1. Calling the OM-D the best Micro Four Turds camera to date is like me calling that Colombian woman I was with last night the most virtuous whore I have ever been with. Seriously it a m4/3rds camera so therefore it be crap for real photographers. It’s perfect for the fauxtographers out there though, you know the type. The kind that go to Best Buy buy a camera and suddenly think they are Ricahrd Avedon. Please review real cameras Steve.

    • Why bother with a post like that? In all cases, the tool is only as good as the craftsman. m4/3 are capable of astounding photographs, as are any camera in capable hands. If photographers are enthusiastic about them, then let Steve review them and be happy that other folks have found a tool that enables them to make the photographs they want, whatever their ability.

      Or, put your money where your mouth is and write a good guest column n the virtues of the photographic tools you find most useful. Feature your work heavily in it as Lu espouse your phiosophy. Then we will see if your penchant for real cameras has produced an opus of work better than anyone else’s


    • I know he’s just trolling, but these kind of “insightful” comments are usually posted by people who’s skills are entirely in their imagination and bloated ego…

      • Be careful busting on Camerageek; he mentioned a Colombian woman/whore…He might be with the Secret Service and have a gun or three…

  2. Not at all surprised to hear this. M4/3 fans should be quite pleased, I think. I also think it will give Olympus a much-needed shot in the arm at at time when their corporate reputation has been tarnished.

    However, personally I’ll stick with my black OM-2n with the Winder 2 and 55mm f/1.2 lens (with the “radioactive” front element). Picked it up a couple of years back, all essentially new in the box from a vendor in NYC. Little beats the OM-1 and OM-2 viewfinders for size and brightness…and I doubt anything ever will.

    As for digital, I’m not prepared to go smaller than APS-C. Loving my Fuji X100, and with the recent V1.2 firmware update, the manual focus speed is surprisingly fast now (not blazing, but very quick)…though I usually just go to f/8 and zone focus…whenever I have any pretensions of ditching the autofocus. 🙂

  3. There is no end to all the new cameras coming out,remember here comes May and the Leica stuff gees,I have my xpro-1 i`m a happy camper maybe I should go to the gym!!

  4. I’ve heard that in Asia, they throw the battery grip in when you buy the body. Any chance it’ll happen in the states? A lot of us already have a fair collection of M4/3 lenses, and I think that would be the most practical kind of a deal.

  5. That’s it. I’ve had it.
    I’m fed up with all this ‘camera of the week’ stuff. As of now, I’m going on a diet to lose 15 lbs, and start a half an hour of exercise a day. That’s about 6 times the weight of my DSLR, and how many of us can honestly say we wouldn’t be bettered by such a regime? And, relieving your legs and their joints of 15 lbs to carry around, and with the increased upper body strength, you’ll be able to easily tote any camera you want, along with an extra lens! And, you’ll save a ton of money by not buying a camera that, realistically, probably doesn’t take better pictures than the one you have now.
    I’m jogging towards better health, good pictures with a camera I’m used to, and financial freedom.
    Who’ll join me?

    • Considering Olympus have already released a Firmware Update – for a camera that’s barely made it to market …. Harry might be on to something here!

      • Would you rather the software/firmware development team not be so responsive, and sit on their hands instead? Or arbitrarily wait three to six months to release an update? 🙂

        • Funny – when Fuji recently released immediate similar responses for the X100 (to cure very minor issues) Steve’s blog lit up with critics of Fuji’s ‘ineptitude’ ….

          The big issue is: the Oly isn’t even really out in the wild yet, but it had fundamental errors – these basic issues should have been picked up in pre-release testing – doesn’t bode well for factory quality testing or product control processes!

          I won’t even mention the OMD’s ‘…. black paint peeling ….’ issue reported on other sites ….

          • I disagree. Other cameras have had major issues with sensors dying, excessive hot pixels, AF issues needing fixing. Yes, I’m talking about you, Nikon + Canon.

            And there was the M9 debacle with certain types of SD cards.

            No, I welcome the quick firmware update. I wish everyone could do that!
            ie: I have a “high end” Nikon compact that’s had its manual focus function broken since… forever. It’ll never be fixed. Ever. Even though it’s just a firmware distance calibration.

            I don’t remember the X100 thing, but I’m glad Fuji addresses its issues too 🙂 I had a chance to play with one a few times. Beautiful machine, but not enough for me to pull the trigger.

    • Actually, I have been doing this for years. I still use a pair of “vintage” Nikon D2h bodies for both work & personal use. While it would be nice to have the expanded ISO range I have found other ways of making what I have work. And, for me, the attraction of something new has not been enough yet to give the setup I know so well. Only in the digital world are we caught up in the mad dash to catch the dreaded G.A.S. (so eloquently said by Steve himself). In film days, it was less of a thing to give up the bodies you had in hand until autofocus came along and then it became a game of increasing frames per second. Ahhh, I just finished shooting the 4-day Seabreeze Jazz Festival with my pair of D2h’s and will spend the next couple of weeks editing all the shots. That is what it is all about. Enjoying what works for you as an individual. Grab a camera and start shooting!!!!

  6. Arrrrrgh. My pre-ordered black kit is STILL listed as “backordered.”

    Half tempted to go online and order one.

    • Oh. The only one listed as “in stock” is the kit with 14-42 lens.
      Bodies and kits with the new lens are still “pre-order, limited quantities.”

  7. i’m on the phone right now, canceling my Silver body only pre-order and getting the black kit available, i figure the 14-42 lens can be a good kick around lens for my old gf-1

  8. My pre-order shipped from Amazon on Wed, but some weird mix up had them send it 3 day UPS instead of my Prime 2 day so it arrives on Monday! Aghhh gonna be such a long weekend waiting for my baby.

  9. Damn You Steve Huff 😉

    I just placed my order, i figure if it sucks i can sell it while they are in short supply and not lose to much on it, at least that’s what i’m telling my wife haha.


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