UPDATE: The Fuji X100 still rocks!

UPDATE: That X100 still rocks!

NOTE: I have had no less than 30 emails this morning asking what strap I had on the X100. Well, here it is on Amazon! It’s called a “street strap” and it is comfortable, soft and looks amazingly like the A&A silk strap at a much lower cost. It is also longer than the A&A so easily worn around your body. 

Wow. After many months of NOT owning or shooting with a Fuji X100 and then picking one back up again I remember why I fell in love with it in the 1st place. I am now the proud owner of a Black Fuji X100 and after just a couple of days of shooting with it, and the latest firmware, I enjoy it much more than I did back when it was released, and I loved it then too! Now, many of you know I love Leica. I have been labeled a Leica “fanboy” by many and I always said that if really loving a camera system makes me a fanboy then so be it! I simply love the Leica M9 and consider it one of those rare digital cameras that will go down in history as a classic. The words “Digital” and “Classic” are indeed rare and a couple of other cameras I can think of that are now digital classics in my book are the Leica Digilux 2 and even the old original Olympus E1.

The Fuji X100 at f/2 – With some basic adjustments in the RAW processing. This little camera is impressive. Click it for larger.

So while I love and adore Leica cameras, what they stand for (or maybe what they used to stand for) and their quality, the fact is that I am also open to other camera systems. Always have been. The only problem is that there has not been much that could sway me from Leica until just recently. When I say “sway me from Leica” I do not mean I would stop shooting Leica, I just mean that there has not been any other camera that would make me set the Leica down more often than not. While there are cameras that out spec Leica cameras by far, say what you will, Leica does indeed have a quality and charm that is unique to them. Some see it clearly and some do not but when you work with digital files daily from almost every digital camera your eyes sort of become “trained” to spot the differences. With Leica there is a smooth sharpness and color that other cameras haven’t really matched. But I feel it is in the lenses they make much more so than the bodies.

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For example, the Leica X2 is really good in the IQ department but I think it is mainly due to the 24 Elmarit lens Leica have created for it. So yes, the X2 is fantastic in the IQ department, especially when it comes to shooting PEOPLE. But the X2 is lacking in other areas like overall speed, crappy LCD, no built-in EVF, etc. The fact that it is $2000 in todays competitive market means it may be a tough sell for Leica, especially when the X100 is still $1199 and in some cases, a bit less. But one thing to remember and ask yourself is that would you expect Leica to sell the X2, a made in Germany REAL Leica for less than that? No, not really. That would not be so “Leica Like” of them now would it?

So with the cost of the X1 and X2, many have went to the X100 from Fuji, which when launched promised to be “the professionals choice’. It was hyped and hyped and hyped even more and when it was shipped many were frustrated with the laggy menu system, the slow AF and buggy performance. I still really loved the X100 because the output was beautiful, though different than the X1 I had at the time. Eventually I sold the X100 and X1 because they were just too slow for real use. I became frustrated with missing shots, much like I did with the new X-Pro 1 and when that happens, it is time to say goodbye.

So fast forward to  now, June 2012. Fuji have been releasing firmware updates to the X100 to improve its speed, functionality and overall snappiness. Everyone was telling me how great it was so I caved and as I stated at the beginning of this article, I now own one in black. Bottom Line? With the new firmware it is like a new camera, and the black? Gorgeous. So after a day of shooting at the park with the X100, X2 and OM-D I can safely say that the X100 still rocks 🙂

X100 – f/2.8  – this is one of those cameras that give out a really nice vibe

Decisions Decisions…

Over the past few days I have had many emailing me and asking what camera is better…The Fuji X100 or the Leica X2. Well, there really is no clear answer as BOTH are really good in regards to output and quality. Which camera someone buys for their use all depends on personal preference. Which camera speaks to you the most? When you look at them, hold them or try them...which one talks to your heart? That is how you have to look at it and in the end, no matter what you choose, these days ALL cameras are really good. A new camera will not improve your skills of course but one that you can bond with and feel good about shooting will help MOTIVATE you and unlock that passion you have for it. That may be the Leica, that may be the Fuji. It may be a Canon or Nikon or Sony. Only YOU can figure it out as everyone is different.

I have to say that I have enjoyed shooting the Leica X2 but The X100 is really fantastic.

This one does have some PP – I did add some grain as well as crop – again, that Fuji flare is there

The shots you have seen here so far have all been taken with the Fuji X100 in RAW, and converted using ACR. I often get asked what PP I do to photos like these and I always say NONE..sometimes. All I do is adjust sliders in the raw processing to add contrast or lower contrast. To saturate or desaturate. To add black level or take it out. I then add some sharpening and the image that pops out is what you see here. I found the X100 files to be pretty robust and with good color, sharpness and decent DR.

But… I found the OM-D to have even better Dynamic Range than the Fuji in real world use. Take a look at the two images below:

The X100 file..this one I did do some PP on as I used the burn tool to try to calm down the blown highlight on her foot as I couldn’t get the detail back in the RAW file. Still, looks good. 

and now the OM-D file. Seems to have better DR as I had no issue with blown highlights with ANY shots I took with the Olympus yet the X100 had some and the X2 had the most. 

That damn OM-D is quickly becoming “the” camera of 2012. Pair it with one of the great lenses available (12, 25, or 45 but my fave is now the 25 1.4) and you will have a really great powerhouse DSLR quality camera, even for low light/high ISO. Even so, the Fuji and even Leica do offer a more “analogue” look.

Thank you Fuji, for the continued support and updating of the X100.

Instead of rushing out a new X200 already or even an X100.2 Fuji released firmware updates to this camera that improved on it each time, which shows me  they are great at listening to their customers. I wanted to thank Fuji for this as it has brought this camera back to my bag after giving up on it for being a bit clunky and frustrating. The X100 is still not a perfect camera but none really are (though I have yet to find a negative with the OM-D). It is a much different camera than the Olympus OM-D and for me, I am glad to own both. The Fuji for the times I want that Fuji look and a nice fast 35mm lens and the Oly for when I want speed, responsiveness, video or versatility in focal length.

Of course there is still the Leica M9 that comes out when I get serious 🙂

But the X100 is good for color, B&W conversions and every day photography. It is sharp as I will ever need an image to be.

The big question. The X100 or the new X2?

