Daily Inspiration #323 by James de Giorgio

Hi Steve,

Love your work and i can now blame you for entrancing me to get into film photography and pleading my parents to invest in an M3. Unfortunately this was to no avail, just another teenager’s naive wishes. Anyway, here are my entries of the Matterhorn mountain in Zermatt switzerland from a couple of weeks ago on my panasonic lumix lx5:
Thanks and i hope you like them!
James de Giorgio


  1. LX5 is a great camera. I used my LX3 to death in all my travels. Though these days you’ll see me lugging around heavy medium format film cameras and polaroid land cameras and my trust Fujifilm X100 for my digital. You have a great eye. And there’s no reason to get stuck on just an M3 for film! Like Ibraar said above me, there are many other cameras in the used market for incredibly reasonable if not dirt dirt cheap prices to get your feet wet in the film world. Sure sure, a rangefinder is nice. And I love my M6. But sometimes, a nice Pentax MX feels perfect in my hands. The weight is just right. So is the size. The satisfying *CLUNK* when you hit the shutter. Lovely. Or learn to zone focus and figure out distances by getting a tiny Rollei 35. Pop in some B&W film, push it to ISO 1600, set the aperture to f/8 or higher, and just blaze away. Great for shooting in the street! Film is far far from dead and it’s just waiting for you to get addicted! 😀

    • I concur!
      You have so so much choice, the best thing about digital is that it has made mechanical cameras affordable and cheaper than a digi compact!
      Compacts: You could get a Ricoh GR1 for about £150, a Contax TVS (in one of its three flavours with Zeiss T* VS)) or a Contax T2 with a Zeiss T* Sonnar which rivals ANY Leica – these are all in the £150 to £200 range. Others include the Minolta TC1 or Nikon 35Ti or Contax T3 or even a Leica minilux!
      Or you could go the SLR route and get the aforementioned OM or MX, or a Nikon F100/ Minolta MAxxum Dynax 7 if you like fast AF.

      A Contax G1 with 45mm Planar, plus many other 35mm options.

      Or if you’re daring you could get a MF camera, a Mamiya 645, Bronica – all dirt cheap! Or even a Rolleiflex or Yashicamat TLR!

      • I meant Film rather than Mechanical (as most mentioned are electronic)
        Regards Mechanical, the TLR’s, the OM, MX, manual focus Nikons and such.

        As Tim mentioned, you’ve a good eye and your BW’s are so very nice!! Go shoot some 35mm Film, try some such as Ilford XP2 which can be developed as a normal colour negative.

  2. Very nice series, I especially like the B&W. You don’t have to get a Leica M3, there are a multitude of other model of camera to buy for a bargain price if you want to get into Film. I suggest the Olympus OM2n with 50mm f1.8 Zuiko – beautifully built solid metal compact body, HUGE viewfinder and sharp optics!

  3. Having an awesome camera is nice. Having a camera to take awesome pictures is, well, awesome. Nice pictures, including the third.

  4. Great shots. The last one is a bit noisy, but I like it anyway. You can also spot the pleiades in the center of the frame.

  5. Great shots James. Your lx5 takes great pictures. Keep up the great work. Are you on Flickr or any other site where we can view more of your work?

  6. great photos. while noise isn’t usually wished for, I think it adds something to the last photo to make it really interesting.

  7. just shows that the gear doesnt matter nearly as much as the talent. i love my lx5 and this is why. very, very impressive.

  8. Very nice and dramatic. The last picture reminds me of the pointillism style used by some painters from around 1885.

  9. It’s a shame the last picture has tremendous amounts of noise.. 🙁

    I hope you can do some wondeerful long exposures using your (future) M3.

    Best regards James

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