For those who were waiting..the new comparison – Leica X2 and X100!

For those who were waiting..the new comparison – Leica X2 and X100!

As you have seen in my last post I found that a new Leica X2 that was sent to me with the official Version 1 firmware seemed to be much sharper than the one I had for review (the one Leica sent as a review loaner) which had a previous Firmware version on it, which was obviously not final. After more boring test shots today it is clear that there is some kind of issue with the review sample X2 as the new one I have received is much sharper. It does not seem possible that a firmware revision would have any effect on focus or lens quality so either this review sample has an issue or was dropped or just was not right out of the factory.

I took a new test shot today just to see if each X2 would perform the same. Both were set at f/4, ISO 100, 1/500s. So same settings, same model camera. But as you can clearly see, the new one did much better. I also threw in a crop from the Fuji X100 (f/4 – ISO 200 – 1/900s) for those who are interested. You can clearly see the color difference as well. These were converted from RAW with ACR.

Ok this is the test shot. Below the image you will see the crops from each camera. 

100% crop #1 – from the new X2 with version 1.0 firmware

100% crop #2 – from the review sample X2 with pre-production firmware – It appears to be out of focus but the camera confirmed and locked focus and the shot was taken three times. Same result.

100% crop #2 – From the Fuji X100

So there you go. The Leica X2 is sharper than I had previously thought simply due to the fact that the review sample was not focusing correctly or had some issue with the lens assembly. Results look to be on par with the old X1 but of course with more megapixels and better low light and high ISO performance. After shooting both the X2 seems a little quicker to AF than the Fuji X100. It’s close though. Below are a couple of more test shots to show how sharp the X2 really is. I updated some sections of the X2 review as well. Thanks to all for reading!

and one with some PP – converted with Alien Skin Exposure


  1. Hey steve I am really struggling I want to buy a X2 or a X100 but don’t know which one, money isn’t really a problem I just want the best one.

    My dad was always a Leica fan and he gave me an old Leica but not digital, since now I’ve always been using small compact cameras like Lumix with Leica lens and I still manage to make nice shots, I love B/W and playing with the settings. I refuse myself to buy those big Canon or Nikon that everybody has, im more into the style of the x2 or X100 small easy to use and good quality.

    If the X2 would have a viewfinder no questions asks I would buy the Leica, but since the X100 seems to have more stuff I don’t know which one to choose, the Leica seems to have a slightly better image quality, am I right?

    I just want the best one I’ve been looking at all your reviews about it, but I still cant picture which one takes the best pictures 😀 I know that its a matter of taste for the colors but not for Image quality I guess.

    • Well….the X2 is nice. No EVF included though. That is what holds me back from it. The X100 is awesome but at f/2 has some distortion – by 2.7 it is the equal of the Leica IMO. Different color signature though. I find the X100 more enjoyable to use due to EVF, speed, etc.

      • Thank you for your fast answer, so the X100 is faster than the X2 but how spontaneous is it to take a picture with the Leica? when you press the button do you have to wait 2s before it takes the picture just like on cheap compact cameras or does it take the shot very fast?
        and what about the Fuji?
        Have you tried the EVF on the leica? if yes how is it ? because it looks very big.
        Would you command any other camera in that category? (not more expensive than the X2) 🙂 thank you so much.

  2. Steve,

    This is my first time commenting here, but I have been following your blog for quite some time now. Thanks for this follow-up, I am gifting this camera to my wife and am very interested in every single comparison between it and the X100. After checking the new samples I still have a strong feeling this new firmware isn’t focusing correctly, it just looks like a standard “back focus” issue. Don’t you have this feeling? I also don’t think there should be such a visible difference in sharpness between the X100 and the X2 (with the 1.0 firmware)? And just to be sure, Leica released a new firmware but you can’t download and update the firmware of the silver X2?

    Thanks again!

    • The X2 I have now is 100% not back focusing. That is it, what you see is what you get. I shot with it today and it gave me some gorgeous files that beat the OM-D in color, tonality and detail. The OM-D looked much more digital but still really great. Just personal pref. As for the X100, they are quite alike but also different in many ways. Ive done the comparisons and reviews and each camera gives their own look. Leica did NOT release any new FW. The FW I have on the review sample is before Version 1 even came out, was available only on early test cameras, not cameras available to the public.

