1. Not that interested in any of the new offerings. Picked up a Fuji X100 a few weeks ago as a high-end, compact camera that I could stuff in my messenger bag and have with me everyday, and couldn’t be happier. It’s all the camera i need at the moment; X100’s capability exceeds my daily needs and skill level (most good cameras do, if you really assessed your needs truthfully).

    Was waiting for a good Oly/Pan enthusiast m43 compact with built-in EVF to come along, but nothing’s come out that made me want one. The E-M5 is close, but not quite up there with the X100 in terms of style,appeal and utility. Just my opinion. Yours may vary.

  2. The fake pentaprism is actually functional. It houses the EVF, the accessory connector and its wiring above it, and up front the 5-Axis IBS sensors.

    So, while it is funny to have a “pentaprism hump” on an EVF camera, they made good use of that space in a vintage look.

    I’m sure in the future, as they figure how to reduce the size of the ISB sensors they can use the space for a built-in flash.

  3. I’m sticking with what I’ve got … but if Fujifilm ever releases a full frame digital with nice glass, I will pre-order at the stroke of midnight.

  4. uh none.

    Sony NEX7 – lenses or lack of them
    Fuji X whatever – too big for what I want it for.
    D800 – tempting but not right for me when I think about it
    Olympus OM-D/E-M5 – will the continuous auto-focus work? will the image quality be better than the G3?
    Canon G1X ? – nope but I bet this will sell well.

    To be honest my wants are lenses not bodies.

    and is it me or do the pictures of the original OM’s and cameras like the Nikon FM2 and FA look much more appealing than the new Olympus??

    • Absolutely, the shape of the OM-D’s fake pentaprism is aesthetically wrong… (if it had a bigger sensor I would care though)

  5. I don’t pre-order cameras anymore…been burned before. With that said, I’m eager to see how the X Pro1 turns out….if it’ a winner I might sell my M8 to fund the purchase. Waiting for your review Steve!

  6. I’ve been waiting for my NEX-7 for several months now and am getting very impatieint. Now I’m considering pre-ordering the Oly OM-D E-M5. I’ll buy the one that comes first. (in case your interested, the OM-D is almost exactly the same size as my Oly C-8080 wideangle, which I’m still using without a hitch. The 8080 just has a thicker body is all).

  7. Keeping my E-PL2 and Fuji X10. Love them. However and because I can, I’m going for the Black X100. Can’t wait to shoot with that one.


  8. I Can’t believe that there is actually 41 people who clicked on the Pentax k-01. Really? To each his own. It looks like playschool made it!

  9. None for me….I am keeping my 5D MarkII and my GX1 with lots of bokehlicious fast prime lenses for both setups. The cameras in the poll are all GREAT new offerings though…something for everyone. Pretty exciting times for photography!!!!!!

  10. I NEVER preorder! 😀

    The camera equipment I already have is more than capable of my needs already.
    And if I anyway wanted a new camera I first would read a lot of reviews, not the least the ones here!
    I would also read user reports on different websites and wait at least half a year for a later production camera that haven’t got the bugs from the first series production and comes with an already solid firmware. I don’t mind at all leaving the beta-testing to YOU early adopters! 🙂

    That doesen’t mean I am not tempted by new cameras! 😀

    Sony NEX-7 looked really tempting at first. 24 MP APS-C sensor in a compact camera that can mount any old legacy lens, including Leica. But then came the reports about red corners using Leica wide-angle lenses, and what I could read between the lines also softer in the corners than the capacity of the lenses. NEX-5N doesn’t seem to suffer so much from these problems but has no built-in viewfinder which is a must have for me. Ricoh doesn’t have a built-in viewfinder as well and only takes M-lenses. Although one in theory could use an adapter for other lenses as well adapters for M-mount are not very common.
    Had the NEX-7 been available also in a version with the 5N-sensor I might still have bought it. But for now I am saving my money and hold my thumbs SONY will make a full-frame NEX-9! Because that is the camera I really would want so I can adapt various older lenses. As there are so few NEX-lenses and most photo enthusiasts anyway seem mostly use their NEX-cameras to adapt other lenses I am sure a “NEX-9” would be a great success even if they didn’t have a single full-frame lens for it! I may even make an exception and preorder it if it became a reality! 😉 to SONY!

