Let It Snow! By Allen Liu

Let It Snow!

By Allen Liu

Hi Steve,

Hope you had a great new year!

Here is my second blog entry to your great site (you can find my first blog entry about my trip to Hong Kong here…).

A few weeks ago, Julie and I decided to spend our winter vacation in Montreal, QC. I was particularly excited about this decision; living in California, I had never experienced a “white Christmas” before.

For the first few days there, the sky was clear, and temperatures dipped below freezing. We were actually a bit disappointed because we really wanted to see snow (I know people who need to shovel snow out of their driveways all winter long are secretly hating me now).

Then, on the last day of our trip, our prayers were answered.

A tiny Christmas miracle.

It snowed.

All photos are shot with one camera and one lens then post processed by Silver Efex Pro 2.

Please feel free to visit my Montreal album 

I hope you enjoy them.




  1. Hi Allen, Glad you got snow, it was a good 2 weeks late this year… I would like to contradict Geoff…we are excited about the first few snowfalls, after 4 months of it, it’s time for summer…I love your pics

    • Hi Francis, Julie and I were so happy when we woke up from our hotel and saw that it was snowing! I really really like Montreal. Can’t wait to go there again. Thank you for loving my pictures!

    • Thank you. I actually shot it with the camera behind me while it was all the way down to my legs. I am glad that it turned out the way it did.

  2. Love the shots…

    I wish 1 day , I would have a white snowy christmas and new year also
    Since I live in tropical country

    • haha…i can feel with you…we had the closest to a white xmas this year with only 95˚F…normally around xmas it is beyond 110˚F!

  3. I really love photo 4, I’d buy a print. The contrast, balance, and mood of the photo really speaks to me. Reminds me of John Carpenter’s The Thing.

    • I agree, number 4 is great. Gotta love the contrast and haziness.

      Maybe you could even crop out the traffic light and the thing in the bottom right corner. I could also imagine a square crop containing just the street markers from the middle and the person to the right, but perhaps thats too much.

  4. I am glad you got some snow, your photos are great. Having spent a good deal of time in Montreal I can say most locals are not quite as excited about the stuff, hence the trips to Florida during the winter. But Montreal is a very special and unique place, thanks for posting your shots!

    • Yeah, Montreal is fast becoming one of my favorite cities ever. The people, the architectures, and, of course, the food… we had a wonderful wonderful time there.

      Thanks for your comments!

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