      • Thanks for the reply. Just to let you know, your test Leica was not the only one with the Focus problem, check the pics from the link bellow, they are completely out of focus and he didn’t notice as well. Please delete this post if I can’t post links here, I just wanted to show you that this was indeed a firmware problem.


  3. Everyone knows that black cameras produce sharper images then silver ones, just no one really wants to admit it.

    Thanks for the update Steve!

  4. For a p/s camera with a hefty price tag, Leica clearly needs to have better quality control. I cannot tell if this is an issue with design tolerance, a manufacturing defect, a design defect or a part defect. I wonder if you test a 3rd x2, will the results be different or the same?

  5. Steve, thank you for un update. Now the difference between X100 and X2 is really just a matter of taste. I am glad to see that I was not the only one pixel-peeping at your X2 review 🙂

  6. I just received my brand new X2 today, and I loved reading Steve’s reviews of the camera, although honestly, I was going to buy one anyway as I am just a Leica fan.
    I got lucky, in that I had no idea the X2 was coming out to replace the X1 that I had sitting in my wish list at B&H for quite awhile. I had promised myself I wouldn’t buy it before I sold my old G1, and just when my G1 sold, out came the news about the X2.
    Anyway, I have one real disappointment so far and it’s seems so simple, yet I don’t think it was mentioned, maybe I’m wrong, so don’t bash me if I missed it please. But the X2 doesn’t allow you to add a simple lens filter in front of the lens to protect it from dust, fingerprints, whatever. This is odd to me, I don’t own a single lens without some kind of protective filter on it. Usually just a simple UV filter, but the real reason is to protect the lens. So, now I have this super expensive Leica camera and no accessory available to protect the lens. Very strange oversight to me. I’ve always been proud that all my lenses are 100% perfect as there is always a filter protecting them. This time, there seems to be no solution.

    • I recall finding at least one solution for adding a filter to the X1 last year. If I remember correctly, a metal barrel screws onto the X1 itself, and the lens extends and retracts within this barrel. The filter attaches to the end of the barrel opposite the camera. While this would obviously add some bulk, it would certainly add some level of protection to the lens.

  7. I prefer the X1 over the X100 and the X100 over the X1. That’s why I have and keep both ;). If it has to fit into a jacket pocket or small belt pouch it’s the X1. If a RF alike shooting experience is preferred, it’s the X100. Both produce stellar files. If I could have only one, I would pick the Fuji.

  8. Thanks, Steve! I appreciate your thoughts, and excellent images.

    I am thinking that the X2 certainly “speaks” to me more than the X100, as did the X1, though I purchased neither, yet, as my target date for a compact, non-interchageable-lens, mirror-less camera is late 2013. (I have handled the X1 and X100 at a local dealer.) It is good to see that the X2 has improved upon the X1, without adding unnecessary baggage such as video. I actually like the look of an external EVF, do not mind the bulk, and being left-eye-dominant, prefer the camera’s body not blocking my right eye.

  9. Steve,

    Please try to take some shots with a lot of bokeh (shallow depth of field). I would very much like to see how much bokeh can be squeezed out of that f 2.8 lens. Thanks again!

  10. Steve,

    I don’t understand why Leica send a prototype camera for review. If you had purchased it, can you update the firmware and achieve the same result as a production unit?

    • It was not a prototype camera but had old firmware on it, firmware which was still in development. The camera is easily up dateable but the problem may be with the lens or camera and not so much the FW.

      • Maybe Leica did this on purpose. They know you care about the image quality, you can get the most out of these new cameras.

  11. Steve, you are a servile monkey – maybe you have 10-15 fans, whoes comments appeare on your site, but on the internet, you are considered a talentless idiot, just like ken rockwell.

    • Steve, Just wanted add to add my voice in thanking you for your honest reviews and for all our time and effort in sharing those with all of us.

    • As fan #16, I would like to thank Steve for the honesty and forthrightness of his reviews and for his site generally. I bought my X100 and my NEX-7 on the strength of his insights (using his links, btw). There are lots of great camera reviews on the web, but I’ve found Steve’s real-world approach to be the most useful.

    • Admit it, you’re a closet fan. It’s okay, Leica [and] addiction is an affliction shared by many……….it’s nothing to be ashamed of…….