    I never cared that much about M43. A too small sensor to make sense adapting lenses to exept if one want a long tele. The first sensors used was also not that impressive. And the Panasonic cameras being the only ones having built-in viewfinder didn’t appeal to me. But with the OM-D EM5 Olympus have made a camera that really look attractive! If I ever wanted a small system this could be it. The 12, 45 and new 75 mm lenses also look awesome. We only miss a 17/1.8-2 and 25/1.4-1.8 in same fashion to have a really nice, “full” system. But as we are not there yet I keep observing. Especially as I beleive we may see a PEN-series camera with a built-in viewfinder in the corner like on NEX-7.

    Fujifilm X-Pro 1 seem really cool. It’s the real, digital successor to Contax G. And for all complaining about the price I think it is fair. The original Contax G was what I remember clearly more expensive if one consider inflation. But somehow I feel like about the original Contax G being an object of desire I may not really get to investing in that system. It is not that small, as big as a Leica which is not that much smaller than a small APS-C DSLR. If only Nikon could make a 16/2.8 and a 23/24 mm f/1.8-2 DX-wideangles I would be quite satisfied with what I have. So I wait for how the developments will be in both systems.

    A Nikon D800 (non-E as I will have it for general use and not want to spend time removing moiré.) I may buy as it is my main system and I already have many lenses. The reason I still feel a little lukewarm about it despite all 36 MP and other things is that it look about as big as D700 which definitely was too big for my small hand. Even if the grip is too big also on the D800 I may buy it anyway and treat it as a MF-camera on a tripod in the field as with 36 MP it is more usefull for other things. It could for exemple be used instead of a filmscanner. But I can wait until next year when the price has settled and bugs have been fixed.

    The FX Nikon-camera I really would like to have would be in a smaller case about the size of D7000.
    As a D7100 is expected at Photokina in September this year i think it is possible it will follow the path of D7000 and have even better performance, as good as D300s, only in a smaller body. I therefore think Nikon may not make a DX-format D400. Reason is with a D800 having 15 MP DX-crop and an improved D7000 named D7100 would make the market for a semi-pro DX-camera very small.
    The sensor expected in D7100 is the 24 MP used in Sony’s NEX-7. If Nikon anyway construct a new body they can just as well make it adaptable for both DX- and FX-sensors. And as Sony’s A99 SLT full-frame body propably will debut at Photokina as well and have a new 24 MP sensor it would be a perfect candidate for a smaller body, entry level FX D400 camera!

    Of course this last paragraph is pure speculation! But one can dream! 🙂
    Though with so many on the internet expressing their wish for a smaller full-frame camera Nikon must be blind if they didn’t notice there is a market. And although they still have a few D700s to sell when they run out of parts to make any more they need a new entry level FX camera. It’s after all for FX Nikon have most lenses. And the more customers they can direct to step up from DX to FX the more profit they will make!

    About the other alternatives:

    Pentax K-01 is mainly for those already having Pentax lenses (or for some inexplainable reason find the look of the camera sweet, cute or whatever, just like some people love ugly looking dogs!) I don’t doubt the camera despite its looks is very capable.

    Fujifilm X100 is a nice camera but feels just too exepensive with only a single prime lens. The black edition seem just a way of buying time until they introduce an improved upgrade. I rather wait and see what is coming next.

  11. I just received my Olympic epl-1 and it is a fantastic “older” m43 camera. . .even minus the vf (which I currently have no interest in). I plan on picking up one of the wide/fast pancake primes and an om legacy to m43 adapter for that camera and essentially calling it a day on gear for that Lil beast. My Minolta 50 1.7 for my Sony a33 should be here today followed by a 28 2.8 also I will have five lenses in all for that fine machine and I will let the GAS rest for the Sony until it gives up the ghost. Then I plan on getting my om4 film body repaired And stockpiling some good film (this I am super excited about). And finally I shall order an invade Ari bag to complete my line up of cascading bags. . .from the huge crumpled 8million dollar home to the small but deceptively cavernous lowepro classified 180 to the Ari which will hold a small mobile kit of a dslr with 2 lenses, a m43 or film body with one lens attached and all kinds of day to day accessories. LOL
    I say all this to point out that despite the awesomeness of all the new bodies hitting the streets. Nothing excites me more than the gear I am already blessed to have. I don’t have disposal income by any means so anything I buy has to LAST. LOL
    but have fun and get out and shoot no matter the age of your tools!!

