Join Us on The 1st Annual Photo Cruise! “The Cruise 2012”

UPDATE! If you want to join us you MUST book by July 1st! This mean payment is due by JULY 1st! After that we I can no longer accept ANY bookings!

“THE CRUISE” 2012 – The 1st annual Photo Cruise. We will be touring the east coast for a full week in September 2012 on an East Coast cruise! You can sign up NOW if you want to join us on this incredible photo adventure!



WooHoo! With the help of my good friend and fellow photo nut, Todd Hatakeyama, we have just set up an “East Coast photo cruise” for a Departure date of September 15th 2012.

This cruise will be AMAZING and I am dubbing it “The Cruise 2012”. Next year will be “The Cruise 2013” and so on. Let me explain…

Imagine going on a luxurious cruise with a bunch of other passionate photographers (spouses are welcome at a reduced rate). Hanging out, shooting, gear talk, processing, and all of the fun of a cruise for a whole week! The cool part is those who join us on this cruise will be in for an amazingly good time as we enjoy food, drink, fun, photography, some amazing sights AND we will be enjoying this for an entire week, 24/7 from September 15th through September 22nd 2012.

How cool is this? When I hold my workshops we have so many people who come together. Many bond instantly and even make lifelong friends. All of that usually happens over a two-day weekend! This time we will be together on a Princess cruise ship spending the days hanging out, shooting and discussing gear and technique. Friends, Memories, Learning, and a GREAT time!

Since we will be on the seas for a week there will be plenty of time for all who attend to have one on one time with me shooting and to discuss technique, shooting style and more. This is not so much a “workshop” but those who attend will be gathering with other like-minded people and myself for some amazing shooting across the east coast! We will be departing from New York on September 15th 2012 and it is so cool to hang with like minded people and doing so on a beautiful cruise is so much better than hanging in a classroom!

From New York to Canada to Maine and Rhode Island. Each stop will take up to someplace new to see, shoot and enjoy. Now of course I realize that many of use have spouses/girlfriends and we certainly can not and would not leave them out! Bring a guest and save money as it doesn’t cost much to add someone to your cabin! 

So yes, can also bring your wife/husband or girlfriend/boyfriend or guest at a significantly reduced rate. The schedule of this cruise is posted above in the photo but it would depart September 15th and return on September 22nd. We would be stopping off almost daily to shoot and explore with only one full day at sea, which would be Sunday September 16th.

SIGN UP QUICK IF YOU WANT TO JOIN US ON THIS 1st ANNUAL CRUISE! All food is included in the price for the entire week!


Dining and food is all included. Tipping is not. Booze is not free. Soda is not free. Coffee and Tea is free, maybe Juice. So basically..almost, this is an all-inclusive trip with the cruise, your room and food all included in the cost. The total cost for participants ranges from  $1550 to $2100 (depending on the room you want) for the entire one week all-inclusive trip. There are also premium restaurants on board if you do not want the free dinners. Up to you.

If you want to bring a spouse or girlfriend or guest then the cost for them would be significantly reduced!

This is a great price for what will be a wonderful trip. It appears I can only get about 15 cabins total so this means I can only sell 15 tickets unless I can get more. Basically, this means that this should sell out quickly so if you want in, act fast. Your guest will get the reduced rate but they are welcome to come shoot with us and hang with the group at any time!

See the schedule below!

This trip will produce some amazing photos, great memories and new friends. What more can we ask for?

$$$ Pricing and Availability $$$

Prices start at $1700 and go up to $2700 for SINGLE and $2250 to $3500 for TWO depending on room selected. meaning if you want a basic interior room for two without a view then the cost would be $2250 TOTAL. If you want a deluxe balcony room for two the cost would be $3500. It is cheaper to bring someone with 🙂

The room selection and pricing is as follows, make your choice! Prices shown below are the TOTAL cost to me for the entire cruise, food, room and all shooting time! No other costs to you besides tipping on the ship, which is all up to you. 

Basic Interior Room – $1700 TOTAL  for SINGLE – I have 5 of these available.  (cost for spouse would be $550 extra so $2250 for TWO)- 3 of these are still available! 2 are on hold awaiting payment.

Obstructed Ocean View Room (Life raft may be in front of your window) – $2000 TOTAL for SINGLE occupancy – I have 4 of these available (cost for spouse would be $600 extra so $2600 for TWO) – 3 still available!

Ocean View Room  – $2400 TOTAL for SINGLE – Only have 2 of these available in this group! (cost for spouse would be $800 extra so $3200 for TWO) – Both of these are sold out, awaiting payment but can get more if you really want this room!

Balcony Room – $2700 TOTAL for SINGLE and I have 5 available! (cost for spouse would be $800 so $3500 total for TWO) – Still have 4 of these left, one is on hold awaiting payment!