  12. The title of this post had me worried since I just ordered the black X100 on Saturday…glad I can still be happy with my purchase. Also glad the X2 produces better images than earlier thought–the earlier ones weren’t exactly up to what one hopes is a reasonable Leica standard.

    Thanks again for the comps as they were hugely helpful in my decision. All the best.

  13. Does the external viewifinder attach securely to the X2 with some locking device or does it just slide in.

  14. I’m an X100 owner and for some unknown reason are very inerested in the X2. After your initial review I sort of dropped the idea of buying it, but now I’m back on the fence. Mainly because it is smaller and improved battery life. I don’t really mind losing the OVF, but are curious about operating and speed. You say the X2 now is about the same as the X100, but is there or do you feel the same “lag” as on the X100 when using it? I’m thinking about how the frame/LCD freeze when locking focus?

    Btw, thanks for the updated comparison.


  15. Thanks for the review Steve. I bought an X1 for myself and an X100 for my son. The X1 has been fun as a simple travel camera when I don’t want to carry my DSLR yet want better IQ than my iPhone can shoot. The X100 is great for him for the versatility it provides. I had ordered a replacement X2 but canceled it after I read these reviews.

    Two additional points to all that has been said:
    – I love using the Leica OVF on my X1. It is clear, bright, and trouble free. It can be a joy having no digital distractions as you focus on composing an image. With the OVF the X1 (and X2) looks the clear descendant of that Leica 0-series
    – Leica has a fraction of the resources needed to bring to market all new camera gear compared to Fuji, one would think that Leica would at least better support it’s customers with major software upgrades to help designs like the X1 last longer, but the opposite has been the case, Fuji has done the better job IMHO supporting the X100 with meaningful software fixes, owning an updated X100 today feels a bit better than owning an obsolete X1

    • Me too I cancelled the X2 but now I reordered cause things look OK now. Took over 1 year of sticky X100 syndrome before they fixed it. If they fixed it.

  16. Steve, people are rude and ignorant. You do an absolutely AMAZING job. How people experience cameras and view images is not a black and white thing so you will never make everyone happy. That being said, Your reviews are awesome,honest and heartfelt and your passion for what you do is matched by few. We geeks are lucky to have you in our lives. keep it up. Lou

  17. I find this whole thread disturbing. Steve, you’ve always embraced stating your opinion and respecting the opinion of others. The fact that you would invite someone to never visit your site again seems to go against what makes your site good. This whole thread is very personal, there is a mob mentality to attack anyone who makes a comment or holds an opinion in conflict with yours. Duke’s comment may have been out of line…but the response by all was more out of line. This does not represent what I’ve come to expect from this website.

    • Yes I did react a bit harshly, and already apologized in another comment here somewhere for doing just that. BUT he did insult me and to accuse me of changing or fabricating things to avoid making Leica mad is 100% ridiculous.

      • Hey, if someone accused me of deliberately falsifying my review I’d be a little steamed too. Understandable.

    • Waaaahhhhhh Scot. We’re sorry you felt uncomfortable about Steve responding to a poster accusing him of favoritism in a review with a definitive explanation as to why he posted the review. Perhaps after your next diaper change, you can cry about my demeaning response to your childish complaint. Waaaaaaahhhh.

  18. Steve, I re-read my post and I really feel I have to apologise for my tone and for my too much “spontaneous” energy, truly hope no offence was given.

  19. The review X2 could have been damaged through multiple careless hands or even more likely just plain poor quality control which seems endemic these days- witness the variety of satisfaction/dissatisfaction with some of the grossly expensive so called mobile ‘phones’ and poor after sales service. I suppose in Leica terms the X1/X2 are cheapies and would be relatively mass produced.

  20. My opinion on “which one”

    I favor the X2, I am not objective:

    1) Much smaller, about 30% smaller in volume, different camera case
    2) Much lighter, about 30% lighter, one feels the difference
    3) Better OOC JPEGS
    4) 3D look of pictures, as shown in X1 vs X100 Grand Canyon Steve Huff pictures per his comments
    5) Less distortion, as shown in Steve Huff son’s face pictures per his comments
    6) The sticky syndrome plagued many X100 lovers and warranty is 12 months for that only

    In favor of the X100:

    1) Cool OVF, built in EVF
    2) Video

    About price…I have spent over $5000 in m4/3, over $ 6000 in Nikon DSLR. Neither matched the Leica X1 pictures regardless of the lens. Bodies and lenses just add up, so the way I see it $ 1200 for X100 or $2200 (with Olympus EVF) for X2 are the same. Way less than a lens system, which in the long term one cannot resist. The 10 lens syndrome.