  12. With all the Pentax glass I’ve got and no Pentax digital, the K-01 makes sense for me as an affordable “take-with-me-everywhere” camera. My Nikon D300 seems to get more cumbersome the older I get, especially on long hikes.

    • Changed my mind. From what I’ve read, K-01 is not gonna cut it for my needs. Guess I’ll just stick to film when I want to use that beautiful Pentax glass…’til Pentax/Ricoh makes a proper digital camera.

  13. So many nice cameras, pity there isn’t a full frame Fuji X or Olympus OM now that would be interesting, sticking with D700 and fast glass for beautifully shallow depth of field, it still can’t be matched by any of the mickey mouse sensors.

  14. D800E looks nice but my D700 is as well or even better suited to the kind of photography I use it for.

    OTOH, I’m curious to see what the M10 will look like. Still shooting with an M8 but could be convinced to upgrade, at least if the M10 is not too stratospherically priced.

      • D800E might be superior than D700 but not in every way as the D700 actually it has more frame rate rather than the New D800/E.

        You might would missed a fraction second of a kiss when you do wedding photography,..unless you use smaller format

  15. I pre-ordered the Nex-7 last August. Finally gave up and cancelled it. Too many ifs. Went a different direction. Bought a M6ttl instead. Very happy with my decision.

    • Me too,..i’m OM-D fan now ,… Lol
      Yupp I’m switching to Oly now as I sold my G3 and GX1 already, after had a big disappointment to looked for an upgrade from my GF1 ,… duh ,.. and I almost sell my M43 gear.
      But thx to Oly for bring back my hype and hope on M43 gear.

      • I did the same thing and switched from Panasonic to olympus… Sold my Panasonic gear also. There is not a better m4/3 camera better than the OM-D!

        • Really?

          Has there actually been a thorough test of the OM-D or are you basing your statement on hope? I can only hope that having sold all your Panasonic gear (only bodies, I presume), you are right and that the OM-D isn’t a let down.

  16. None, at the moment, waiting for leica to release something new.
    Bought a Used X100 this week to pair with my 7D and 5D MK II, loving every moment with it, until leica releases a X-pro 1 competitor or a new M.

    I WANT M10 NOWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. I ordered a Nex 7…. Should be here March 6th. I am looking forward to using my legacy lenses on this amazing camera. I thought about canceling my order for the Nex and ordering the OM-D, but I think that the Nex series supports manual focus with it’s peaking feature much better than the OM-D.
    Someday I will buy a Leica (M-something) and I am building my lens collection around this future goal. I think that the Nex 7 is a great replacement for an M9 until then.

  18. I pre-ordered the NEX 7 back in August. It arrived last week along with the Zeiss 24 1.8. The combination is amazing. So far, pretty happy. Only a couple complaints already mentioned by others.

  19. Don’t know. One thing I do know for sure is that a camera that hasn’t been released yet isn’t going to make me a better photographer, and pre-ordering a camera that hasn’t been properly tested, reviewed or whatever seems to be a rich man’s game. I would love to get the OM-D …and will look forward to the reviews and samples and also trying it out at my local store …but I’m not preordering a camera I know nothing about.

    Man, where do you guys get your money? …I don’t know, preordering a camera is like playing a game of craps …you have no idea what’s coming up.

    • you have a minimum expectation from the camera and if that minimum expectation is acceptable for you then there really shouldn’t be any problem with pre-ordering.

      for instance in the case of the OM-D the minimum expectation is that it won’t be worst than the E-P3 image quality wise or focus speed wise. So I would have no problem pre-ordering it.

      and in all cases if an absolute surprise of a dog product happens you can always return within the return policy.

  20. I fail to see what these new cameras can do for me that the V1 and D700 do not already. I am the limit to my photography right now, not my gear.

  21. Nex7 excellent with my Leica glass (metabones adapter), Zeiss 1.8-24mm sonar and Sony 1.8-50mm. Very compact and well balanced.

    • Not fair, not fair! (Saving for this setup… I was told that I need at least one kidney to function so can’t sell both, so I have still a way to go. ;-))

      BTW, did you go for the M9 or M9-P?

      • I went with the steel grey M9. I actually preferred the look of it. It’s totally worth the saving, you’ll love it!

