Video: The Leica X2 Ever Ready Case – $200 but where is the EVF/OVF holder?

Video: The Leica X2 Ever Ready Case – $200 but where is the EVF/OVF holder?

So I had a Leica X2 Ever Ready case pop in my house today. You know, the nice full leather luxurious brown one you see advertised sitting next to the new X2? Looks nice huh? I remember the case they sold with the X1, the grey one. That thing was awful. Hard, horrible fit, bad choice of color. Not sure who designed  that one but there were much better 3rd party choices for the X1 when it came to cases.

This new X2 case was advertised on a few websites as coming with an External EVF holder that attached to the strap, but mine did NOT come with one. You kind of need something like  this if you use any kind of VF with the X2 because you can not put the camera in the case and close it with the EVF or OVF on the cameras shoe.

When I researched the case on Leica’s own site I did not see any mention or picture of any kind of case for  the viewfinder. So, it may be a mistake that some stores (even Amazon has it listed as coming with a VF case) have listed for some reason. Either way it seems like an oversight as many will be using this new feature of the camera, using an EVF or the classic OVF. So this case can not really be used if you do like to have a VF to look through, unless you want to keep the $550 Leica EVF in your pocket.

But how is the case and fit?

The actual quality of this case is GORGEOUS. Not only is the leather quality outstanding this time around, the fit is nice. It’s not a tight fit by any means but it is also not all loose and wobbly. It fits about right. The case is an “ever ready” case and will hold and protect your X2 completely. Meaning, it covers the back and front of the camera. If you want to shoot with the X2 you un-snap the bottom and the front flaps over letting you shoot. One thing to note is that you can NOT use this as a half case as the front does NOT come off. I thought it would, which would have been cool…but it doest as the front flap is sewn into the bottom half.

The strap it comes with is nice and soft but for me a little on the short side. Leica should have made it a little longer because if you wear this around your body it is a few inches too short, and if you are tall then it will be even shorter on you. Other than the lack of a place to store your viewfinder and the short strap this is a lovely case. Made very well with high quality leather, nice fit, nice color, very classic looking and it protects your X2 fully. This would be a great case to store your camera in more than anything as using the camera with the case on is a little cumbersome. But that is just a nitpick. Only you can decide if $200 is with it to spend on this bad boy. It looks the part, feels the part and even smells the part.

This case is available from all of my recommended dealers:

Ken Hansen – E-Mail only at – he can wheel and deal 🙂

Pop Flash  – beware description here also says comes with VF holder and even says it works with grip (it does not). $187

Dale Photo – They have the case HERE at $190 and free shipping as well.

and of course B&H carries the case and you can see their stock status HERE – $199

FINALLY, Amazon has these and they are prime eligible. – $199-$209

Leica also sells a black half case and D-Lux style case for the X2. The black half case is the only one really compatible with the EVF/OVF unless you want to continually remove it and put it back on. 


  1. UPDATE:

    I agree with your assessment on the Ever Ready case. I too, found it beautiful and well made, but a problem using with the cover dangling and nonremovable.

    I ended up returning it (should have read your review before ordering) and opted to try the Leather Protector Half Case….I got mine from Ken Hansen (great guy and on your the list of recommended dealers). Very nice case and a bargain for the price, but I was concerned about the exposed LCD…..even with an LCD protector.

    In the end, I found the Luigi case suited me best. I know you said you’ve had some quality control issues, but I’ve had good luck on the Luigi cases. I’ve purchased four (Digilux 2, Panasonic GF1, Fuji X100, Leica X2) and they have all fit perfectly. A little pricey, maybe, but very nice and you are right about the “old world look”.

  2. Steve,
    Did you ever get the Leica half-case for the X2? What’s the verdict on that one?

    I picked up the ever-ready…..very nice quality and it isn’t too cumbersome to shoot with, although I agree that it would be nice if the cover were removable (i.e. like the Sony and Fuji cases). My problem is that it is unusable with the EVF.

    Looking forward to hearing whet you think of the Leica Half-case….

  3. It’s remarkably similar looking (from the front) to the Leica case for the old screw-mount Barnacks. I have a case that is probably 75 years old and still is fine with my IIIa. It looks like that one will age as well but I doubt whether anyone is using an X2 in 2087 (though I wouldn’t be surprised if my IIIa was).

  4. The case looks great tome and I’m about to order it along with the Sandisck extreme pro Steve personally recommend to me as a great fit for the X2. I sent him an email and had a response in my inbox within minutes. Thanks so much Steve, you really are a tremendous resource for this hobby.

    One complaint I have about the X2 I haven’t seen mentioned is the lack of ability to have a simple UV filter or any filter for that matter on the front of the lens. I find this odd, as all my lenses from other cameras have a filter on them, mostly to protect the lens from dust, fingerprints, scratches, etc.

    I hate taking a cleaning cloth to a lens as any abriasion whatsoever simply isn’t good. At least with a filter, you know your lens will remain as pristine as the day it left the factory. Isn’t it logical to allow for some type of lens protection?