    One can also get a tiny glass black $140 Panasonic OVF which is clear and looks like a cool tiny spy lens.

    My son looked at the (larger) X100 and said “that one is too large”. I agree. In the world of cameras 30% is a different league. Some do not care.

    95% of my pictures are with LCD. I just seldom only use the EVF.

    Early on my X100 pictures the focus was troubling, ignoring the subject and focusing on the background.

    There is no question the X100 is the mass market winner here preferred by most.

    Interesting alternatives will be the Pogue secret compact coming, the Sony, the Olympus XZ-2, the Olympus E-M5 with no EVF maybe coming. But sensor wise the X100 and the X1/2 they have the larger sensors.

    The comments on how large the EVF looks on the X2 is really a reflection of how small the X2 is. The EVF is small in the hand. I find that X2 smallness very attractive.

    • Bonjour Betty. It seems that you forgot an important point (for you) : the resale value of the X2.
      I’m very curious, how many X2 will you buy/resale making profit this time ?

      A) 4
      B) 8
      C) 9

      Text A, B, C at 555-FOOL and win a free hug from ma Betty !

    • Betty, you really do have a bug up your ass over the X100. I suggest that in the interest of your own emotional health you get over it. And, btw, the sticky aperture blade problem didn’t affect “many” X100’s, it affected a small percentage of early run units before Fuji resolved it. So, you might as well stop your trash talking now, because we happy X100 owners will continue to take great looking photographs with our cameras no matter what you think.

  21. I am curious about the results before the update. Did you see those blurred results with your initial go round? When I looked back at the review they didn’t seem so bad but after seeing these comparisons it’s night and day. In a vacuum where only the image created matters there is no comparison and I think the X2 is in a class by itself.

  22. Steve, How does the X2 fare against the X100 in Skin tones, Mixed lighting and White balance… the X-100 has the most brilliant WB meter i have seen on a digital camera

  23. What a timely follow up. On Saturday afternoon my wife and I sent to the Leica store to check out the X2 and the M9. I spent a considerable time with both – uploading shots onto the store’s iMac to get a feel for the images. One staff member walked passed and wanted to know “which lens did you use for that”? I told them it was in fact the X2 and they were pretty surprised.

    Point is, the X2 is razor sharp – no question. Not only that, the files are gorgeous and the speed of the AF seems perfectly snappy to me.

    It all comes back to this – go into the shop, try it, rattle off some shots, take the files home and check them out on screen. Better yet, find the best screen you can and use that! Those images will make the decision for you.


  24. X2 and X100 are both capable little units, just a matter of taste, style and handling for the buyer….there you go gents and ladies…buy one and take some pics.

    • Exactly! I am done with these X comparisons now 🙂 All personal pref here folks. Both are great cameras..pick the one that “speaks” to you the most.

      • Yes, I am glad you are now done with the X-camera comparisons. I have been waiting for a full review of the Nikon D800 but instead we just got a snippet from you before you had to send the D800 back. If the D800 is a real DSLR game changer, I hope you get your hands on another one so that you can do a real extensive testing. Better yet, try and get your hands on a D800E. I can see the D800E, without the anti-aliasing filter, to be a real rival of the M9 as far as image quality goes.

  25. S,

    You’ve almost answered yourself with that question. The lens or should I say lenses.. X-pro1 vs. X2 would be one of Steve’s crazy comparisons. Why? Because the x-pro is a real system camera with interchangeable lenses. A bit loke comparing M9 & X100 and only using manual focus.. Different beasts all together,

    The X100 and X2 are comparable products and more likely to be alternatives for future buyers. Of same “genre” if you wish.


  26. Hi Steve, thx for the update. The X2 looks like a camera i will buy in the very near future. Just one questions: Did you buy the original Leica EVF (if so, why?) or do you use the Olympus VF2?