  22. Talking about pre-orders, I just visited the Olympus website and came across this announcement from the CEO:


    I know that Olympus had been in a bit of a financial trouble, I just hope that they pull through.

    So lets get those pre-order OM-D numbers up ladies and gents and insure that this icon sees another day. 🙂


    • I am glad I was not the only one to be concerned about this fact. I have been using the comments/advice from the various camera discussions and had decided that the OM-D was my best first real camera. I then read about the companies finances. I am not sure If you looked more deeply but they only have $2.4B cash on hand and they are servicing something like an $8B dollar debt. I couldn’t find burn rate numbers and that would be an interesting number to know. The fraud stuff, I would guess, would hurt their bond rating making things worse.

      All that said, it seems reasonable to assume that the camera division would be picked up by someone after bankruptcy. So, perhaps it is still safe to buy cameras — NOT their stock.

      • Firstly, I think you are right Kevin in distinguish stock from camera division.

        Another thing to note though is that they have 3 years from `Security on Alert` status to get their act together or face delisting. The reality of recovering from this status in their specific case is very bleak considering that there are penalties associated with their current listing status, not to mention other obvious hurdles.

    • Lucky you. I pre-ordered in late October and I’m still waiting. 7 bodies are around, but I ordered the kit because I want the black kit lens. I will not cancel as nothing grabs me as much at the moment. I have the 5n and it’s real fun.

      Won’t buy the Nikon as I’m invested into the Canon system. Olympus might attract me, but it depends on the reviews. I also have a bit of m43 glass including the wonderful 25mm. Fuji seem to have some problem with their cameras, so I won’t look at them until the system has been out for a while.

      I just wish Sony would get on with it and deliver my product.

  23. Wait and see.
    Wait for Steve tests and reliability of the gears.
    At this time I’m sticking with M9 Cron 50 and LX5.
    I’ll change for M10 or 11 or 622 if it is much much better and for a compact like with an EVF.
    That saying all the new gears are so attractiv !

  24. Steve,
    I miss Leica on the list. I guess i will stick with what I have for now. Maybe sometime in the future I can afford to buy a new M10 if it comes. Problem is that already sold one of my kidneys for the M9 and I think I need at least one… 🙂

  25. The fuji x-pro will be a perfect complement to an M system if the focusing is significantly improved over the x-100. It will serve as a great beach camera or for other occasions where you don’t want to risk a $13,000 M9p amd summilux combo.

    If the x-pro focusing is slow then the OM-D will serve in that role. Not for the crap viewfinder but the focusing, stabilization and lenses.

  26. If the Fuji was FF, it could be it. But building an expensive apsc-c sensor based system is not where my money will go. MFT with the OM-D offers the most rounded compact system. I’ll probably get one provided dynamic range is substantially improved over the EP3, but will wait for extensive review results first. Waiting for Leica’s September announcements might still be good advice, though.

  27. Your review on V1 is right. I have a V1 over a month now and I love it. I say this is a good camera simple to use and all I do is to concentrate on composition and exposure compensation control. I brought it because I like nature photography. Some of the features like fast autofocus, high ISO with low noise, still shots between video shootingt are wonderful tools for nature photography. With FT1 adapter and 2.7X crop brings a step closer to the birds. The resolution in term of M pixels I captured on photo in crop version is far better than Nikon D90 crop on a 300mm lens. This goes the same with macro lens too. Call it a toy? It is an excellent toy but one thing is that I lost some focal length when using my SLR Nikon 10-24mm superwide angle due to 2.7X crop. Hope Nikon will come out with smaller size wider (6-8mm) angle lens and super telephoto lens and other larger aperture lens. With that this camera will be excellent one.

  28. Tough decision. I love my X-100 and have had fun with the X-10, but I just couldn’t bring myself to shell out the bucks for the X Pro 1 for a lot of reasons. I originally pre-ordered the OM-D on day one, but have since canceled and ordered a NEX-7 with the 18-55 and Zeiss 24 1.8 instead. I’m feeling comfortable that I’ve made the right decision for me.

  29. How extra good is the D800E over the D800? Will the elimination of the anti-aliasing filter brings out render the sharpness discernible or it is just a split hair thing? Will the moire patterns appear frequent enough to become a nuisance and generated the extra PP works that might ruin the fun? Given that these cameras are not out yet there are just no reviews to backup a purchase decision. Can somebody gives me some hints, suggestions, &/or early reviews? Many thanks for help.