Again, as I have stated above this is all about personal preference. Is the X2 just as capable as the X100? Yes, of course BUT it is different. Different color signature, different in handling and use and well, no video and no hard to see in the sun LCD. It doesn’t have a VF built in and the one you can buy make the camera bulky and odd-looking. It also seems to be prone to the teeniest but of hand shake as many of the shots I snapped with the X2 of Shea (the girl in these photos) had some sort of blur or they were not sharp if the shutter speed was lower than 1/100th. I was able to get sharp images with the X100 and OM-D in the same light where the X2 was giving me unsharp images in some situations. For me, it was a joy to shoot the X100 and OM-D and the X2 was a tad slower and odd without using the EVF. It was also tough to frame in the sunlight without a VF. Other than that the IQ is stunning when you nail it and colors may be the best from the X2 which is no surprise as I preferred the X1 colors to the X100 as well. 

Overall The X100 has a more “smooth” laid back kind of feel and the X2 has a more crisp brilliant feel but with that said, I managed more keepers with the X100 this weekend.

If you are into the whole Zen like X2 vibe, it would be the one for you. I like the X2 and wish I could afford to have one around in addition to the X100 but sadly this is not the case. For me, I found the X100 to be the better buy due to the cost and capabilities but I do really see a different look with the Leica in the X2 files. Like I said in my X2 review, as long as you know what you are getting when you buy it and do not mind the cost then the X2 is great. You can clearly see the difference in the X2 look below and the flare in the X100 🙂

One from theX100 and the  X2 – each looks different and the X100 flare is actually beautiful in some situations. Both at f/2.8.

So yes, even today, a year after it was released..I can recommend the X100. 

The X100 is better today than it was a year ago when Fuji released it. That 1st version of the firmware at release was AWFUL. The menus were choppy, the AF slow and the AF missed quite a bit as well, especially with the OVF. Today 95% of the X100’s quirks have been solved with easy to implement firmware updates. So if you still have an X100 go out and shoot it. If you have been deciding on a small camera/large sensor camera to buy and have been waiting for these new released like the OM-D and X2 then I can say ANY of them are more than capable of delivering results that are better than mostly all of us can achieve.

The Leica, The Fuji and the Olympus are all image quality monsters. Go with your heart 🙂

A few more random shots with the X100…

ISO 3200 – X100 – f/2

and yours truly at iso 200 in the mirror 🙂


  1. thanks you for the review. Can you please name the half-case you’re using in this review?

  2. X 100 and X1 / X2 render the colors differently, In my eyes they simulate Fuji’s and Kodak’s colors on film’s era long ago, wish I could have them both..

  3. Steve,

    1st off, great work. I enjoy your articles. I have a 17 month old and I’m looking to get a good camera to capture moments as he grows, and family gatherings. I’ve pretty much narrowed it down to an E-PM2 with 17mm f1.8, a Canon T3i with kit lens and 28mm f1.8, or the Fuji X100. I can only spend around $900, and all the options I listed cost around $900.

    Which one is best for what I’m looking to do? I like the E-PM2 because of the quick auto focus and small size. I like the T3i because of the versatility and comfortable ergonomics. But I am leaning hard towards the x100 because of the image quality, portability, and controls. Thing is…… I’m worried about all the talk of bad auto focus even with the latest firmware. I want to be able to get good pics of the kid. I have watched youtube videos till’ I’m dizzy. I’m having the hardest time deciding and I don’t want to buy one of these cameras and have to return it because I made the wrong choice.

    Hopefully you can help. Thanks in advance.

  4. For some reason I’ve had a hard time learning how to use this camera and i dont know why. I’m so happy I found you here! You make it very simple for me to understand!

  5. I just got a Fuji x100 and I would say I am still a beginner when it comes to photography. All my photos are so blurry unless I am completely still and there is a lot of sun light. Also even when someone moves an inch or blinks the pictures are still blurry…. Is there anyway to fix this ?! Need help!!

  6. Steve
    If you were to choose between the X100 now and the much reduced Nikon V1 as a small camera backup to my D700 which would you choose and why?

    • Ha! I have the exact same dilemma. I had a refurb V1 2 lens kit ordered and then cancelled/returned it and am looking for a deal on a used X100. In the end for me, I didn’t really want to get into another camera system and I couldn’t resist the lure of the X100. It’s the one point and shoot camera I think has the closest DSLR image quality on the market– until the RX1 comes out. If I need reach or faster focus, I’ll use my D700 and various lenses.

      I’ll probably eventually get a cheap J1 or V1 if Nikon decides to enable AF-C focusing in the FT-1 adapter.

      • The main reason to get an X100 is for its unique “almost-film-like” look. If you don’t see the difference between the pure digital and the film (or film-like) looks then you can easily go with any of the “pure-digital” cameras like Nikon 1, RX1, or pretty much anything else on the market. Personally, I can’t stand that pure-digital look.

        • Ill be doing a face to face head to head against the RX1. Should be interesting to see this “pure-digital” look you speak of in the RX1 files vs the Fuji. 🙂

  7. The black one is so sexy and much more preferable. Hope the X200 is black by default. By the time I’m done saving for the 100 it might be out!

  8. Fujifilm Sweden confirmed to me that there are no further updates planed for the X100. If that means that a X200 is coming, well that I don’t know, but it sure doesn’t fit well with me. Lets hope the re-evaluate the need and perhaps gives us a little optimized update or something.

    • Yes, I still have that issue with the X100 as do others who use macs. Crazy how Fuji can not fix this as it is the only digital camera that has this issue.

      • I just use that app to eject, and it removes hidden files during eject, so camera launches fast after all. Hope they will fix it soon.

  9. JB says: “Thanks for the review–I’m edging ever closer to buying an X100. I love the strap as well, but am worried about it not being adjustable. I’m 5’7″–would it suit me?”

    What the hell?!! You think Steve is a tailor for God’s sake? These are the kind of questions that must make him consider suicide at times.Here’s an idea ..do some f*cking research on your own.I am guessing the company has a website with the fitment info…I know you would love to see no more posts from me, but I can’t let this and other teat sucking posts go without comment.

