Capturing Morocco with a Contax G2 and some film by Jens Franke

Capturing Morocco with a Contax G2 and some film

by Jens Franke – Website Here

Hi Steve,

I really love the stories on your site! I’m a german based Designer and an avid photographer and I wanted to share my impressions of my last photo-journey to morocco with you!

Morocco – the strangest country which is so close to us. The cold country with hot sun, stone-old culture and probably the most open-hearted people you can imagine. During my preparations i was researching a little bit to get first visual impressions and inspirations for my trip. Everything i found there was suggesting me that the South of morocco must be an austere and dusty country with just a few people living there on the country side. In the main cities you could get the feeling that some people are just pleasant when you intend to buy something for the doubled price … It’s not! Behind the curtain you will be convinced of the contrary! You’ll find benevolence, friendship and real warmth beyond wealth and poverty!

In my pictures I wanted to capture a glimpse of the southern Moroccan spirit close to the western Saharan border. But a lot more I wanted to capture the people in their natural environment – Moroccos inhabitants are the real points of interest of the country!

The following pictures are made with my Contax G2 loaded with Fuji Velvia 50 and Portra 400vc mostly using a 45mm Planar. I’m looking forward to hear what you’re thinking about my photographs!

Thanks and Greets from Stuttgart, Jens

 If you want to share YOUR experiences with gear, travel or just photography in general and have it posted here for tens of thousands to see every day then e-mail me here and let me know what you have in mind! – Steve


  1. Hi Jens,
    fantastic shots, love that contax sharp focus range is unmistakable. I am heading to Morrocco myself in a few weeks and im wondering if you know what its like buying my film once in the country and/or getting film processed? I dont want to have to take 15 rolls with me through the airports!
    Cheers Nathan

  2. Found a G2 a few years ago and finding out it takes sometime to get use to shooting a rangefinder camera. Good to see photographers still shooting film and your photos are great and fun to view.

  3. I also have a G2 and 3 G lenses but mostly unused since I switched to digital a few years back. Love to see people still shoot films. It’s time to load a few rolls to get back that beautiful film look as Jen’s photos.

  4. Some really nice shots there! I regret with all my heart selling all my Contax G gear a year or so back. The worse thing is that prices seem to be on the rise again at the moment so it will probably cost me a whole lot more to buy it all back again. I say expensive, but £200 for a Zeiss 45mm sure beats paying £1200 for the Summicron 50mm I’ve been eyeing up! Those Zeiss babies are awesome and every bit as good as Leica glass in their own Zeiss 3D pop way.

    IMHO one of the greatest camera systems ever made so long as you LEARN how to use it properly. Yes the viewfinder is small, yes it is auto focus but learn how to focus properly and I defy anyone not to love it.

    • Hi,

      i used a Nikon Super Coolscan 9000 ED for some images but i really was satisfied by the results og the processing and scanning service from “Farbglanz”

      Cheers, Jens

  5. Glorious set of photos. Really capture the mood and essence of the place. The 45 and film stock really add to the magic. How did you find scanning? So happy to see a fellow G user using this brilliant cam. More please!

  6. Thank you for the pics. it makes me wanna go back home.
    thank you for the good words. finally somebody said it right. we have been called so many names and nobody got it right, cause they didn’t get to see the real morocco.
    But one thing I don’t agree with you on this article, there’s no such thing as western sahara. it’s all morocco 🙂

    • Thank you for your comment and the correction! I definitely will return in summer! Regarding the WS–Thing i just wanted to give a geographical localization where the photographs are taken.

      Cheers, Jens

  7. Great photos. I really love the sunset shot.

    I also had a Contax. Was stolen but am thinking of getting another. I still have the lenses. The 21 is, hands down, the best wide-angle I’ve ever used. Sharpness, contrast, and straight- corner to corner. I still have it and would like to find a way to shoot with it on something else, but I think using it with a crop is really missing the point of what the lens has to offer.

      • Thanks for the encouragement. You’ll be comforted to know that I almost exclusively shoot film, just not with a Contax. I guess what holds me back is the thought that I already have more than enough cameras. I always think I could sell the Contax glass and buy another Leica lens or a MF rangefinder. OTOH, the 21, 45, & 90 were just about perfect for me.

        ….Maybe if I come across a deal on one.

    • My sympathie! That must have been a black day for you! Thanks for your comment, the sunset in Sidi Ifni is gorgeous! I hope you’ll find replacement for your G …

      Cheers, Jens

  8. The Contax G2 was my main camera for 5 years before I went digital. I had all of the prime lenses except for the 16mm. I gave it up mainly because I could no longer bear the tedium of scanning hundreds of slides and then having to deal with dust spots. Nevertheless, the G2 remains my all-time favorite camera in terms of simplicity and usability. Had Kyocera produced a digital version comparable to an M8 or M9, there is no doubt that I would be using it today. I curse the day that they killed off the line.

    BTW, I like your photos of Morocco.

    • Thanks a lot Alan,

      a contemporary version of the G2 would be awesome in terms of productivity and efficiency but you’ll save much time in the post process because most of the time the film is doing all the work automatically. (Happened in my case …)

      Greets, Jens

  9. Thanks for sharing your story with some wonderful pictures!!

    I was wondering if you have done any post processing to the images or if Fuji Velvia 50 just has these delicious color naturally?

  10. Fabulous images – really captured the sense of rural Morocco. As a regular visitor over the last few years I can agree that Morocco is warm in both it’s weather and it’s welcome to visitors.

    Relaxed and easygoing, but always full of fun, seems to be part of the Maroc culture. Makes for some great portraits and views of everyday activity.

    Glad to see Jens points out that Moroccans are happy to chat and talk anytime – not simply full of stereotypical hustlers looking to sell tourist trinkets.

    I’d recommend a visit to anyone. For us Europeans it’s a slice of the exotic on our doorstep …

  11. Thanks for sharing the photos! I’ve been eyeing a Contax G2 myself! I think this might tip me over the edge!

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