pro EP3, same size as the current one, with integrated EVF and state of the art mft sensor with the exciting mft primes could still be a compelling alternative, if size matters.

  8. Hands on at CES


    “We liked the FinePix X100 from last year; this is that quality, magnified”

    ” We only had the chance to use the 35mm f1.4 lens, but the camera had little trouble focusing and getting sharpness in the uneven light
    … the lens controls, which were pleasing to use. The aperture adjustment may almost be too close to the back of the lens, but the focus was just right.”

  9. AF :


    2min af speed

    AF seems as fast as X10 which if it is, is some going
    given X10 2/3″ sensor, fast CDAF on small sensor is a lot easier.

    Shows the cool multi exposure.

    3min07- turn on ready to shoot time fast (as the stated 1sec).

    3min49 continuous shootin more than stated 6fps raw+jpeg on class 10 sdhc (not sdxs uhs)
    seems as X10 10fps which was just jpeg.

    Can now operate buttons & menu when writing single raw files.

    Shutter sound as expected focal plane shutter is not as quiet as X100 leaf shutter, more as X10 electronic shutter.
    Quieter than e-pen, nex, m8,m9.

      • Focus integrity is important : accuracy of focus.
        If XP1 takes just a few more millisecs than EP3, V1 to nail AF so be it.

    • AF not convincing in that video. Failed to obtain focus several times in quite good light.
      Thats a no go. Fuji must work harder – no excuse for bad autofocus in 2012.

      • I did see the red box more times than I might have liked. However, once I thought about it I realized that there is no way to tell exactly how good that light was on a video like this. We have to remember that video cameras have shutter speeds and aperture too. What we see on screen may not translate into “good” light.

        My 5DMKII sometimes does this same thing. I am afraid that this video doesn’t really prove that the AF is terrible in low light. We need more tests

        • You are actually right about the light on the video. Didn’t think about that.
          Hope AF is a lot better than on the X100 though.

          • My D1H would hunt for focus in this kind of indoor lighting & with the lens motor whirring.

            X-P1 is doing fine considering the lighting.

            Notice how XP-1 AF that metal body X 35mm f1.4 is near silent as it looks for focus.
            Canons 50mm f1.4usm is noisier and slow in such light.

            EP3,V1 plastic lightweight lenses are a lot easier to move for focus.

          • At least if it’s not worse I’ll be satisfied. X100 is still faster than I can manual focus a rangefinder in the majority of situations.

        • I expect the X zooms to have fast AF motor.
          Primes imo dont need fast AF motor, their AF just need to be accurate &quiet.

          Lens has to have fast af to take advantage of a body with fast af.
          That’s why only latest oly, pana lenses focus fast & why j1 v1 needs dedicated lens to be fast.
          Being small & plastic also helps their fast af
          eg. If we stick a Nikon dx via adaptor on v1 its af gonna be sloooow.

  10. Just pre-order mine at expansys.com in the UK.
    I’ll let you know if it’s time to resell your Leica 🙂


  11. Fuji is really impressing me these days. The black looks really slick too. A little frustrated how quick new and improved models come out. Just bought an X100, and if I knew this was coming in a month or so, I would of waited… Oh well, loving the x100..

  12. Does anyone have news on the AF and how well the manua focus works? Does the x-pro1 have focus peaking like the nex-7? It’s killing me that there is now info on the focus capabilities…

  13. Hey guys, check the size comparisons of the cam:

    • In a portraiture model shoot
      the model looks at the canon and thinks oh business as usual
      looks at the sony raises an eyebrow quizzically
      looks at the leica jaw dropping
      looks the the X-P1 pouts & says oh you sexy boy !

  14. I just noticed something when I was saving all the sample photos on my computer. The large portrait shots are on their side. Does this mean we have to manually rotate everything we copy off onto our computers? It’s a small thing but if you have thousands of shots…

    Anders which shots were taken with a D3?

  15. “FUJIFILM have developed a new CMOS sensor called the X-Trans CMOSTM. The X-Trans
    CMOSTM sensor is capable of delivering resolution that is parallel, if not superior, to a full frame sensor.”

    The funny thing is that several of the PR photos of the Fuji were shoot with a Nikon D3 🙂

  16. Camera and sample images looks very good, but I’ll wait for a zoom lens to appear to see if they can make a high quality zoom that is not too long.

    It is a very annoying that Fuji left out a diopter and suspicious that we haven’t heard anything about the AF-system.