  10. As a complimentary P&S camera to my DSLR, I have owned a D-Lux4 and D-Lux5. But when I saw the IQ on the X1 a couple years ago, I sacrificed zoom and macro capability and made the upgrade. The images from the X1 have been fantastic and while I miss the functionality of a D-Lux5 (or Fuji X10), I couldn’t go back because I’m a freak about getting the best IQ. The biggest let downs on the X1 have been the fixed focal length lens, autofocus speed, and screen resolution. Yet over time, I have still loved the images from the X1 and have grown to live with these quirks. It’s been the come back to camera when I don’t want to carry the DSLR. Based upon reviews of the X2, I was initially hesitant to upgrade. But with the improved autofocus as the major factor, I splurged for the upgrade and my X1 is now for sale. For this limited time, I have had the opportunity to sit with both an X1 and X2 and really see the changes. While some may call them minor, the X2 autofocus is noticeably faster on the X2 and that makes a world of difference to a former X1 user. The other real perks are the tighter control dials, the elimination of the need for selecting AF-macro (seemed ridiculous on X1 given limited macro capability), and the wickedly cool flash (even though I’m not generally a flash user). WRT the screen, I know everyone is bashing the lack of an upgrade to the screen resolution and while I totally get that and somewhat share the opinion, I must say the X2 screen resolution appears slightly crisper, for whatever technical reason. It’s not what it should be, but it seems much better than X1 in my side by side comparisons. I have not experienced the blurred X2 images at less than 1/100th that have been mentioned. For X1 users looking to upgrade, if you use a Thumbs Up grip, it fits on the X2, but it won’t work with the EVF because of how the EVF connects below the hot shoe. I have not been a Fuji owner to compare, but I was put off by the more complicated menus and gadgety feel of both the X100 and X10. Finally, while they are also great cameras, both the Fuji X100 and X10 lack a pocketable size that I was looking for in a P&S alternative to a DSLR. So I’m now enjoying an ever compact X2 and the fantastic images that it produces. As with all cameras, it has its limitations. But for personal reasons/preferences, I prefer these limitations and hope that Leica will improve upon the camera with subsequent upgrades, as it just did with the X1 to X2 transition. Just wish they could have provided more of a bang to make it feel worth the cost (? why no video). My other wishes may be limited by the physics, but if they could add a zoom and macro capability in their next version, it would be the hands down ultimate camera. That may not be physically possible without interchangeable lenses. And for the way I use this camera, I don’t really want that in what I consider a portable camera. I agree with Steve, they are all putting out great cameras. And now it’s really becoming about tailoring the characteristics of a specific camera to meet your needs and style.

  11. Ming disagrees with Huff on the blurr issue when shooting the X2:

    “New comment on Ming Thein | Photographer

    Ming Thein commented on Exclusive premiere: The full Leica X2 review.

    in response:

    Steve Huff liked the X1. He reports that the X2 was giving him blurry pictures unless he went to 1/100s. His few X2 pictures do look blurry. His X1 pictures were great. Did he develop shaky hands? Does the X2 have a problem with the shutter?

    No issues in my experience, I had clear images down to 1/30s and I don’t have particularly steady hands. Perhaps it’s user error.”

    • User error when using a tripod? Don’t think so. Maybe Leica sent me a faulty X2? Maybe the firmware loaded on this one is “prototype” like the MM they sent me? I wouldn’t know as I have had no communication from Leica (as in, they have told me nothing). The fact is, when doing side by side with other cameras this X2 in my possession is not as sharp as the other contenders or the X1. It is still very sharp, just not as sharp. Other cameras have pulled ahead of the X2 in this department, according to my tests with the camera I have. Does it mean the X2 is bad? No, it is highly capable of taking beautiful photos and the color beats the X100, as the X1 did. I enjoy the X2 and wish I could buy one because it has a lure about it. Is it the red dot? No, it is the signature of the images which are beautiful when they are “right”.

      I was reporting on my findings of the X2 and while shooting it side by side with the X100, E-M5 and even D800 none of the other cameras gave me any issues under 1/100th, only the X2. Was an observation that I reported on instead of hid. 🙂 Thanks

      • You are blowing my mind. So the X2 is not as sharp as the X1…well your X2 photo is very blurry. Compared to the others it is simply not in focus. Ming did say that it was not as sharp open but that it sharpened perfectly.

        I had 9 X100’s sold them, several developed sticky syndrome the buyers were very distraut. Fuji would not cover warranty except to original sellers. X100 could not focus well at all for me and my husband. Would focus on the background ignoring the subject. As you pointed out the X100 introduced distortion, not as good colors, no 3D effect.

        Happy with OMD but it is not in the same league.

        Back to the X1?!

        • With respect, Betty, I don’t understand your point about the X2.

          Steve says his X2 was not as sharp as the other cameras, under 1/100. You agree that his X2 photo was “very blurry.” Steve is just reporting what he, and you, saw. So how is he “blowing your mind?”

          I’m guessing he got a pre-production camera with a focussing problem, and he reported that accurately. Probably a different example would be better.

          • Sharpness is not everything, I’d rather have realism.

            Cannot see an improvement with the X2, to me the X100 is the same if not better at almost half the cost?

  12. Man that X2 image shot into the sun with blondie (sexy model Steve) is just so rich. You can tell immediately it’s the Leica lens signature. You should upload this image into your X2 review.

    I will say though, the flare/smoky image produced by the X100 is very film-like.

  13. Steve does the latest firmware solve they problem of having to re-format the memory card each time you read pictures off it in your computer?

    • No but this will not happen if you use lightroom, only if you read images off of the card like I often do using bridge and photoshop (use these as I do not save all images I take for reviews).

      • That’s weird. I use Bridge (on a Mac) to get the files off the card, and I’ve never had that problem.

        Maybe you’re not saying the magic word correctly.

  14. Well Steve after checking out your blog and photos, along with many others for months, I finally went for it and bought an X100. When I saw it arrived today in the post I felt like a kid on Christmas morning! Charging it up right now and anxious to get to shooting.

    Great post but stop showing me things to buy! That strap looks great and I added it to my wishlist. 🙂

    Thanks for the quality posts and inspiration man!

  15. After trying to decide between the X2, X100, and OMD for the last few weeks, and taking in everything I can into consideration, it’s the black X100 for me. Thank you for your thorough reviews and comps.

    Side note, any idea if you link to any shops with it in stock that don’t charge NY sales tax? I’d like to help you with the click but I’m not paying an additional $150 for tax if I can avoid it. Thanks.

      • Thanks. Unfortunately they charge NY tax. I’ll check your other links this weekend to see if I can work it out. Plus I’d rather support a camera shop than Amazon, but that’s another discussion. Thanks again and have a great day.

  16. What’s the make of the half case for the X100 shown on the picture? Could you post more pictures of it? Thanks!

    • thats the factory half case…only if you get a black one can you have it 😉

  17. What’s the make about the half case for the X100 shown on the picture? Could you post more pictures of it? Thanks!

  18. Thanks for the review–I’m edging ever closer to buying an X100. I love the strap as well, but am worried about it not being adjustable. I’m 5’7″–would it suit me?

  19. Thanks Steve, great review. I love the results I get from the x100 so much that I haven’t used a DSLR in months, it is a cracking little camera.