Also, if you want to purchase insurance in the case of a cancelation where you would get a partial refund, that is an option as well. Without it there are no refunds. Only a deposit is due now with balance du by June 1st.

REMEMBER! We will be at sea for ONE WEEK and will be stopping and shooting in Halifax Nova Scotia, Saint John New Brunswick, Bar Harbor Maine, Boston Mass, Newport Rhode Island, and of course we leave from and arrive back to New York. You are responsible for getting yourself to New York. Flights are NOT included! But this is an all inclusive week on a cruise ship and will be amazingly fun!

If you want to sign up for the 1st ever cruise then E-MAIL me HERE to book your cruise! I can not wait for this one and am crazy excited! By then some of us should have the new Leica gear 🙂


Remember this is a week-long, all-inclusive cruise that will include all food, some drinks (coffee, tea, maybe Juice), shooting at all stops, one on one time with me and just having fun hanging out with others who are passionate about photography.

This is the 1st one ever, the one NOT to miss. The emphasis will be on hanging out, having fun, shooting and even relaxing 🙂 If you have never been on a cruise, they are a BLAST. Hope to see you on board!




  1. Great that it’s going to be every year! I’ve never been to the USA but I’m planning to in 2013 or 2014. I’d be very interested to combine my trip to the USA with this cruise.

  2. Wish I could go, but why don´t you plan the next cruise in Norway with !!!
    Great photo opportunities – midnight sun during summer and northern light during winter.
    But book early coz it´s very popular 🙂

  3. I live near bar harbor and will be living in Boston during the cruise. Might have to see about catching the group or possibly getting in on the cruise. Pending what I’m looking at for a job in Boston!

  4. Too far and too busy to take part, but it sounds great. Looking forward to read here about the trip and see what you guys managed to shoot. Have fun!

  5. Won’t be able to make the trip this year, but perhaps I’ll be in Bar Harbor at 7am when you arrive! It’s only about 4 hours north. Maybe next year I’ll get on board!

  6. Hey Steve,

    You should consider to do a Meeting in Europe! I think a lot of people would be very happy 😉

    Best regards!

  7. Seems it’s going to be fun, affordable and unique and good friends.
    But I have these dates scheduled for Germany next year hope to have something similar.

  8. Looks interesting, I am sure it will be a fun trip for anyone that goes! I have a little question with the prices, before I decide to book:

    I know that the actual cruise cost for interior room is $799 per person (before group discount). There are of course taxes/fees, but they probably are cancelled out by the group discount. Now I completely understand the markup for the person participating in the workshops. Your knowledge and experience is worth something of course!
    But I am wondering why the spouse would need to pay more than the cost of the cruise? I know my spouse would have ZERO interest in attending any photo related activities. So I wouldn’t be receiving any more value for her versus just booking the cruise normally. So if our spouse is not going to participate, do we still need to pay the inflated rate, or can we opt to disallow them from participating, and pay the normal cost?

    • Actually you are quite wrong on the prices. Even with a group discount I am paying well over $1000 for an interior cabin room. Not sure what you are seeing or how, but the group rate I have been quoted is well over $1000. What I am charging for a spouse is just under what I have to pay.

      • I disagree – the prices are WAY high for that itinerary.

        NCL has Norwegian Dawn doing Boston-to-Quebec City 7-day starting at $789 for insides…
        RCCL has Jewel of the seas doing 7-day from Boston starting at $799 for insides…

        Earlier bookings would’ve gotten insides down into the mid $500’s, so yeah, $1450 is high.
        That’s a balcony on either the NCL or RCCL intinerary.

        These figures are easily verifiable currently on and

        And that’s just a quick peek, at their websites, retail, before any group rates/discounts.

  9. Boston resident here. Is there a possibility of joining the group for one day?

    September is the best time to visit New England. The weather is usually warm and dry, but don’t expect foliage (you might get an advance preview in Saint John). A good itinerary would start in Haymarket and the North End. Continue walking to Beacon Hill, then take the Red Line to Harvard Square for some of the best people watching. To be back by 4, I would probably take a taxi back to the ship.

    • Ya, I’m also in the MA / RI area.. would love to meet up with you for the day in New Port or Boston..

  10. Boston, nice. Great time to go. I will see if I spot some Leica users on that day in the city. Let me know if you need some recommendations. D!RK

    PS What is next. The Photo Spaceflight? 😉

  11. Maybe I will get some shots of your ship arriving in Halifax if my Oly E-M5 ever gets here. I’m in the local Navy band and we often play for ship arrivals, but alas only for Navy ships.

  12. Too bad i have bookdd my trip to NY with friends in okctober, so this oppertunity sails away for me!
    Maybe some other moment i can do this trip as i love the scenery and talking with fellow photgraphers is always fun!

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