Daily Inspiration #326 by Martin Christensen

Hey Steve

Great site you have! I recently read and really liked your Fuji X10 review – and I am now a very happy x10 shooter.

I have attached 1 image of my late mother. She was a warm and loving woman, but she had a hard

life with anxiety and depressions and she smoked a gigantic amount of cigarettes. She died last year at

the age of 84 – a very peaceful death, were my 18 year daughter, hold her hand, as she took here last breath.


Best regards

Martin Christensen

Denmark – Copenhagen


  1. Hey u all 🙂

    A “little” late reply, sorry about that.

    Thanks for all the wonderful responds, its heartwarming.

    Kindest regards from Copenhagen 🙂

  2. Beautiful picture made me cry since I lost my mom this week too she was
    the same age………

  3. this is a very beautiful photo but your words, has transformed this in the more beautiful and melting image that i have seen

  4. She kinda looks like Bette Davis a classic nice remembrance sad to see that generation going allot of history in that photo

  5. very soulful image, she looks so full of happiness for you – can see it in her eyes! May she rest in peace, and she is proud of you, her loving son.

  6. Very moving picture.

    I too love my X10 despite being a happy M9 and Nex 5n owner, a fixed lens usable zoomed indoors is a rare trait. I wish you the very best and hard life or not, your mother was a very beautiful woman till the end.

  7. Lovely picture, but given the emotional subject-matter I think Steve you should have corrected the typos…

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