1. Two of the biggest Leica dealers in Norway has the Noctilux, 50lux, 21lux, 35lux in stock, but no Summarits.

    Summarits is the new Summilux;)

    • Just bought the 50lux yesterday from the local dealer her in Bergen, Norway.
      I will not think of the price and just enjoy the beauty of this lens 🙂
      A few portraits yeasterday blew my mind 🙂
      Will sell my Summarit 50 and 90 though.

  2. It seems that Leica has improved lenses production recently. that’s why 2nd hand price keep going south.

  3. Just got my silver one out of Amazon. Sometimes you are dying to get one, sometimes they just pop out everywhere…

  4. Wow. I didn’t think I would see that happening during my lifetime. If I wouldn’t have one already I would buy one immediately. It is just such a wonderful lens. D!RK

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