    AF must be on the level of a Nikon DSLR, otherwise it is a no go for me, but I’m suspecting it will be more like the Fuji X100 (which is really bad), since nothing have been mentioned about a new and improved AF system on the PRO.

  17. Individual movies can not exceed 29 minutes in length. Is this to avoid tax in Europe or is it because the processor isn’t fast enough to do any better?

    This camera definitive needs color adjustment settings. I hope they are somewhere in that new menu.

    Steve Huff when do you think you will be able to test this camera? 🙂 Know any people in Fuji? Do you think they would do something as cool as add color adjustment settings before it comes out in 2 months or they are a slow moving company? If they have been planning this for years they might be willing to try and fix it before it gets before it gets to us 🙂 Thank you for providing a great site to ask real questions about camera coming out 🙂

  18. http://www.fujifilm.com/products/digital_cameras/x/fujifilm_x_pro1/sample_images/img/index/ff_x_pro1_001.JPG

    There is purple light shining off the bottom of a leaf in the center of the left side, if you zoom in. There are spots in the sky. Maybe the lens or sensor was dirty when you took the shots.


    The is a slight purple haze around the edges of the buildings. Can this be fixed with a firmware update? This shot is very nice though.

    Maybe this camera has chromatic aberration problems that need to be ironed out before it is released. The shots do look pretty good though. You are very close to having a great camera. I hope you are proactively fixing issues that pop up 🙂 More shots in full sunlight please. I want to see if this purple haze is a problem or just in the sample shots. Thank you.


    Spots in the sky and the trees are out of focus/weird maybe because of the chromatic aberration/lens.

    • Fuji has time to read feedback as yours and hopefully tweak the firmware.

      X100 official photo samples were poor (no way matching Leica X1)
      X100 in photographers hands was a different story (a match for Leica X1).

      X-P1 official photo samples are ok, average really. Ok for Jpegs.
      X-P1 in photographers hands … a different story

  19. I’m looking for a new camera to replace my Pentax and Sony cameras so I have a few questions. Where are the zoom lenses or what zoom lenses can we put on this? Some type of pancake zoom would be nice. How many shots do we get on one battery charge and when we use a lens with auto focus does this number drop a lot? Can the camera be charged when the USB cable is plugged in? Is it USB 3? Are there also other fun filters like toy camera and miniature that we can use or will they be added with a firmware update? Where are the sample shots from this camera? Everyone says high quality but how about a blue sky (gradients), accurate color sheet, an image with the finest lines that it can focus in on and lines smaller than that, also some shots in dark clubs with moving or dancing people. The small flash looks like it it can only point at people, can it be pointed upward to bounce? What do light at night look like with this camera? Will the lighting cable cover be fixed before the camera is released? It looks difficult to put back on in many of the previews. Are there only 3 lenses for this camera? Can we adjust the sound recording levels when taking a movie? What does the focusing look like in movie mode? Can an external mic be attached?

    Sorry for asking so many questions, I just don’t want to waste money on a camera that doesn’t work very well. I hope the IQ is really nice and the colors pop like on the Leica M9. The Sony NEX-7 shots look really sharp but kind of look flat and I can’t take color accurate purple shots. Lucky they have a color shift setting. Is there anything like that in this camera? Most camera need some type of CYMK/RGB color adjustment settings. If you don’t please add they right away and you will have an amazing camera. I don’t like the design but if it takes amazing shots I’ll buy one as soon as I can test it in a shop. Please let us play with them here in Japan in the shops before they get released 😉 If it is good I’ll pre-order one.

    Keep up the great work Fuji. It will be nice using your products again. I used to love using your film but stopped using Fuji products when I got my first digital camera. Great to see this new camera 🙂

    • May I answer some of your, oh so many questions.
      Q “Some type of pancake zoom would be nice”.
      A. Rejoice my friend. Fuji has planned (not announced yet) a 20-200/2 and boy it´s flat.
      Q “Are there other fun filters?”
      A. Lots of them, but cunningly Fuji`s kept some of them secret because you know, no fun without SUPRISE!.
      Q “How about blue sky (gradients)?”.
      A. Well, you know, you have to shoot them in Texas to know how blue they`ll get.
      Q “Some shots in dark clubs with moving people”.
      A. Please a4p.com! it´s a decent site, we are not into sneaking in other folks movings.
      Q. ” The small flash looks like it it can only point at people”.
      A. Believe me, it can be pointed upwards at angels or aliens coming down alike, too.
      Q. ” What do light at night look like with this camera?”.
      A. It`s black, man, it`s black.
      ” Please let us play with them here in Japan in the shops before they get released“ . Only in the shops my playfriend, only in the shops, don`t go nearby playgrounds and playstations with ugly playmasters. “Sorry for asking so many questions”. Don`t, I`ll happy to answer more of them. Sayonara Stanis

      • Thank you for the humor Stanis. Which branch of Fuji film do you work in?