    • Eddie, if you are not sure you need it, you probably don’t. It will make landscapes a little sharper, but you will get to know the moire correct tool in photoshop well.

  30. Although it’s not new: M9-P soon to be purchased (“need” the FF). Still considering which Leica lens should augment my vc lens collection.

  31. I sold my 7D and bought an M6 with a 50mm Summicron. I’m keeping my GF1), Panny 20mm, and 14mm. No reason to upgrade yet. Give me more dynamic range and I’ll pull the trigger. I’m happy with these three lenses. The 45mm f1.8 Olympus would be a good addition as well.

  32. OMD. Absolutely. Not because of the weather-sealing or other fancy features, but because I’ve been waiting for a camera with Olympus jpeg color and a built-in viewfinder. I’ll be selling all my other m4/3 cameras.
    I’ll consider the new Fuji later on, when some reviewers have seen it. It could be the “digital G2”, but it’s too expensive to buy without somebody else doing the beta testing.

  33. I already got my NEX-7 and love it. It really is all the camera I need. However, the 5d III/X is coming out next week and I have to decide if I should stay with my Canon DSLR system or just got NEX only. I am leaning toward keeping the Canon system for events, but in all honesty, the NEX pics look just as good or better in a MUCH smaller package.

  34. It’s not official yet but i might sell my D7000 and get the OM-D. I love my D7000 but it stays at home a little to much due to his size and weight. The fact that the OM-D is wheatherproof is a big plus, but overall it’s its size, technologie and lenses availability that had me.

  35. Pre ordered the Olympus OMD. I already have an E-P2 and a bunch of lenses, so this was an easy decision. Seems like the perfect travel/backpacking camera system.

  36. So glad I never pulled the trigger on the GX1 (which seems like my GF1 plus two stops of high ISO – useful, but not worth the price). Crave the bigger sensor, bleeding edge processing and f1.4 normal lens of the Fuji, but getting the OM-D is the “sensible” upgrade, considering my m43 lens investment.

  37. I don’t know what will happen to my NEX-7 pre-order once Canon step it up in the mirrorless market. My NEX-7 better be delivered before that announcement.

  38. I canceled my pre-order for the NEX7 and ordered the Fuji ProX1 instead. While I liked everything about the NEX I was concerned about the high pixel density. Not mention it was just taking too long to materialize with the shipping delays.

    I have the X100 already so that was a no brainer…I took it on a vacation recently and if the ProX1 performs anywhere close to it, I’ll be more than happy. Love the opt viewfinder which the NEX did not have.

    Now who only knows what Leica will put out. I have GAS unfortunately and I’m sure I’ll buy at least two cameras this year and likely sell the one I’m not satisfied with. LEICA has to step it up, seriously!!

  39. OM-D Em-5 since I am heavily vested into mFT system. My EP2 got everything, and I have a full lens kit from 12mm to 300mm so 24-600mm in 35mm format. Wonderful little system. I don’t regret selling my Nikon DSLRs at all as how compact this system is. I can carry my full camera system in my Bellingham bag… I couldn’t even fit my gripped D700 in that bag lol…

    • I would be all over the OM-D if it had a larger sensor…really the only reason I’m staying away from the micro 4/3 systems is because of the NEX-5/NEX-7 cameras. There is no excuse not to produce a larger sensor in those size cameras.

      I had the 2nd Olympus PEN and loved it, but was not totally happy with the quality and the lack of viewfinder.

  40. Forgot: saving money for Photokina releases. So no more new stuff until September and by then we will have had the chance to read some reviews of all that stuff.

  41. Hi, tough one. NEX 7 due to perfect EVF (no lag, crisp, easy to manual focus even without peaking) plus the fantastic Zeiss and lovely 50 1.8 which is a 35/75 mm combination. Light and nice complement to my FF gear especially zoom and video. If you want, add 18-200 with active mode stabilization (10 stops in video) to shoot video while walking. And put up lens baby and legacy glasses if you want. I think this is the most versatile option. Oh, I forgot same as D800 chip (crop though but 24 MP in APSC makes 36 MP in FF) means fantastic resolution, if you can grab one. It is fantastic and a joy to operate with TriNavi.