    • I used the Olympus with the review sample (someone loaned one to me) and I am using the Leica now with the black X2. Why? Well, I really could not say anything negative about it without trying it or comparing it to the Olympus so I figured it was my “duty” to do so.

      The Leica is more attractive on the camera as the design is more rounded, so they did change the look of the EVF. Looking through both is the same, big and smooth. On one occasion the Olympus EVF was all scrambled when I looked into the EVF. Not sure what happened or why so I had to turn off the camera and restart it for it to go back to normal. I reported this in my review as an update.

      The EVF’s are the same EVF (The Oly VF-2) but I can not guarantee to anyone that the Oly is 100% compatible because in reality I do not know. I know it works and it’s the same model. Thats it. But $229 or $575? Big difference there.

  27. Seems like a super plausible explanation that the pre-production firmware wasn’t focusing perfectly, and was fixed in the final version. Interesting follow-up!

    • The pre-production cameras were focusing well even with earlier beta firmware. It’s primarily the increased frame rate off the sensor that gives the X2 an AF speed advantage over the X1. Steve’s silver test camera simply isn’t working the way it should.

  28. I don’t see anything ‘suspicious’ or ‘damning’ about this. It can happen with any brand camera, especially one that is mailed all over the country and handled by different people.

    Steve, I do have two questions:

    1. Do you know who makes the sensor for the X2?

    2. If you owned neither and got to pick one free (X2 or x100), which would you take and why?

    • Hey Roberto…

      Well, tough question. The X100 is a joy to shoot. The JPEGS can be a bit flat out of camera but editing the RAW files can make them pop easily. The X2 has better OOC JPEGS and shooting it with the EVF is quite enjoyable due to the quality of the EVF and the tilt feature. If I had neither and was offered any one I wanted for free I would have to take the X2 mainly because it would be a free Leica. The X2 IS an improved X1, nothing more – but the X1 was also capable of superb quality photographs. The X2 now makes that easier to do with the speed increase, better high ISO and the EVF (even if it is huge on the camera, you do get sort of used to it) – I wish the X2 had the EVF built in but I have a feeling that may happen with an X3 down the road. I think Leica likes to stay a few years behind the competition, lol.

      With that said, you can’t go wrong with either. Bang for the buck goes to the Fuji and the black is gorgeous. The X2 is also gorgeous. For those wanting to decide just ask yourself if you would want the macro feature of the X100, or the video (its not that good), or the OVF/EVF built in or the faster f/2 lens.

      If the answer is no, then the Leica may be the better camera for you.

      • “For those wanting to decide just ask yourself if you would want the macro feature of the X100, or the video (its not that good), or the OVF/EVF built in or the faster f/2 lens.”

        This pretty much sums it up! Thanks a lot!

        I am sorely tempted to sell all my Canon gear, all my Sony gear and just get the X2. One camera, one lens, simple. Just take pictures and enjoy 🙂

        It would be nice to have a comparison of a compact system camera with one of its staple lenses vs. the X2. For instance, The OM-D + 24mm or NEX-7 + Zeiss 24mm. The prices are comparable.

        Personally I am quite curious if the X2 will be as good in IQ compared to my NEX-7 + CV 35mm f1.4 Nokton. I am only using this one lens on the NEX now anyways 🙂

        • “I am sorely tempted to sell all my Canon gear, all my Sony gear and just get the X2. One camera, one lens, simple. Just take pictures and enjoy”

          Do it! And don’t complain to us later how limiting that fixie is, which you will.

      • Despite the faster lens, built in OVF/EVF, low light performance, macro and not-good video feature….wow…such a long list… Well then seems that the only reason to get a X2 over X100 is the Leica label.

  29. Nice, but I do not understand all these comparisons with the X100 lately, as opposed to the XPro-1. You don’t have the XPro-1 anymore? I have both, the X100 for more than a year and the XPro-1 for 2 months; besides the price, the *slightly* smaller form factor and the *slightly* faster AF of the X100 (still slow for both), the XPro-1 is just way better than the X100, even in terms of IQ, especially with its sharp 35mm f/1.4.