        Nikon has a 2.8 20-200 lens so it would be nice if they could make one a little faster than that.

        It is also good to hear that Fuji film will have lots of creative filters. I’m sure that will please a lot of people. It’s always nice to be able to try new things. I hope they add a setting to adjust the colors of shots as well.

        Stanis do you know if the bulb setting’s maximum time limit can be increased or made like the older cameras. Open and close? 60 minutes isn’t really long enough to get nice shots of star movement.

        • Oh dear, I don`t really know the one about “60 min”. I used to watch it long time ago, was quite ok. Besides it, in to-days camera world there`s a curse of Elektlo-shoku, electronic witch from Japan. In the old galant days of “off your hat-on your hat” you could do just that. Recently I saw a picture by canadian guy who exposed his piece of paper in pinhole box for a whole year!! Now if Elektlo-shoku casts a spell on FY-JI X1 ORA-PRO-NOBIS circuitry maybe it`ll be possible to make multiple double exposures each of 60min duration.
          As to the Fuji film branch I`m work for, well for time being it`s called ACROSS.

        • “Nikon has a 2.8 20-200 lens so it would be nice if they could make one a little faster than that.”


          There is no such aps-c nor FF nor Nikkor 1 lens.
          Do you know how massive it would be, like carrying an elephants trunk.
          And to drive it yud need the Queen Mary II cruiseliner.

  20. In case no one’s asked yet: I would like you Steve to compare the Fuji 35mm f1.4 to the Leica 35 Summilux, both on the X-Pro1. An X Pro1 vs M9/50 Summilux comparison would be good too, but slightly less relevant due to the age of the Leica sensor….

    Kepp up the good work, love the site!

      • Size due to zoom lenses up coming in 2012 & 2013
        If body smaller lense would be comparatively too big.

        18-72mm f/4.0 with Image Stabilization

        72-200mm f/4.0 Image Stabilization
        12-24mm f/4.0 Image Stabilization

  21. I think and hope that the X-Pro1 will be a great photographers camera and a hit! Mainly to finally change the market once again, pushing the enthusiast market into further innovation. I see this as an enthusiasts camera! Professionals could, and probably some will, buy it but almost all professional photographers I know use a DSLR or medium format cameras for their work. I don’t think that will change much. This is, like many say, for the would-be-leica-crowd or the photography enthusiast wanting something that isn’t a DSLR. That’s a plenty big market and it’s also a growing one!

  22. A step in the right direction but still.. Japanese are in such a love with electronic gadgetry that they cannot resis to cram everything into a supposedly PRO body. No doubt the sensor is great, no doubt the lenses are great, no doubt the body is of a quality. I still have minor reservations about two things I saw sofar in videos 1-2. The first one. It seemed that sensor was exposed with lens removed (camera was ON but no battery). No go man. I am not going to risk the sensor speckled by mist droplets and I am not going to change lenses under my pants. That`s not proffesional! The second thing. Back LCD screen displays what is for sure seen in EVF. When I take a picture, I often want to concentrate just on a pure picture, not the one speckled randomly with all the necessary and unnecessary but very distracting onfos all over it. There should be black bar (on-offable) on bottom with basic stuff like ISO, WB, histo, shutter and opening. Like it looks now it`s not very PRO. As to the rest, well as I said a step in right direction. For time being I`ll stick to my trusty M6 and wait a bit.

    • One more thing about PRO hype. It will be a real pro when it gets lenses with cental shutter like Leica S2. And for the guys making fun of Ashwins dream about digital CLE. Look at the Fujis lens choice and the optical frames, 28-50-90. Leica CLE 28,40,90. Since Fuji skipped 35, I think they should follow Leicas choice since 40 is nice compromise between 35 and 50 and easiest to make smallest fisical volume aperturewise.

      • 40mm equivalent f1.8 as the Konica AR would be nice.

        S2 has both types of shutter of course, leaf for flash sync, focal for higher shutter speeds.
        Cost of S2 body & lenses point to why Fuji X-Pro1 does not have both.

