Daily Inspiration #307 by Clyde Bascue


I recently returned from Maine with some photos I would like to put up for your daily inspiration. I know I have a set in the hopper from the Troy Pig Out, but I was very into snapping shots on vacation and thought I would send in another set for your consideration.

My mom and dad used to take us to Old Orchard Beach Maine starting in the late 60’s and I returned with my family after many years. I tried to capture it as I remembered it as a kid and found that the photos reminded me of old pier/beach photos. I used my D7000 and GF1 with 20mm pancake lens. The exposures were set at 100 iso for detail and taken at high aperture numbers for depth. There are three.

The one with the ferris wheel reminded me of an old scene of a beach possibly from the 20-30’s, the one with the lookout ‘pay binoculars’ brought me back to childhood. I thought it was funny they were facing the beach and not the ocean, I guess girl watching was the intent. The machines reminded me of robots and it took a bit to position them the way they are presented. The third is a beach scene that I took from a restaurant window (had to pry open). I love your site and find myself looking for images that are appropriate for your audience (it has truly inspired me). You have a great thing going with your site and I am planning to purchase a used M9 someday (scratches included, I am way too OCD for a new one!).

Clyde Bascue – More photos HERE


  1. Thanks so much Steve! I needed a lift im miserable with my divorce situation and you posting my photos made my day!

  2. Good picts, 1 and 2 specially. Wondering if your images of your chillhood are in black/white I noticed mines are ¿colorless?, but no b+w I guess.

  3. Love picture # 2 . To me the waves coming in and the clouds look the same… like a little bit of heaven coming to earth

  4. Steve:

    Kudos. I go every summer for a week to OOB. There are some excellent photo ops up there. My other spot nearby is the Portland Head Light(house).


  5. Hi brother Clyde and congrats on this terrific posting.
    Steve Huff is a great mentor and your work has only greatened with these integrations. As you know, I love photography and so enjoy shooting with my Lumix GF1. But, somehow when I see the technique and ingenuity you bring to your work it’s obvious how advanced you have become. Bravo on all of your great photography!!! Ken

  6. Nice pictures! The pole on the left in the first picture is a bit of a bummer. But I relly like the approach of «enacting» memories photographically.

    • Not that I am an expert, but I think the pole together with the upper part of the fence frames the part of the picture that you would look at with the binoculars.

      So the pole that seems disturbing at first, could be seen as part of the composition

      Could be interesting to see the picture without the pole.

  7. They are very good – like them a lot – just don’t like the tilted horizon on the second. But maybe that is just me 🙂

    • The second image is my favorite. The contrast and the match-stick-like rendering of people makes it a wonderful image. My complaint, like Anders, is the tilted horizon. Please don’t consider this as nit-picking. Tiny details like this are essential to transform this image into a classic.

      Mo Han

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