  20. My take from all these great comparisons:
    For a digital file look get an OMD or NEX.
    For more of an “analogue-ish” file appearance get an X100, Ricoh GXR-M or X1.
    The jury is still out on the X2.

  21. I’m looking at the B&W photo of the woman with the blown highlights in her foot. I see the PP with the Fuji photo and it is a little flat. Even so, the OM-D looks to me like the highlights are still blown in her foot. Just the PP is less. In terms of dynamic range, I was checking out her tank top in both photos. The Fuji looks as if it has a wider dynamic range in her shirt while the OM-D looks flatter.

  22. Hey,

    I own the X100 since the start of this year and I absolutely adore it for its image quality and analogue feel but the AF can be painful sometimes. Im still not too sure whats the best method for focusing is. I currently use the AF box to select where I want to focus but can be a bit cumbersome to change the box every time my composition changes. So what AF setting do you use? (im on 1.30 fyi)

    • Hey John, sorry I don’t know what Steve uses but the best results I get for me are to either a) Use S-AF with the smallest AF area possible (press the AF button on the left and then use the springy command dial thing to adjust size), using single shot AF and recompose. or b) put camera into MF and use the AEL/AFL button for focus, then recompose. In either mode (now) you can press in the command dial to check the focus pretty quickly and if you use that toggle to zoom in I often find it still achieves more accurate focus with either of these AF methods. Also it is useful as a quick way to check focus when using OVF.

      Your post reminds me that I should really see how improved multi-area focus works nowadays…

  23. What a motivation the increase for shooting – the lady above here – she looks great. My guess? Your new lady friend. She is worth the best lenses available. Go for it!
    I’ve not decided which camera to buy and stick to my ‘point & shoot’, Richo GR IV.
    Still dreaming of my stolen, in Italy, Leica M4 and lenses. Like loosing a brother.
    Must add, the feeling of holding the M9 is not up to the M4. The M9 feels heavier/thicker if I can say so?

    • Hey Stig, no this girl was just a model who allowed me to photograph her for these tests. As for the M9/M4, yes the M9 is thicker and even the M6 feels better. Much better.

  24. So Steve, ep3 with 20mm, or x100? which would be your choice?

    it’s quite difficult to find an x100 here so I’ll need you to make an assumption.
    lets say AF speed for ep3 is rated at 10, what’s x100 AF speed rated at? would it be an 8?

    I find x100 picture more 3D than ep3. any way to boost the 3D-ness of the picture from ep3?

    • Well, between those two…thats a tough one. The X100 will give you better IQ but the E-P3 will be faster. About the same size (close) and the 20 is great but you won’t get they look of the Fuji. ISO is much better on the X100 as well.

  25. Just wondering – for those of you who own both an x100 and an EM5, on what occasions do you choose the x100 and leave the EM5 at home? Or do you go shooting with both? And if you’ve got both in your bag, when would you choose the x100 over the EM5?

    Also, if one of the manufactures comes up with a very good 35mm equivalent prime, would you still keep the X100?

    • Well. Originally, X100 for street shooting (mostly), landscape, family get togethers, interior “environmental” portraits where the lens speed counts. OMD for everything else, including, of course, anything that requires different focal length lenses.

      However, I’m finding that I carry along the OMD more and more now, since it can do all of the Fuji things just as well, and isn’t any bigger. The silent feature in the X100 is a plus, but the OMD is very quiet.

      The Fuji lens is better if you’re pixel-peeping, but in an 11×14 print viewed at normal distances, there’s not much difference. The Olympus 17mm is probably the only one where a difference is just visible in 11x14s, but it’s really not all that horrible. Sharpness isn’t the only thing that counts.

      OMD for anything that requires very high ISOs. I’ve used up to ISO 8000 for family shots like indoor graduation ceremonies with longish lenses. Color is fine, no bands or blotchiness, reasonable noise for the intended purpose, which is typically posting on internet sites, or up to 5×7 prints. Not sure I’d use 8000 for my “art”, though. But maybe; haven’t tried it.

      Hadn’t thought about your last question before. Sadly, I think if there was a really good 17mm f2.0 for the Olympus, the Fuji might become redundant. I wouldn’t WANT to sell it, but I might not use it much, except when I was in a rangefinder kind of mood.

  26. It is good to see that the firmware updates have significantly improved the X100’s performance. I prefer the handling and controls of the X Pro 1, and generally prefer a 35mm lens on cameras with 1.5x crop factors, but the black X100 is certainly a more attractive camera, to my eye. (A local dealer has several in stock.) I reckon that beauty is a compelling factor for an artist, so I am still paying attention to articles, reviews, and opinions on the X100.

    Wonderful images! Steve, thanks for sharing!

  27. Beautiful model and photo’s. Very natural and sexy looking. Thanks for all the fine reviews Steve!

    I sold my x100 a few weeks ago and bought a silver OM-D. I fell in love with the 45mm f1.8 on my GF2 and wanted the best body for the lens. Can’t get used to just one fixed focal length on the x100.

    The OM-D is ok, but even the x100 is a year older, I think it has better IQ and ISO performance than the OM-D. I am also not that impressed with the “worlds fastest AF”, there is really not that much difference in speed with the x100 (with last firmware). At least not in my opinion.

    I didn’t regret the purchase of the OM-D, because I knew the M43 sensor can’t beat the Fuji sensor, but I prefer the flexibility of the M43 system. And offcourse the collection of 43 lenses that are available (can’t wait for the 75mm f1.8 :-)).

    The silver x100 is in my opinion the best looking camera on the market right now (if you don’t count in the expensive Leica’s). Really, the “”sexiness”” of the OM-D i think is overrated. Am I the only one who thinks this? The Prism Hump is really ugly designed (especially with the ugly USB cover above the VF). I knew this before my purchase, but again I’ve chosen for the M43 system, the versatility and because of all the reviews saying that this is the best M43 body available till now.

    Talking about esthetics: the telescopic lens on the leica X2 is really realy ugly. For the image of the brand and the price they should do better than that. Why don’t make a metal looking pancake like the fuji or, even cooler,something inspired by those old collapsible Leica lenses…….

    • On my OM-D the AF is at least 2X faster than the X100. It is instantaneous. This is with the 12, 25 and the 45 is the slowest of the three but still faster than any camera I have shot with. My OM-D equaled the D800 I had here in the AF speed dept and on a few occasions beat it. So I had ego strongly disagree with you on the AF speed vs X100. Also, low light high ISO is awesome on the OM-D. Remember to disable ALL NR! Also, shoot raw. ISO 6400 at night is great and VERY usable. It is great on the X100 as well. Also, I never considered the OM-D sexy at all so I agree with you on that. But feature wise, and bang for the buck the OM-D has it. It does have better DR as well as I can easily recover highlights and I can’t do this on the OM-D or Leica X2.