        X-P1 will take other lenses by adapters, hence it makes sense to have the focal plane shutter.
        Although it is quite possible a couple of future Fuji X lens may well have leaf shutter : portraiture lenses for studio use.

  23. Looks bigger than I expected. More expensive. And most likely will not have better IQ than cameras like the NEX5 or a D700. GIven the track record of Fuji, AF is most likely not going to be state of the art … so what is this camera for? This is not a valid alternative to either a dslr or a EP3-and-alike. This looks more like a camera made for people who want a leica and cannot afford it.
    They should have make something size like the x100 max and with a lower price range. That would have been very interesting.

  24. The VF is on the left.. That will need to get some getting used to. Perhaps one would need to use the left eye more so half their face is not visible 😛

  25. CDAF on EP3 with lenses made for it are fast due to smaller sensor & small lens.
    CDAF PDAF on J1 V1 with lenses made for it are fast due to smaller sensor & small lens.
    CDAF on aps-c & larger lenses …

    For these reasons I am not expecting X-P1 CDAF to be as fast as EP3, J1 V1, nor X10.
    Certainly faster than X100 which isn’t saying much but it will be fast enough for street & running kids.

    DSLRs still rule for action.
    Rangefinder styles rule in other ways.

    • I don’t think much of the hybrid viewer, however, You are right, THE IMAGES ARE EXCELLENT !
      I think Fuji is on to something here with their AAF free sensor and random color filter locations.

  26. Yes, Steve we would very much like to know what is up with the Focus in low light and its speed in general. Also the shutter sound would be nice to hear. I cant understand why none of these issues were mentioned in these videos. C’mon Fuji guys….

    • Yea its interesting that autofocus speed has not been mentioned in any of these videos. Makes me wonder. Guess we will find out soon.

  27. It’s all very interesting and quite exciting, easy to get swept up in all the euphoria…….I’d love one but there is some special Leica glass on order that takes priority……

  28. It is a very interesting and exciting time for photographers. Having read Steve’s reviews on Fuji X100 a couple of times, I had traded in my Leica X1 for Fuji X100 a couple of months ago. I am still very happy with the decision. Million thanks to Steve’s for all insightful reviews and thoughts. I may not go for the X-Pro 1 at the moment as I still enjoy shooting with a combination of my Leica M6/7 and X100.

  29. Is it the Fuji-lie complex user interface, is it the toy-like lens-shifting viewfinder thing, is it the lockable speed dial, that leave me with the feeling that this camera is less professional than a Leica? I think that at least ten more reincarnations of this new camera system are necessary to make it competitive with a Leica M.

    • Let me add a comment to my own comment: I have just looked up the sample images on the dedicated web page – I have to say the image quality seems to be BRILLIANT! Absolutely stunning! Maybe this system is worth a closer look.

      • I think dismissing greater amounts of technology as less professional is just silly…and by the way, the professional world loves locking dials…because things happen fast and cameras get jostled.

        Anyway, the system so far looks Great. I want to see af speed and mf speed. But man, I am really excited about this camera.

    • Oh and by the way, Leica isn’t commonly used in the professional world these days…the ‘toy’ features of dslr’s however, are.

    • I was waiting for this new system from the day I first read of it’s genesis… What, six months back?

      Then about three weeks ago, I happened to be looking at the X10 stuff, I had endured about 20 minutes of a 33 minute(?) 3 part X10 extravaganza… And I started to come over all sleepy.

      I am not a wealthy man, but I have wanted to get a better camera for some time now, and I noticed Steve’s piece on having another go at the Leica M8 (with a 40mm CL lens, and some old Summitar)…


      There are other reviewers all over the net that are drawing on other aspects of the M8 (for me price precludes both M8.2 and M9).

      So, not bothering to wait for this new Fuji, and a little while on Ebay came up with an M8 (with a new sensor and 1 year Leica guarantee), the vendor is a proper Leica dealer in Manchester, and I bought a new 28mm Elmarit. I have used my new camera every day, and I am bowled over by the quality of this Leica stuff.

      Anyway, I digress… I suspect like JR suggests, all this “puff” about various new cameras is just that…

      If you want a Rangefinder and the Leica look… Get a Leica.

      If you want something (almost) perfect… Get a (FF) Canon or a Nikon SLR… (and a trolley 🙂 )

      But what is vitally important is…. get out and take some pictures!

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