    I thought Fuji PRO X1 in the first place but that would be another new system. The EVF is the same as on X100: lag, less resolution, no peaking help. Video is not good, sizze is M9 but crop sensor. In total, not a good complement to existing gear.

    Olympus, looks like a DSLR but is ultimately a PEN P3 with improved chip plus low resolution EVF. Great for people who are already into MFT but not for me.

    D800E sound tempting. However, going towards mirror less had a reason: less weight. So it is no option.
    I guess I found my combination.

      • Thanks Kevin, I believe you are right. The Oly 45mm & 12mm are easy choices to make. Just having trouble with which zoom.

        • every zoom lens, the images look flat. compared side by side and they look really flat. i eventually traded in all of my zooms for fast primes.

          just get the kit zoom for $100 more, and collect the best primes for it. the pictures will show it.

          • Thanks Matt! I usually don’t use my zoom lenses too much, but like them when not wanting to pack a bunch of gear.

        • 20mm f/1.7 it would be pocketable with almost every m4/3 camera,.more primes as an additional will be great,.PL 25 f/1.4,.Oly 45 f/1.8+ 12 f/2.0,..if you really need a zoom lens try Oly 14-150 ,..or Lumix 14-140,.but if you really want a really serious piece of GLASS and money is not a problem,.I suggest you buy Olympus Zuiko ,.12-60 mm f/2.8-4,.its a 4/3 [SLR version] but you must need an adapter 43 to m/43,..even the Panasonic Leica 14-150mm f/3.5 -5.6 [SLR] i will consider ,.so sharp and bright,color ,high contrast,.i think is one of the best super zoom around,.equi 28-300 on FF

          • I’ve recently purchased the Panasonic Lecia 25 F1.4 and love it more then any other lens I’ve had! There seems to be to much distraction in using a zoom, where a prime does help me to focus on a good composition. The 25mm (50mm eq.) does challenge me to focus on a nice composition, while the F1.4 gives plenty of room to play with DOF

          • Thanks jevfp! Actually, stumbled upon the Panasonic Leica 14-150mm f/3.5 -5.6 last night and think it might be a good choice. Just worried it might be heavier than I’d like. Will have to have to take a look at the Olympus Zuiko 12-60 mm f/2.8-4.

          • Thanks jevfp for pointing out the 12-60mm, as I hadn’t stumble upon this one yet. I think it might just be the one for me.

  42. No need/desire for anything new right now. Got my DSLR(s) and all the lenses that I need.

    My 5n/EVF with the recently purchased ZA 24mm f1.8 is a LOT of fun, should cure my desires for quite some time.

  43. I bought into the Fujifilm X-Pro 1 (Pre-Ordered) based mostly on ergonomics/portability as compared to a DSLR. I love the rangefinder-style camera design and that the camera will out-resolve my Sony A700. Sony is taking a turn I didn’t much care for with the Translucent Mirror technology and it was time for a brand-change for me. I believe the Fuji will fit the bill nicely.

  44. Waiting for some price correction to happen. Bet you Fuji,Sony and Olympus re-calculate prices as the market becomes more competitive & especially round Holiday season.
    Also we all know Canon is cooking up something mirrorless & Nikon is beefing up the V1.

    Think that Olympus OM-D is expensive at £999 for a body only. Lets see how everyone reacts when Canon bombs into the mirorless pool party.

  45. I’d be interested in the OMD. It’s all about the weather-sealing!

    But honestly, if I had money to burn, I’d buy new lenses for my Sony A55. Like the 135mm STF, which is at the top of my camera-gear wish-list 🙂

  46. Nice goodies to look at….but I just got my M9 a week ago, so along with my vintage Canon F-1n, I’m all set! But I do have my eye on the X-1 🙂

  47. Hi Steve,

    I pre-ordered the X-Pro but with all the banter going back and forth around the new Oly I am second guessing myself.


  48. I’m glad to see that so far most people plan to stick to what they have. As I just wrote on my blog:


    I am trying to encourage people to spend more time behind the camera. If they really want to spend money this year, I believe a photography workshop is the best investment. Once you can no longer accomplish what you need to accomplish with what you have, then go out and get what you need.

    • At the time of my writing, only 23% who choose to stick with their camera while E-M5 has 26%. Total of 76% choose to change their camera(or just buy a backup), a little more than 3 times of those who choose to stick with current cameras.