      • Interesting. I’ve got an X100 on order, so I’ll be curious to check out the AF. What method do you use to AF with the X100, Steve?

        • I just use the basic center point as I do with most cameras. I make the center point a bit smaller for better accuracy though.

          • Thanks, Steve. I’ve read that keeping the camera in manual focus mode and using the AFL/AEL button for AF is faster, and using AF-C mode in lowlight conditions is also good. Any experience with that?

          • Ive tried that but it is not my preference. Everyone is different though. I did just try all of these methods a few minutes ago and using MF and the AEL has given me no speed increase to speak of. Using Continuous does speed up the AF in low light, but it is a BARELY noticeable speed increase. It seems to be a bit faster but when I went back to single mode it was just as fast or really close. Up to the shooter to determine how they want to use the camera. Either way works. Thanks.

      • Faster than the D800?! With a manual focus Zeiss lens on the Nikon, yes…

        • Ummm, no with AF lenses on both. There is a reason why Olympus boasts the fastest AF in the world on this camera. It’s damn fast and I was shooting both side by side.

    • I agree with your comments. X100 has much better IQ than the OMD. Still, too digital for me both. I also agree with the X2 telescopic lense. It’s such a cheap solution… Other than M’s, Leicas are horrendous and awkward, not different from so many others.

  28. I sure hope after only “…one year the X100 can still be recommended”…otherwise the industry is just generating a lot of stuff for the landfill as people jump to a new model every year.

  29. 81 comments and barely a mention of the beatiful girl….you people need to get out more.

    • But Dan, why would we want to mention about the girl when we can simply admire with our eyes? Are you one of those guys who has to comment everytime you see a girl? I can tell you’re not married but single, Dan. LOL

      • Don’t be too hard on Dan…I was thinking the same thing! Let’s face it…..the girl has some things going for her that are pretty hard to miss. Besides….subject matter is a major component of any photograph, and IMO the sex appeal quotient is probably the biggest factor going for these pics. In the interest of keeping things respectful I’ll leave it at that!

  30. Hey Steve, thanks for this great “update review” !
    Owner of X100 too from october 2011 (never experienced SAP, hope it’s one of the “new” optical blocks), and I was very disappointed by slow response and all. The new update was a huge improvement and I love the X100 more and more.

    One question: is it just me or the X100 compared to OMD and X2 make the women look “fatter” that she might actually be due to distortion ??
    As @PhillipJ and @Archiver mentioned there is a lens correction in LR. Does anybody know if there is a way to correct lens distortion in Apple Aperture?

    Thanks in advance 🙂

  31. Oh, look what Fuji have done now, they’ve painted over that nice silver metal with gross black paint. Do you hear that Harley Davidson? Please paint over all those nice chrome bits on your bikes because it looks more ” discreet”.

  32. Hi Steve,
    Thanks for all the great recent articles you’ve been posting! I had a question – how would you compare the sony nex w/ emount 50mm vs the Fuji x100? I wanted an opinion from someone that has used both. I guess the two main things I wanted to know were 1) which output do you prefer and 2) how much has the x100 firmware caught up in speed in relation to the nex? Thanks!

    • Well the Sony with the 50 would be the equivalent of a 75mm lens. The X100 is a 35mm lens, so two totally different things. Honestly, I would prefer shooting an X100 but I like 35 and 50, not so much 75.

      • So Steve in that regard, as with my question above – Do you prefer the NEX series with Zeiss 24mm or the X100 (both with roughly 35mm equiv) in terms of feel of output?

  33. Great write up and comparison Steve, but wow, that first photo is just stunning! My X100 lust is only exceed by my OMD lust now, lol, so little time, so little money.

  34. great read again Steve……the X100 and OMD is all one needs, where i live the sun is harsh, like yourself, so i use the OMD in sunlight hours because it does not blow the highlights.
    keep on reviewing, cheers.

  35. I’m so glad you have given the X100 another go Steve and yes the black version is just pure sex 🙂

    Your original review of the X100 was one of the key contributors of convincing me to get the X100 and I have loved (and occasionally loathed) it everyday since. I get far more keeper shots with it than any camera I have owned before or since.

    Anyway, back in the X100 review I asked about a comparison between the X100’s lens vs the Zeiss 24mm ZE, but I think I was way too late and that discussion had died. When buying the X100 I was considering either that or the Zeiss for my existing NEX, the X100 seemed to come with a pretty nice body attached to it for similar money/speed/focal length. The downside being that you couldn’t use the Fuji lens on any other cameras as you could with the Zeiss. I went with the Fuji, but I know others have been pondering this same question.

    So in the end I guess I am asking which do you enjoy more, the Zeiss or the Fuji and if you could only have one, which would it be?

  36. Thank you, Steve, for all your reviews.
    My way to find out if gear is to my liking is to make a couple of fine art prints. If sensor size is limited to 35mm, M8/9 Leicas clearly rule, followed by the stellar Olympus E-5 (yes, the 4/3 body) with one of these very fine HG/SHG lenses, then the Nikon D700 with some good glass mounted, such as a Zeiss ZF type.
    I haven’t tested and won’t test the Olympus E-M5, but I assume that the E-5 will easily outperform the E-M5 when it comes to prints.

    • Why would the Leica M8 with its noisy and out of date 1.33x crop factor sensor clearly rule ??

      Why would the equally outdated E5 4/3 sensor be better than the Nikon D700 ?

      Why would you assume the E-5 is going to easily outperform the EM-5, especially when you state that you can’t, and more so, won’t, even bother to test the EM-5 ??

      Not only do you show pronounced bias in your statements, but they seem to make zero logical sense.

      Why are you only considering the D700 and leaving out cameras like the 36meg D800e??

      Though I suppose one probably should of stopped reading when you claimed that the M8 “clearly rule”

      • All your whys tell me that you that you have got no experience, just a techspecs hunter.

        • JR…as a former M8 owner I agree with Jeff. The M8 sensor at base ISO is awesome…and prints look great….they look better than can be expected from a 10MP sensor….but at the end of the day there are a lot of superior cameras out there if making ‘prints’ are your thing. Then gain, maybe you don’t print bigger than 12×18….in which case the M8 does indeed hold up pretty well.

