Add some grippage to your Sony RX100! The Richard Franiec RX100 Grip is here!

Add some grippage to your Sony RX100! The Richard Franiec RX100 Grip is here!

Last week I received a package in the mail from Mr. Richard Franiec, the guy who makes all of the cool grips for the smaller cameras out there today. He makes them for the Nikon 1 series, Olympus EM1 and others. When I found out he had one for the new RX100 I told him to send one my way! It arrived and in my opinion it is a must have accessory for any RX100 user. It is made of metal and of super quality. It is easy to apply and takes less than a minute while adding a great grip to the camera so it is much more comfortable to hold. The good thing is that it does not make the camera big and bulky like some of the grips sold today. It’s sleek and slim.

The grip sells for $34.95 on Richards website so you can buy direct from him HERE.

I made a quick YouTube video showing how it looks on the camera so take a look below! Thanks!


  1. I’ve got one for my Nikon J1: Never again without! It is alot easier now to take pictures while climbing in the mountains.


  2. I agree with those saying that SONY should have designed a good grip for the camera itself. The moreso that this is a rather expensive camera. So that having to buy an attachment is ridiculous indeed. It’s like buying an expensive car that has no airbag for example !!


  3. The reviews for the grip are impressive and I was ready to place an order. But, I realized that being left handed I held the camera in my left hand using the thumb and the index finger. My right hand was then free to lightly grip the right side of the camera to press the shutter button. Sadly, the grip was of no value to me. There is little or no room for such a grip on the left side. I wonder about other left handed users.

  4. I wonder, how is it mounted? Can I easily add and remove it up to what I need? Perhaps the grip makes it easier to handle, but the camera with the grip installed won’t fit into an underwater housing, I guess.

  5. Just enquiring if the grip for D-lux 5 will fit D-Lux 6 ?. Have one on my DP2 they are the best.

  6. This has transformed the feel of my RX100 and it hasn’t made the camera feel any bigger. Still slips in a shirt pocket with no problem. I now have one handed operation with confidence. Very easy to fit – less than 1 minute. I just lined it up before hand to check alignment and then removed the protective backing paper and on it went – brilliant!

  7. I think that those who are more concerned with design aesthetics rather than the practical solution that the Franiec grip provides have their priorities backward.
    I do agree that Sony should have provided a better solution themselves.While I do appreciate good design, form should follow function every time.
    Apple makes the same mistake by making a nice device like the IPad that is too thin and slick to hold securely without adding a cover of some other sort of “grip” solution.

  8. To those who complain that the grip makes the camera look like a Sony…don’t buy one! If you’re really that concerned about what your point & shoot camera looks like, buy a Leica.

  9. Hi, I just wanted to add my opinion (as a viewer) that the guitar theme in the video intro clashes with a) the whole vibe of your no-nonsense and sophisticated written stuff and b) the nature of the content. It seems more like C|Net then Steve Huff. 8^)

  10. Why are camera makers so clueless about the importance of being able to hold on to your camera? This add-on works great on the RX100 just as his product did on the S90. I love clean design too but not at the expense of a grip that is comfortable, secure, and steady. Some companies apparently do understand (Om-D, X Pro-1), but make you pay extra to get a grip. I’d prefer a grip designed into the camera, not an add-on.

  11. The top part of the grip offers little grip as it is thin and distorts the geometry. Better make it smaller, the size of the hump itself, with a little line to go along with the line of the camera.

  12. This is a well designed grip but I think it is a bit overpriced. I will get one and it will sell a lot more if it were priced lower like $20 to $25. The camera is too small that if you hold it with one hand using the grip, part of your palm will block the view from the screen. Added to that is the inconvenience of using the back control buttons. I prefer using my left hand holding the camera and use my right hand to push the control buttons as needed including zoom. Maybe I don’t need to buy the grip after all.

  13. I’ve been holding the RX100 with the thumb underneath and three fingers on top. Then pressing the shutter with the middle finger, not the index. Confident feeling. Or pinching the camera and using the index finger for the shutter.

    The grip looks a little bit like an aid for arthritis holder like, rather than a flair of confidence.

    Every grip from Franiec has been a delight, the S100 is nice and minimalistic, the E-PL3 nice and secure and smaller than this one. I wonder about this one. This 8.5 ounce camera is easily grabbed in the hand with confidence, as the hand closes on it completely. So to carry it around it is fine. I use the wrist wrap too. Then to shoot, there is the index or middle finger options.

    Unlike the E-PL3 which looked sporty or the S100 which just enhanced the camera look, this one looks like something made at home. Finished professionally, but the lines are not streamlined, classy or sexy. I have an S100 grip and it still cuts the horizontal line which matches the lens horizontal line. Also the S100 grip will protude at the edge. I think a redesign that respects the horizontal line of the camera, which is a thinning line will be more sporty.

  14. I have one of these on my Canon s90, and another on my Nikon V1. In both cases, the camera is so much improved that I don’t understand why the manufacturers didn’t make them that way in the first place.

    On many of these smaller cameras, “design” seems to have trumped practicality and usefulness.

    Mr. Franiec’s products are carved out of solid metal, and the adhesives are easy to use and completely reliable. Great products!!

  15. I am sure it is very effective…, but…, its sculptured contour contradicts the fundamental design premise of the RX 100 which resides in its geometric sleekness…, and it overrides the beautiful horizontal dividing line of the front in a way that makes it look sort of like the Phantom of the Opera face mask.

    Both of these could easily be overcome with a configuration consistent with the camera’s basic elegance–AND I TRULY HOPE MR. FRANIEC WILL CONSIDER DESIGNING ANOTHER. I’ll buy it in a minute.

    • I read a comment from Mr. Franiec saying his grip for the Canon S100 would also work on the RX100, that might be more to your liking. Personally, I like this design better, to each their own.

      • Neither. Mr. F can design a grip that is based specifically on the design of the RX100–and if he would like, I’ll send him a sketch with the right geometry. I’d make it myself but i don’t have a clue how…, and Mr. F builds ’em perfect.

        Irude, the second comment above got it right: it’s a Panasonic design.

  16. I got mine this past Saturday and it’s fantastic. I really love the finish of the RX100 and wasn’t sure I wanted to add anything to the body. The grip really feels like it belongs on the RX100. Great job Richard!

  17. I have the same Franiec grip for the Sigma DP-2 and it should have came with the camera!

    EZ install, and nice looks- excellent guality.. good price too.

  18. Original RX100 seems like a camera from Leica, the grip makes it looks like a camera made by Panasonic.

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