Pentax K-01 in stock now, review in about a week

Pentax K-01 in stock now, review in about a week

You know, I was not going to really review this one..this little funky looking Marc Newson designed Pentax …and why? Well, I wanted to concentrate on the new Fuji, the new Olympus and other things that I thought would be more relevant to the readers here. Then I remembered my Nikon V1 experience, where I was not going to even touch the V1 or J1, then ended up reviewing it and buying one for myself. Then I realized…THIS IS WHAT I DO! So yes, I will be reviewing the K-01.

This Pentax may look funky, but maybe in use it is a great, fun, sweet little camera? I was not expecting to be blown away but you never know right? In any case, my review of the Pentax K-01 will be up after the weekend. I guessing about one week from today. The review will be with the camera and the new super slim 40mm 2.8, the new tiny pancake that is shipping with the K-01 body.

Oh, and also, check this out. Pentax is re-releasing the limited edition Silver K-5. How do you re-release a “limited edition”? Easy! By simply changing the lens that ships with it! Seriously though, The K-5 is awesome and I missed out on the silver edition last time around but maybe I will grab one this time if I can.

But for now it is all about the new mirrrorless from those crazy people over at Pentax…yea, the same ones that brought us the lovely little Q.Β Β The new K-01 doesn’t seem to be everyone’s cup of tea but for some it could be! You can visit the Pentax K-01 Website HERE.

You can buy it now in BLACK, YELLOW or WHITE – ALL are IN STOCK now for immediate shipping through B&H Photo.


  1. uh.. this ‘little baby’ is almost the same size as a K-5, not to mention a K-x… but without all the good things (VF, phase AF, interface). so why would anyone want to choose this one over their DSLR counterparts is completely beyond me..

  2. This may get me away from my DSLR. Image stabilization with all that beautiful, compact K glass out there. I can see one of these little babies with a 35mm K on it, (equivalent 50mm), weighing in at about 730 grams with great IQ. Unless a major problem pops up, I just might go for it.

  3. Oh yeah – just do it.
    I’m very interesting and waiting for your reviev!
    Not, while I’m looking to buy it.
    I bought the V1 and I’m pleased…
    Best regards from Berlin πŸ˜‰


    • Yep, all the sports photographers who were thinking of getting the XPro instead of the Nikon D4 will all have to write it off now….

      On the other hand, given people have produced tons of great images with the X100, shooting the type of things one typically would use a RF styled camera for, ie; NOT fast action sports, the XPro should be a great tool delivering some fantastic images in capable hands.

  4. I love pentax esp there lenses. But this camera had few imprtant things missing. it needs a swivel screen or evf, esp if thats all you are gonna use. Also they need to make an evf accsesory if they arent gonna build one in. I think of it as a mini k-5: just smaller and less tough

  5. Hey Steve, good news on the review, I have some old Pentax glass and am intrigued by the focus peaking of this camera with the shake reduction in body.

    I am probably one of the few people around that thinks this looks cool πŸ™‚

    I agree on your V1 approach, I had closed my mind to it until I read your review and it has served me well since.



  6. Hi Steve,

    Can`t wait to see what you think of the fuji pro x-1,I have had mine on order since Feb 2.Thanks for all your hard work for us.

  7. Interested in seeing the IQ… I’m sure it will be good. But do you know if the yellow version comes with a tonka truck? Please let me know if yours is the dump truck version! Jk…looking forward to the review Steve!

  8. Steve-

    Thanks for your update on inventory of the K-01. Call me crazy– but I just placed my order with B&H for a YELLOW camera! I currently have a D300S with all of the lenses and I am just tired of lugging all of my stuff around. I am very excited and can’t wait to see what the K-01 can do! I can just see me walking the streets of NYC for some close and personal street shooting with my Bumble Bee camera.
    I am predicting that we are all going to be surprised with the new 40mm and the other limited lenses on this camera.
    Keep up your great work! (Oh did I mention that I am 63 years young — Did I say it was a YELLOW camera! Oh my God-)

  9. I’m so glad that you are. The camera is growIng on me (I wish they would release an ALL black one). I recently heard one of the key product people from Pentax say that Pentax wants to concentrate on what other camera makers are NOT making. Awesome. From a quality standpoint it looks like a winner. Have FUN!

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