    Just my 2 cents and something I am rather dissappointed about. Otherwise, I love the camera’s feel and quality. The case will help protect the body, so why not have something for sale to protect the most sensitive and important component of the camera, the lens.

  5. The X1/X2 is a bit fragile, and a case like this is not a bad idea. (I don’t own one, but a friend did, until she destroyed it by knocking it gently against a doorframe.)

    However, there are a boatload of case options on eBay, starting at about $15. You could try several of them without spending $200.

      • I purchased the one from Luigi per Claudio’s link and you can find them on Ebay. They are a bit pricey (same as Leica) but well worth it in my opinion. A very, very awesome well made product—was delivered fast from Italy in a day or two to US. I would not carry a Leica without it! or something similar.

        • Great!

          I posted the Luigi link as well as another link a couple of days ago but for some reason I ignore, Mr. Huff has not accepted them and they still remain on hold for moderation. I guess they must not be Real World…


          • Anytime commercial sites are posted they are automatically flagged and held as the comment section is not to be used for advertising businesses.

            With that said, If I actually enjoyed the Luigi cases I wouldn’t mind. I had two M9 cases from Luigi and neither fit right, they cost a fortune (his X1 full case is nearly $500) and made the camera big and bulky. But the main concern was the fit. The cut outs were all over the place and covered the back scroll wheel half way. So both of them were not even usable for me. As far as I know, he does not make and X2 case yet.

            His stuff is made from quality leather and gives your camera that old world look but you take chances on getting one not cut right. Many others have noted this as well.

          • I was not nor was it my intention to “advertise” business. I have no affiliation and/or vested interest in Luigi cases… all I intended to do was share alternatives to the Leica case and your “recommended”, or should I say “advertised” dealers. I thought the links I intended to share provided a good solution to the complaints you had about the Leica case.

            But I understand, it is your site and you set the rules and post whatever you want. When I posted those links I was going by your promoted “real world” free of any affiliation to any camera related business saying it the way it is approach… which clearly is not the case. You have affiliation with several vendors, you promote them via ads, you mention them on your posts and you benefit from clicks and that is perfectly OK… but let’s call a spade a spade and be clear about it.

            I now understand the rules, i.e. posting commercial links to other vendors than those you support and promote is strictly verboten on your site and my message here is that the forum should know that and not assume that you are always free of any sort of bias.

          • Hey Claudio,

            Thanks for your reply but you are way off base with just about everything you say. 1st of all, of course I take advertisers but I only accept ads from those who I shop with, have had no issues with and whom I have built up a relationship with. I have turned down at least 20 advertisers to date. PLus, this is no secret nor has it ever been. I clearly state on the “shop” page how this works. Do you have any clue how much this site costs me to keep going every month? Over 80k visits daily and someone has to pay for that Do you also realize how much time I put into this site? Easily 70-80 hours a week. You may not realize it but that is fact. So of course I accept advertisers as this is a 100% FREE site.

            I already mentioned why I do not allow links to products I do not feel are worthy or worth the purchase. I can spend $460 on a Luigi X1 case and take the chance of getting crooked cutouts and sloppy fit. To me, that is not a good buy. You still have to remove the case to change the battery, the SD card and the full top still doesn’t work with an EVF. Nothing against Luigi, it is just that the two M9 cases I had were very sloppy and at the price they go for, that was not acceptable, at least for me.

            But I have zero bias, never have and never will. I review gear and if I love it I say so. If it sucks, I say so. The guys who have ads here..Ken Hansen (legend), B&H (amazing), Dale (super service and nice people), pop flash (everyone knows tony) and lens rentals (best rental service online, period) are all guys I BUY FROM and they provide great products and service. I do have to pay the bills you know.

            But your accusations of me keeping things secret is way off base. Everyone who has read my site knows that if they use my links to purchase I get a small commission (and it IS small) – I post this at the end of every review and like I said, my “shop” page. My rules of posting to commercial vendors is just that, a rule. Why? because I have had many shops, sellers and retail sites attempting to advertise their businesses here via comments and unless I know who they are or shop from them myself then I do not allow it. If you have been a reader here for any sort of time you would know these things.



            PS – Why the bitterness and negativity anyway? Negativity can really suck the life out of you and is something that should really be avoided at all costs. So many people out there are so negative in life in general and this only brings more negativity and bitterness to them every day. Always best to be positive, happy, and full of life. We only live once so be happy man! The one secret to being happy in life is to be positive, even when negativity enters into your life. Take care and hopefully I have cleared things up for you.

          • I am responding here since I cannot below.

            I think you are being a bit too judgmental and paranoid. I am not accusing you of anything. Do you really honestly think that disagreeing with you or not liking something about your site and voicing my opinion makes me a bitter and negative person?

            My only point is that in your forum, where people exchange ideas and experiences, you do not allow alternate suggestions about alternate vendors, which I think is limiting and completely not real world. Case in point, the person that bought a case from Luigi loves it… and you say you had bad experiences. Maybe she was lucky, but perhaps had we had a chance to candidly discuss the issues perhaps you or someone else might have shared and alerted that person of the bad experiences. Same for other topics. That’s all, as simple as that.