    • I agree, Alex. While it would be nice to have the expanded ISO range of just about any camera on the market today, I keep looking at images that I am still able to produce with my “vintage” D2H bodies. For me, the images are what keep me going after 30+ years as both a parttime and fulltime pro.

      • I was a Nikon guy at one time and I loved my D2H. It was a perfect PJ body as many wire services require you to downsize the file to between 1mb and 2mb anyway.

    • That’s my situation… I have been shooting with a Canon G10 for more than 3 years. Now I am ready to get the new Oly and I can’t wait for the new freedom I will have that I haven’t had with the G10. I have tons of ideas about stuff I want to try.

    • I’m actually joining this club… I sold my Nikon D7000 outfit after I noticed I used my wife’s LX3 more. I made a commitment to no new gear for 3 years (might make an exception for nikon 1 portrait prime). I’m sticking with an X100 and Nikon V1 two lens kit.

      I realized that I was spending too much time thinking about cameras (never had that problem with film). The X100 is great… OOC camera colors are fantastic. The v1 is close to the d200 (my first DSLR) which I liked quite a bit, only with better OOC exposure, color and AF…. and a heck of a lot smaller.

    • Hi Duane.
      That’s the king of answer I like : someone who bought a camera, spent sometime getting to know it and who’s happy with it so far.
      The GXR is an amazing camera. I also have it along with the 50/2.5 and the 28/2.5.

      • Curious about the GXR… any issues with slow focus? I was so tempted to get one but I just wasn’t sure about that and how long I would be satisfied without a viewfinder. Thanks!

        • It’s on par with the other cameras in bright light, in low light it does struggle a bit but Ricoh engineers have a trick up their sleeves : the snap function ! Set a distance (a scale is dispayed on the left of the screen or EVF) and snap ! No lag at all !

          • Nice! I didn’t realize they had an EVF… I guess I need to revisit the GXR… thanks for the info!

          • I’m one of the ones who love the GXR… image quality (in raw) is equal to a d90 + nikon 17-55 f2.8 (at the respective focal lengths) for the 2 A12 modules. The focus is not speedy, but pretty much the same as the x100. The user interface is phenomenal.

            I sold it because I thought I would like the d7000 more… I was wrong. The d7000 while being superior in pretty much every category, lost in portability. Dumb mistake, because they pop up used VERY rarely, and typically only with the leica module… Personally, I can see no reason to stick a lower grade leica lens on the GXR when the ricoh lenses are already great.

            I ended up with an X100 for a steal and like it a lot, particularly the viewfinder. The GXR viewfinder is OK, but definitely not one the superior ones out there (Nikon V1, GH2, X100, etc)–haven’t seen the sony OLED.

    • Me too, GXR being with me most of the time with my M lens. And couple with NEX 5n for hi ISO and video. OMD and X-Pro 1 might good with new technology but in the same time its get more chances to fail. And I don’t know why they want it pretend to be an old camera, the retro look really doesn’t help up in action. It just another fashion trend without a real soul. Why don’t they learn a bit from Ricoh or Leica? No doubt OMD and X-Pro is a good camera but, I rather get a real OM or M instead of this.

      • I like my GXR too – with M module it is great! However, the hinge on my viewfinder has broke, I contacted Ricoh about it, but I haven’t heard anything from them 2 weeks later. So customer service leaves a lot to be desired. Other than that – great camera.

  49. I don’t know! I’m leaning towards the NEX-7, the only thing that makes me hesitant are the lenses. The X-Pro 1 looks one interesting, but I’m concerned about manual focusing and the price of the body. The E-M5 has the broadest lens lineup, but I’d rather have the EVF offset like the NEX or Fuji.

    Honestly, I’ll really be interested in your comparisons to make my final decision, Steve. I just feel so lucky that we have such cameras to choose from.

    • I agree. They all have qualities and nothing is perfect but the outcome of comparison is what will drive the purchase for me.

  50. I got my hands on a nex-7 a few weeks ago and love it with the zeiss 24mm. I’m interested in the OM-D and have it pre-ordered, so far it shows promise. Unsure about the fuji x-pro 1. I have a feeling everyone will love the image quality but not like the auto & manual focus.

  51. I love my X100, but I went with the NEX-7. I want to use legacy glass first and foremost, and it’s still not clear how the focusing will work on X-Pro. I’ll give it a try, and it might go back, but it costs nothing to pre-order.

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