        • No, I owned a M8.2 and then quickly updated to the M9 at the first possible chance because its a much better camera than the M8.2 was.

          Your obviously not even knowing the major differences between the M8 and a M9 makes it quite clear that you in fact are the one who does not have any experience.

          Likewise, I own and use Nikon D3s’s daily as I’m a photographer for a living and had a D700 so I’m quite familiar with Nikon’s offerings and also have a EM-5, the latest in a long string of m4/3 and 4/3’s cameras.

          Additionally should you care, I’ve had the X100, which I just sold today, and the NEX5, 5n and currently the NEX7 which I am also selling, again in favor of the EM-5

          And please do tell, since again, you stated you have no intention of even trying an EM-5, why you are so sure the older tech in the E-5 is going to be so superior ?????

      • Ups, didn’t see you wrote M8/9 – so previous comment was of course not for M9 🙂

  37. Steve, nice write up! As someone who recently sold their M8 to buy an XPro-1…I’m hoping that Fuji shows the same level of support with the XPro as they have with FW updates for the X100. With that said, so far I’m a happy camper!

  38. CAN you compare JPG pictures with the x2 and the x100 in auto mode ?
    You said that the x2 doesn’t seem so sharp than the x1 , is it just an impression ?
    I have the x1 and the nex 5n as you said if I look pictures randomly I find that the x1’s picture have something living and I always prefer pictures from the x1. I was interested with the x2 (if the IQ stay the same than the X1) but you raised doubts in my mind with the x100

  39. Steve,

    I think it’s great that Fuji is devoting the energy to make the X100 the camera it was always meant to be; I owned one early with all of its shortcomings and still loved it.

    My question is, why isn’t Fuji devoting the same time and energy trying to fix all that’s wrong with the
    X-Pro 1?

    Would you agree that some tweaking and new firmware could make the X-Pro 1 a contender again?

    • The X-Pro 1 IS a contender. I have no doubt Fuji will do as they did with the X100 and release more firmware updates for it.

      I recently sold my X100 – not because I didn’t love it, I do – but to fund the purchase of an X-Pro 1. No regrets here. Once the focus issues are resolved, as they were with the X100, the X-Pro 1 will be tough to beat. The image files from it truly are extraordinary and surpass the X100 in all respects.

      Very impressed with what Olympus has done with the OM-D, however. That camera, the X-Pro 1 and the Nikon D800 are easily the three most significant cameras of the year, IMO.

  40. Couldn’t agree more, Steve. The X100 perfectly complements the M9. I’ve also tried the X1-Pro (an excellent camera, by the way), but concluded that it is an M9 *alternative* rather than a complementary camera. I couldn’t face the prospect of yet another collection of lenses when I already have my Leica glass. I came back to the simpler choice of M9+X100 and I am glad I did. My X100 is an early model but the firmware has been updated and I agree with your findings. I’m rather envious of your black model, though.

    As for the X2, well, I just cannot manage without a viewfinder and I hate adding stuff on top of the camera. And what is Leica thinking of by specifying such a poor LCD, no better than that on the M9. It doesn’t matter too much on the M9, but the X2 is sold without a viewfinder and we presume users are expected to compose using the screen. I can only assume Leica would not use a higher-resolution screen for fear of upstaging their flagship M cameras.

  41. The sticky blades problem can’t be fixed with an upgrade in firmware though, so as much as I adore the Fuji X00, I’ll hold out for the Fuji X Pro 1

    • But you know how it can be fixed if you have an older camera that has the potential for it ? By having Fuji replace the lens unit free of charge and then FedEx it back to you overnight, again free of charge.

      I had the “SAB” happen to mine and 3 days later it was back good as new, making it a pretty much non-issue to worry about.

      • There was a survey for the sticky aperture blades I found yesterday in the net, they had this problem 12 users out of about 50 who answered to the survey, but some had to send the x100 to fuji twice. As italian I check also the italian forum of x100 and the problem is that for SAB problem the x100 has to be sent to London to be fixed, no idea why fuji italy cannot fix, many in the forum wrote they had to wait 4-6 weeks to have their camera back. Steve did you never get overexposed pics ? Cause this seems to happen with the SAB problem.

      • True.
        Here in the UK i went after a out of warranty X100 and was concerned by the sticky blades problem cropping up so contacted Fuji UK to ask about this. I spoke to a service engineer who reassured me that if the sticky blade problem should affect my X100 then it would be serviced free of charge, even when out of warranty.
        This was the final nudge i needed to take the plunge and buy the second hand X100 i had been watching on eBay.
        Just have ti sit out the rest of the Queens diamond jubilee holidays until the postal service get back to work and my seller can ship my camera. (time is standing still and i’m pacing the house in between reading and watching everything X100).
        The Special Edition is a real beauty in black and i envy your choice Steve.

        • Apparently the quality of Fuji service varies by country.

          Fuji UK is great, US and Canada not so much.

          There are horror stories about Fuji US charging 700+ dollars to fix SAB on out-of-warranty cameras.

    • Just wondering if that problem is a bit exaggerated? Never had any problem with my x100 after at least 6000 exposures.

      • 3216 exposures so far and no stickness.
        Maybe it’s because mine isn’t from the first batch. Got mine on Dec 2011, and one can speculate that by then the issue was alredy solved. Or maybe I’m just wishfully thinking.
        Still, as soon as I had it, it blew my D90 away.

        • Well in the survey they wrote most of the ones suffer the problem have the serial number starting with 11xxx, 12xxx, and 13xxx, one wrote that from 14xxx they should be ok, but who knows ?

          • I have a X100 with serialnr. 14M…. And after 3k shots -> SAB… After 3 weeks I got it back from Fuji and now it works perfectly again.

        • I’m near 4,000 – Serial 12xxxx and not a thing.

          Many hated the X100 because they wanted something it wasn’t – they made it known and were very loud. No company is without some issues with a camera but with this – once again the very few who it happened too, screamed at the top of their lungs. With such acclaim & praise I am amazed how so few still believe they need to overstate nuances and minor issues.

          If something goes bad, Fuji support is beyond excellent from my experience. I got pop/soda into the MF/AFS/AFC switch and it stopped AF. I emailed them and got a response with-in 24 hours. Pop dried, I moved the switch a few times and it started working again. I ignored the email as it worked again. They followed up for 2-weeks until I responded that it worked. And then did another follow up about a month later to see if there were any problems. I have never had that with anything. I am impressed with their effort and attention.