    • The X-Pro 1 is a camera “system” with IC lenses. The X100 and X2 are very similar – both 35mm lenses, both fixed lenses, both smaller cameras with APS-C sensors. The X-Pro 1 is a different camera all together and someone wanting an X2 or X100 probably already dismissed the X-Pro due to size, cost, lenses, or whatever reason.

      • Agreed, Steve. I already have a NEX-7, so my decision to recently buy an X100 was based quite a bit on form factor. I like the concept of the X-Pro1, but it is a considerably bigger camera, at least if you’re using the 35mm lens, which is the one I’d choose. When the 23mm lens comes for the X-Pro1, it’ll also be considerably bigger than the X100’s lens, too, because the X100 conceals several of its lens elements in the camera body itself.

        • Yes, interesting… Actually i think the new sony kind of jumps to nex-3’s feet. And i think its better that way. Nex-3 is just a little worse nex-5 without any benefits over the 5, but the new one could have many good things that nex-5 doesn’t have. Like better compactness? Shall see. Thanks Steve for doing this re-comparison, good work.

  30. I have been visiting/reading this site for 2 years or so. It has been enjoyable reading experience all along. Steve is a straight shooter. If some cute little camera which has inferior IQ then M9 but overall a solid functioning package he’ll shoot it straight. I must say that his straight forwardness makes me spend some hard earned money on equipments and he is guilty in contributing to this country’s trade deficit. Other then that I do not notice any misleading on his part. Germany and Japan will surely thank him for economic reason but I thank him for his straight forwardness.

  31. Steve,

    My x1 had to go back to Leica for this issue. During that trip back try replaced the lens assembly. Sharpness improved just as you have seen. I think sometimes in production or shipping they may take a knock. A few users on the errr shitty forum also experienced this.


  32. I see no bad choice if one was choosing between the two.

    Thanks. I’ve enjoyed the comparisons. I’m pretty sold on the X100.

  33. Hi Steve, I’ve been following your website since long time and always found your reviews to be fair and balanced, that’s why I am so surprised as this is the very first time I smell something bad about your review: the “unbelievable” X2 firmware or hardware glitch and the samples that came with it.
    That rethinking, that corrections and amendments and even that “old X2 firmware sample” that is so blurred that really looks like it was retouch to be so bad just to make the comparison even more awesome.

    Did Leica scold you? Did Leica subtly threatened you to close the tap and reconsider its relationship with you should you show that X2 is not so different from X1 and (more importantly) the several hundreds less expensive X100 is even better than those posh Leicas?

    • Hey Duke, if that is the way you feel then I suggest you never come back to this website as that is an all out insult. Leica “scold” me? Why would they? My X2 review was positive, EVEN WITH the review sample! I still say they should have made it with a faster lens, built in EVF, etc. Same conclusion as before. But when I started noticing the soft shots from the 1st X2 and then the 2nd one giving me razor sharp detail I knew something was up with the review sample. With these crops, what you see is what you get and I have the RAW files to prove it, but for you to come here and insult me like that when all I am doing is showing my experience (would be unfair NOT to) then like I said, I would prefer if you do not even come here anymore. I do not have any kind of “relationship” with ANY camera company, even Leica. The fact is I have not spoken with ANYONE from Leica AT ALL.

      I was sent the camera with a note on when to return it and I was also told I could buy it if I desired. The fact of the matter is the new X2 is much much sharper than the 1st one I have here and it appears to be a focusing issue with the 1st. It is what it is, as you see it.

      and BTW, the X100 is still the sharper camera, corner to corner over an X2 so all this shows is that the X2 is sharper than was shown early on in my samples and NOW coincides with other reviewers who obviously did not have an issue with their test X2.

      • Steve and I have been communicating sometimes as he’s been working on the X2 tests and what seems quite possible is that the test copy he has (the silver camera) just isn’t auto-focusing properly. Early test cameras like that get used a lot, they can get dropped, etc. It isn’t, in my experience, related to any firmware change but rather than just a difference between two sample cameras.

        Steve re-did the tests, it seems, because the black camera seemed to be performing better and wanted to know by how much, etc. It’s a quite reasonable thing to do.

        People even often imagine that test cameras are “cherry picked” examples, etc. In reality – and this is true for cameras from many companies – they are cameras that have seen some use (sometimes hard use), have been passed around at events, etc.