            About you benefiting from the clicks… I already said I felt OK with it, I see nothing wrong with it and if you are successful monetizing your site, all the power to you, congrats. I have no issue with that at all.

            I am not going to comment on your condescending PS.

          • Hey Claudio, no paranoia here and I have allowed MANY links to sites, products, etc. Take a look at articles and you will see MANY links. I’ve already said all I can say on this matter. The bottom line is you got upset when I did not approve your link to Luigi quickly and posted another comment about how I did not approve it, then a comment accusing me of being biased to my advertisers and just biased in general as well as accusing me of being secretive about links making me a dollar or two IF something is purchased using them. SO I responded and that response had everything that needed to be said in it. Thanks for the comments though.

        • I purchased mine for my X1 (via Ebay) and yes just upgraded to the X2. For me the Luigi case (for X1) fits perfect to both cameras X1/X2 with good access to all controls. Mine is the half case with strap. I did not care for the full case which I believe almost doubles the price 🙁 . ——-Without the case I feel hypersensitive setting the camera down on any table or hard surface–(no “buffer zone” per the case provides).

          Steve, you have a awesome site & photo’s same!!

  6. By the way, you know of course that the EVF/ OVF holder will be made by Olympus.

  7. Would the ever-ready case for the X1 fit? I ask because I would want a case which take the camera with the handgrip attached. Or is the X2 to big to fit the old case?

  8. Steve!!! Demand your VF case immediately!!! just kidding. but, it is advertised as coming with the little case. “…designed to not only hold the camera but also contains a small case attached to the strap to hold the accessory finder…” as advertised by some internet retailers from NY

    About the case… love it. just wish the top would e removable so it could ack as a half case. one would think leica learned this when they started making cases like this about 80 years ago? but, no. simply to show a very hard headed german philosophy of doing things. like porsche. no matter what, a 911 will always be a 911.

  9. As always Leica delivers outstanding quality for a reasonable price, this is what we all want.

    Maybe they offer a sep. bag for then(Olympus) VF for around 100 bucks.

    Same type of case for the FZ 28 and FZ 40 cost me less than 30 bucks EACH!

    Probaly same factory in China.

    Best regards

  10. Hi Steve:

    Thanks for your video, I was just looking at cases, very timely for me. The case looks great, quality wise, unfortunately not so great from a design POV.

    Question: Is the case strap removable?…it appears that the strap that comes with the case is not removable and it’s permanently attached to the case. IMO, that would be another flaw.

    To the two shortcomings you point out I would add that it does not lend itself very well for situations where you decide to have a strap attached to the camera, forcing you to have to deal with two straps or, alternatively, when you don’t put a camera strap and decide to shoot without having to schlep the case around, you are left with a strapless camera and I don’t like that. My preference is to have a case to protect the camera while not in use, but I would not like to shoot with that cover hanging like that… seems to get on the way and it is obtrusive. My 2ç…


  11. “at $200..” “..of course it’s Leica, they’re always overpriced..”
    – Steve Huff

  12. I’m prepared to let an X2 get scuffed up rather than put it in that thing. It’s awful.

    Too big.

    • Careful what you wish for. The X1/2 is no tank. I dropped mine when getting out of a hot spring in Japan ( I know… not smart) and it fell about two feet to the ground. The fall punctured a small hole in the bottom corner of the camera and it started fritzing out like it was on ecstasy. Basically no matter what the lighting condition or manual setting it thought 1/15 2.8 was a good exposure to go with on every shot.

      Moving on….I got the X1 fixed. Looking all new and spiffy I took it out for a day of shooting with an RD-1. I forgot to affix some sort of screen protection and while wearing both cameras around my neck the LCD screen got scratched so easily from the Epson that it might as well have been made of melted butter. The back screen is hard enough to use in sunlight, having a bunch of scratches on it makes it 3 times as hard.

      Obviously I was very disappointed in myself. I’m not saying to get that case, just be aware of the cameras fragility and learn from my mistakes.

      • Thanks. It’s definitely something I’d have to get used to. My D3 is built like a tank – that LCD is virtually bomb proof, so yes, It’s going to take some careful thought on my part if I go the way of the X2.

        But the case is still ugly.

  13. Well I don’t have the case can’t afford it after Steve posted those photos of the X2 mine is now on order thanks a lot Steve, my pocket book is screaming STOP. Now I have to unload my X1 whew I need a stiff drink.

    Regards all

  14. I can’t understand why it doesn’t come in two parts so that you can use it as a half leather case. I would have bought one of these for my X1, but not being able to take the top off is a deal breaker!

  15. Steve- I wondered when I saw this come out, how would it fit an X1? What about with an optical viewfinder on top? Also, is it real leather and where is it made? Thanks!

  16. Hi, Steve. Strange oversight, same with Sony. My Nex5N EVF comes in a small cloth/nylon drawstring pouch. No little plastic keeper as for the flash to attach to the carry strap.

  17. But how does it compare to the Fuji X100 case? Comparison images?

    Haha, just kidding. Don’t answer that.

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