  42. Hi Steve,
    I hope you don’t mind me asking your advise, as Im sure you get bugged everyday by people like me asking what camera to buy.
    I am an beginner I have only owned cameras Like cannon G12s etc. A few months ago I brought the Fuji X10 and I love it especially the colors. But I want to step up to either an OMD or X100 (black edition looks so cool!)
    I have a blog here in NZ that I take photos for. http://www.thedenizen.co.nz, if you want to have a look at what happens here in New Zealand.
    Would you say the X100 is a bit advanced for someone like me?
    Kind regards

    • The X100 is no more advanced than the OM-D. Both are simple to shoot and use though the OM-D is quicker and more versatile. Really all depends on what you want to achieve.

    • Ivan, if I may: Why not buy a used DSLR of a generation or two past? You’ll save tonnes of money, learn a lot, and be in a much better position to understand what you yourself need.

      • Or one of the E-PL1, E-PL2 generation cameras that are now being heavily discounted.

  43. It shouldn’t be too difficult to achieve a more “analogue” look with the EM5 as well with some PP…

    • I’m curious as to what the “analog look” really is, and how you would achieve it. More/less contrast? More/less sharpness, saturation? Grain? A particular color cast?

      I’ve shot a lot of film, and now shoot a lot of digital, and I’m not seeing it.

      The only identifiable “film” look that I’ve seen is the “I left my camera in the hot car” or “the lab screwed up my processing” looks that people get from Snapseed or Instagram.

  44. I love the X100 too. But the love came on slowly. I have my third body now.
    I got my first right from the first production batch and payed a lot of money for it.
    I sold it because by the time I had the illusion that I shouldn’t have more than one camera (German pragmatism 🙂 ) and I couldn’t live without a fast 50mm.
    I got the second body once I realized that the X100 is a unique piece that is worth having as travel and every day camera, next to having a DSLR. That one got the sticky blades and I was refunded the full amount. Disappointed again, I went for an E-P3 that made me even more unhappy because of the poor IQ.
    Then the day came that would finally reunite me with my much loved (and hated) camera. A super cheap second hand deal for 650 EUR (They still sell here for 1100 EUR new) including 2nd battery and UV filter.

    So, yeah, the X100 had quite an impact on my photographic journey.
    Thank you Fuji!

    • same here, this is my 2nd X-100, sold the first to get an slr and fast prime, realized how much i missed the fuji colours and magic out of the camera and how much actual photography i was doing with the X-100, got another x100 and i love it with all its quirks, love is learning to except the other side with there + and -, so it is with the X-100

  45. The X100 is awesome but I believe I will go with the OMD eventually since I’m already invested in M4/3 with my EP1. The last 2-3 years have been really exciting for photography.

    • I have both, and each is great in its own way, but if you will only have one or the other, the OMD is much more versatile.

      Put another way, there’s nothing you can do with the X100, that you can’t do with the OMD. The reverse is not true. There are small differences in image quality, color, etc., but mostly these can be adjusted, and, as we saw in the comparison post, opinions vary.

      It WOULD be nice, though, if there was a better 17mm lens for m4/3. Probably there will be, someday.

  46. Really makes me want to have one for a month or two to shoot and play with. Need to start a camera exchange program 😉

  47. Hi Steve,
    Do you think Fuji did put a new lens into the X100 or is it only the firmware which makes the difference (to the “old” X100)?
    Thx for your nice reviews!


    • It’s the firmware that makes all the difference. I have on eof the old Fuji x100 and the firmware made it a totally new, more responsive camera. Now, if Fuji will only do the same with the x pro 1!

  48. Steve, forgive me if you’ve touched on this, but me wonders if the X2 would have a more permanent place in your future if not for that M9 lusciousness that satisfies your Leica craving.

    • No, that really doesn’t have anything to do with it. I’d still want a smaller camera and for me it comes down to the X100, OM-D, NEX-7…and I like them all really. What do they all have in common? Small, HQ, built in VF, great LCD’s, and great IQ.

  49. Steve will the Fuji factory ever begin to ship X-100’s that already have the latest firmware installed?

    • I believe they do have the latest version at the time of manufacture, but there is some time lag between manufacture and delivery.

      In any case, updating the firmware on the Fuji, unlike Olympus, is not very hard.

      Steve, do you know what firmware version was in your black X100 when you got it?

  50. Great photos and write up Steve! I defended the X1 over the X100 originally but I’m starting to question that now. Back then I had a case because both were newer cameras and the X100 had a lot of hiccups but after the release of the X2 I’m not so sure. If you used both cameras on a tripod I’d probably still give it to the X2 image wise but thats just one part of it.

    Usability the X100 kills the X1 and X2 because who wants to shoot on a tripod all the time. No EVF no Summilux lens and the X2 doesn’t hold much water. I think what I find most infuriating (because the other two can be argued either way) is that they did not upgrade the read LCD screen. I mean ostensibly that is your VF on the X2 and it is almost impossible to see in bright light. With the advances in technology over that span of time it just makes no sense to not upgrade that part of the camera.

    So the winner is addition by subtraction, the X100 wins because of all the things the X2 is not.

  51. I bought mine 3 days ago. i love it so much that this “2nd camera” quickly became my main camera 🙂

  52. 1st photo one of the best you have ever taken Stevo.

    (3rd photo b&w with sunburst halo is too much superb).

  53. Steve: Please give us a short article on how to get the most out of the X100 menu settings for various types of shots. Great review, I love mine

  54. Highlight room, as well as ISO comparisons, are really just a matter of how the camera’s metering is tuned. That’s why you really can’t say one camera has better highlight DR, if there were such a thing, and you can’t compare cameras at the same ISO and aperture if the shutter speeds are all different. You’re simply allowing the manufacturer’s metering differences to give an imaginary advantage. You should shoot each camera with the same exposure in the highlights, and then bring up the shadow detail in post to see how the cameras truly compare in usable DR.

  55. X2 lens is amazingly good. X100 has too much flare compare to X2. But still OK.

    Great review. Nice demo.

    • never had so much flare! i think steve played with the flare like a magician, its not that flary usually, but its nice when you control the flare to serve your photography

      • Flare is an issue for me with the x100 since I love to shoot against the sun. was fine for a few shots but now I tend to dislike it.

        Camera is only usable since the 1.20 updates and still has its quirks but its so addictive to use that I excuse them. nonetheless when the next version of this thing comes out with faster af and a better menu system I am going to trade up with no regrets.

        30k shots on it and going strong!

        • Go Moritz. I can’t have shot much more than 10,000. Agree with you comments. Quirky but addictive. We are spoilt really you know?