      • My new Fuji X100 black limited is sharper than my old X100 silver, for whatever reason. These things happen.

      • Dear Steve,
        I am sorry for what Duke has said, you are doing a great job, opinions may differ but we should be respectful to each others.
        I personally believe that Leica is exploiting their past image by producing mediocre cameras sold at crazy prices. Yet it is only an opinion, nobody is threatening us to buy this or that camera.
        Please keep up the excellent work, we love and appreciate your efforts.

      • I seriously do not believe that Steve is doing any monkey business. I have been an avid viewer of this site for at least two years. Everything I see appears genuine and truthful. Just because he really likes Leica, doesn’t mean he is lying about stuff to make Leica seem like the sacred cow of photography.

        He is doing this service for the masses, and many readers of this blog have made decisions to spend serious money on whatever camera they chose. I bought the new OM-D largely due to his review. Strangely, I found everything he said to be truthful. So, if you think he is fabricating the X-2 shots, get a pair of them and try it for yourself. The fact is, you can buy the newest version, shoot it for a few days and test the focus your self.

        I personally find the information on this site fair and accurate. Keep up the good work, Steve!

    • Please appreciate Steve gave up time during his weekend to post this and satisfy reader’s demands for more information. I was almost sold on the X2 as my way back into Leica, now I am re-thinking again …bugger

    • Oh Duke, from an impartial perspective, I think your concerns are fair questions but it was the manner in which you brought them up that is questionable. To be truthful, we have all said things, especially with an accusatory tone, that we wish we had not. Whatever the case is here, I hope you continue to follow this blog as Steve’s insight is worth following.

    • You should probably reconsider what you write before hitting the submit comment button. Steve is one of the most honest reviewers in this business and he does it for the love of the hobby, not for some hidden agenda with Leica or any other company for that matter. Thank you as always Steve, I love your site!

      • Thanks Gustavo, David and Chris. Yes, I do this for the love and passion I have and believe me when I say I am not connected to ANY camera company. Even if Leica showered me with free M cameras and lenses I would not give them special treatment. I just write about my experiences, good and bad. How I see them. I am also happy that I have so many who follow those thoughts here on this blog.

        Duke, sorry if I sounded rude..just was a but insulted but I understand how someone could think that. It is just not the case. I am actually happy this new X2 is doing better because that is how it should be 🙂

        • Steve can be subjective, as we all are. Personally, I think that he can protect a bit the M9 by not doing funny comparison tests that I would like to see, but I don’t think he falls for company pressure. He can have brand likes, as we all have again, but even if sometimes he devotes lots of attention to one camera, in the long term I feel there’s a balance. Anyone can have at any moment suspicions of hidden motives, but if one reads this page in the long term –which is always a pleasure for me– one can agree or not with the opinions, but also feel pretty sure they’re free personal opinions, despite changes along time. So, Duke, I would eliminate those suspicions and enjoy the ride. Thanks Steve, thank you all. Personal opinion.

      • Does your comment add anything interesting to the discussion like many other people have done instead? Pathetic!

        • I know I’m such a loser. Pathetic really. But then again I don’t randomly throw out flippant accusations that are so far from reality, not to mention rude and disrespectful. You want me to “add to the conversation”, I think you’re a fake and have no right calling out a person’s integrity in the worst possible way. I could keep going…people who are a**holes on the Internet are my #1 pet peeve in life but I’ll stop there. Ask hard hitting questions about the gear, not the reviewer. He’s done plenty to prove himself.

        • Oh duke, I”m not adding anything to the discussion except to point out that you with your comments about steve’s approach to the review deserve a scolding!!

          don’t know why I wasted my time to write that… except that I”m still laughing:-)

          If you love the fuji, hooray. If you love the Leica, x2 hooray. (get it,x2, times 2 hooray!).

          • To hank –

            “If you love the fuji, hooray. If you love the Leica, x2 hooray. (get it,x2, times 2 hooray!).”

            Now THAT’s funny!

          • haha, I always try to be funny, but usually only one or 2 people get it…. i bought a nex 7 and sometimes I cry about that… see, its not always funny.

    • Out of the blue someone turns a (very common) poorer pre production camera firmware into some sort of Roswell Conspiracy. You’ve just gotta laugh at that! 😀

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