  56. I bought an X100 a few weeks ago after a lot of hesitation and I have not regretted it a single moment! It is awesome! The jewel makes you feel a Cartien-Bresson like photographer . I’m just a little bit disappointed in the lens distortion. Fuji could have done a better job as far as that is concerned, but hey I’m not complaining: no camera (and I own some..) gives me the delight as this X100 does…
    Thanks Steve for sharing your always interesting thoughts with us….

    • If you shoot in RAW, then you can use Lightroom to deal with the problem, they got the specific correction preset to deal with the distortion of the X100.

    • If you shoot in raw, Lightroom has an excellent lens profile for the X100. It works wonderfully well to correct the distortion. I’ve built a few X100 presets in Lightroom for different looks, but all use the X100 lens profile.

    • if you wear a beat up old trench coat and a beret that should help with the lens distortion . . . .

  57. Fuji vs OM-D: Oly is sharper and has higher DR but is less 3D. I like the Fuji pic better.
    Steve,which lens did you have on the Oly when you took the photo?

    X100 vs X2: ooh, the Leica colors make people look so good. Tough decisions indeed.

    • The X100 gets so much out of so many silly things. You want video? A $ 100 cam is much better. You need a OVF with a 30mm lens? It’s like shooting a gun at 6 feet from the hip, you know where the picture is without having to look, this is not a 200mm shot.

      You say the colors are better. The X2 is 30% lighter. 30% smaller. Are you buying IQ or what? Toys?

      Both are inexpensive, you don’t need to spend $ 5000 in lenses.

      • The video on the X100 is not good mainly due to no IS. Never use it so you are 100% correct. BUT it is there for those who want it. Having an EVF/OVF for a 35mm lens is very very useful. It is useful for ANY lens – 12mm, 24mm, 35mm, 50, etc. Without one you can not frame accurately, especially if your LCD is washed out in the sunlight. Shooting a gun from 6 feet? Is that what photography has turned into? Guessing where the shot will be? And yes, with both of these cameras I would be buying IQ. If you saw my full resolution JPEG and RAW tests from the X100 and X1 you would have seen the X100 equaled the X1, and the X2 is the same as the X1 (but less sharp) so with both you would be buying IQ. As for size, the X2 is smaller but only in height by a very small amount. Add the EVF and its bigger. The X100 is the better buy but those who really want the Leica colors should go for the Leica though the 100 is more pleasant to work with. Thanks for your comment.

        • Betty…..since when is an OVF/EVF an option??? I guess you’re one of those people who buy 12/16/21mp cameras and than crop the image down to 3-6mp to suit your preference. I can tell you that I actually care about composition….and I like to get it right in the camera…not after the fact.

          By the way, you’re right.,..you don’t need to spend $5k on lenses when you don’t care about the basic stuff like composition….

  58. Hi Steve,

    Thanks for your great reviews as always, got my X100 today and your reviews made me make the call 🙂

    Greetings from Sweden,

  59. Good updated look at x100. I want a newer model with a decent short zoom lens affixed.

  60. Steve, do you plan to buy (or borrow) the wide conversion lens for the X100 and review it? Do you think that x0.8 focal (28mm eq.) will make much of a difference?

    • I have had the WCL-X100 for almost 2 weeks and am quite happy with it. when Fuji claimed that there is no quality loss, it is pretty much true except for shooting object within 10cm and wide open, it won’t be as sharp as it would be on the 35mm. The WCL-X100 really add a lot of charm to the already great x100 IMO.

      Eager to see Steve’s professional opinion on the WCL-X100 as well!

        • Hi Steve,
          After reading your review and ” The top 7 complaints of the Fuji X100 and how I get around them ” I have the trust in the Fuji X100 and the commitment of Fuji to support their products to order it.
          Fuji should thank You for it and ship their sample to U ASAP & Free of charge! Of course, U still review and post WHAT IT IS for us to make our own decision !

  61. Steve,
    I also used to have a x100 ( got stolen) and now I have the OM-D. I miss the smoothness of the x100 files. The OM-D files have great DR and ditail but tend to look pretty” digital” from time to time, because of the extreme sharpness.

    Currently I’m experimenting with different raw settings on import to achieve a more analogue look. If I can adjust the raw conversion to my liking ill keep the OM-D because it does so much right, but if not I’ll return it and maybe safe up for the mighty M monochrom

    Generally I believe their is quite a obsession with sharpness in the photography community, that I can’t relate to.

  62. did you have to do the firmware updates once you got the black x100?? Its on my wishlist……….
    great review Steve!

  63. Great review and very nice shoots. High ISO night shoots looks really good.

    Regarding X100 versus OMD I think rendering from the X100 is so much nicer than the OMD.

    Also I don’t see where the X2 can compete with the X100 except for the design, although I think the skin color looks better in the X2 image just below the X100 flare shoot. (Maybe you should have choosen another “film mode” – X100 is know for producing very good skin tones). It is not that the X2 is a bad camera, but it is just not on par with the X100 in my opinion.

    • Yeah but the X2 is 12 ounces vs 16 for the X100. And also 30% smaller. Pocketable. The X100 is really for a small case, not a jacket pocket.

      • The X2 is not pocketable with the optional EVF and I find it unusable without it!

        • No it is not and the EVF will get pulled and fall off the shoe as well because there is no way to lock it as there is on the Olympus E-P3. Pulling it in and out of a bag could eventually cause something to come loose.

    • I agree with Anders re the rendering of the X100 being much nicer than that of the OMD To me at least, the X100 rendering is more natural. i.e., film-like.

      • I agree here. The X100 and X2 are a bit more “analogue-ish_ when compared to the OM-D which does have that signature digital look. But so does 90% of digital cameras. The X100, X2, M9, MM, X-Pro 1..these all have a more natural rendering.

        • yep, but natural rendering can be obtained in processing, nice to have a fast and responsive camera with at least 2 great lenses and apply later pattern processing to get the rendering that makes your eyes happy

          • I am sorry but try as I have, I can not obtain natural rendering from processing; I can only obtain more unnatural rendering.

  64. oh yes indeed Steve… can’t agree more 🙂 still my fave for almost everything ’til now..nuff said
    your flare shot samples are really nice btw.. thanks for sharing Steve 🙂

  65. El que se va, sin que lo echen , vuelve sin que lo llame, como decía mi abuela !


  66. Wow wow, you have taught me how to embrace and love the X100 flare! seriously, i am impressed, i never thought about it as a feature! What is that strap?! my black X100 is crying for one!

  67. This article makes me love my X100 even more 🙂

    Saving up for an OMD EM-5 tho 🙂

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