Update on “The Cruise” and Fuji X-Pro 1 Firmware 2.0!

Hello to all and happy Friday! As many of you know I have been on a cruise ship for the past week as part of the 1st ever Steve Huff Photo Cruise! I have survived with absolute minimal internet connection as well. Most of the posts that went up last week were scheduled posts but today I have found a Starbucks in Newport Rhode Island so I can finally give an update!  Whew…what a week!

Those who have joined me on this cruise have been wonderful and from all over the world including France, Belgium, Germany, and  Switzerland! We have seen sights across the east coast and captured many memorable moments in photos. The cruise ends tomorrow morning and tonight we plan to go over photos we all captured along the way. 

Our group in St Martins – shot and processed by Ingo on his X-Pro 1 using a fisheye Rokinon lens (which ROCKS)

From left to right: Ingo, Me, Debby, Autumn, Todd, Jean Francois, Tania, Martine, Jean, Peter

I have been shooting with the Fuji X-pro 1 all week. Using the Fuji 35 1.4 and a Leica mount 60 1.2 Hexanon the image quality, as always with Fuji, can not be denied. The photos I am showing here are all straight from camera pretty much as I do not even have Photoshop on this machine I am using. So what you see is what I got 🙂

I shot for two days with the last firmware for the X-Pro 1 and the rest of the week with Version 2.0. I wanted to shoot both to see if I noticed a speed difference when it came to AF. There is also another guy on the cruise with me shooting the X-Pro 1 and we both updates the cameras at the same time and then we went out to shoot. We both agreed that the speed increase is not huge at all but minimal. Still, even with minimal increases it is better than no speed increase.

It seems to focus about as fast as my NEX-7 right now but when compared against the very 1st firmware Fuji shipped the camera with it is almost night and day. When I first reviewed the X-Pro 1 I nicknamed it the “X-Slow 1” due to its sluggish AF performance and overall speed. Today when shooting the X-Pro 1 it feels much snappier all the way around. It is still not a camera meant for any kind of action shooting but it is comparable to other cameras on the market. Some are faster, some are slower so the X-pro 1 is right in the middle.

Testing the Voigtlander 15mm on the X-Pro 1 – No red corners, no issues. The X-Pro 1 does well with most wide-angle Leica mount glass. 

So overall I have grown to really like the Fuji X-Pro 1 because with the latest speed enhancements and features (which include better magnification options when Manually focusing and higher ISO when using Auto ISO) it is a great tool and has given me no problems all week besides the occasional missed shot due to low light focusing not being so hot.

As for the cruise, we have been having a great time with nightly dinners together in the main dining room with some fantastic food and desserts. I will make a post soon with photos from everyone who attended as soon as I am able to get some shots from them.

So that is all the time I have right now as we have to go explore Newport! Below are some of my shots from the trip using the X-Pro 1! I will be back home and back to regular updates starting Monday!

Enjoy your weekend!

Peggys Cove – Halifax, Nova Scotia – X-Pro 1 and 35 1.4

At the gravesites of those who died on the Titanic

St Johns

St. Martins  – my favorite stop on this cruise. Beautiful and scenic and FUN! 35 1.4

Todd and Autumn Hatakeyama enjoying some home made Ice Cream! 8mm Fisheye

Hugh Jackman even joined us on the ship 🙂 35 1.4

Great scenery and I believe that is Ingo in the lighthouse getting some shots – 35 1.4

We all know that Fuji is known for its colors…this one POPS. 35 1.4

Last chance – 35 1.4

Jean Francois getting some shots…

CRACKED! 35 1.4

Bar Harbour Maine – A pooch waiting for his owner – 35 1.4

Boston – A man shooting US with his Fuji X100

Inside Starbucks – 35 1.4

Here I am in an old 1600s cemetery – shot by Todd 

My favorite stops have been St Martins, Boston and Bar Harbour.  Before I sign off for now here are a a few behind the scenes shots…more to come! HAVE A GREAT WEEKEND!!!!

a couple from Ingo!


  1. I am asking a question here more than a comment, I am new to the X Pro1 and have ordered the Fuji M Mount for using some RF glass. What I haven’t been able to find out, is whether the stabilization feature works when in manual focus M mount mode.

  2. Steve I’m thinking of getting the XE1 but already own a OMD and a Nex5N GAS demands I get the Fuji. However the main reason for the lust is the IQ how much better is it then the OMD or Nex5N????? Lenses 14mm, 12-50 kit and 100-400 along with sigma 30 for m43. And for Next kit and pancake along with both sigmas. None of the cameras / lens combo come close to my mark 3 in overall use and IQ.

  3. Ingo .. care to elaborate on the Rokinon fisheye setup? EXIF tells a diff story especially for the group shot i.e. f1 and at 90mm??

    • Well as you can tell the group shot posted could not be shot with a 90mm lens 🙂 The Rokinon doesn’t send data to the camera so it is much like using a Leica lens on the camera body. No EXIF.

  4. so, all of sudden X-pro1 is a good camera now. smearing details in 100% crop , inaccurate and slugish AF are gone. WhooHooo!!!

  5. Could someone please put this focusing speed into context. I’m retiring from professional photography next year and will be selling my d700 stuff, mainly be amuse of the weight. While I don’t expect the x series to focus as quick as a 700 does anyone know if its as quick as say a d40x or d3000 for example?

  6. Looks like you folks had a blast, Steve. I’m jealous! 🙂
    Hey, where is that cemetery you posed in? I love photographing old cemeteries, and the older the better.

  7. > Testing the Voigtlander 15mm on the X-Pro 1 – No red corners, no issues. The X-Pro 1 does well with
    > most wide-angle Leica mount glass.

    X-Pro 1 shows terrible smearing with VL 15, as it does with most wide-angle Leica mount glass. Not a big issue with portraits or street shooting. Big issue with landscapes.

  8. i envy such a nice group of people (in a good way)
    work to live not live to work!! seems they are having a great time
    does anyone know what kind of watch is steve huff using? i know silly materialistic question but the true is i like it lot…it looks stunning…and rugged..to stand use and abuse…
    greetings from spain barcelona

  9. Steve you have to travel around Newfoundland and Nova Scotia lots to photograph bay of fundy icebergs?
    Colurful peeople It goes on sorry to hear you didn’t really enjoy Canada it’s a great country

    • You may want to re-read the post. Steve said one of his favourite places was St. Martin, which is indeed in Canada.

    • Just to add to the embarassment, the Bay of Fundy is in New Brunswick and the Iceburgs are in Newfoundland…;-)

      • I know that are you people Don Rickles relatives I know where the icebergs used to be
        I don’t put you down for not knowing anything about Canada that we drive sleds and have moose in our front yards and live in igloos and we are communists lol chill as far as I know st martins was a place in the Caribbean and Lima is a place in Ohio lol

  10. I might be missing something, but I fail to see what’s so beautiful about these photos. (both technically and artistically). Looks like a waste of what seems to be a good camera.

  11. I love the blue iPad lady. I know it’s almost as crazy as shooting with your camera on a laptop, but people will shoot with what they have. And frankly she can see the entire shot clearly. Very view cameraesque. I’m waiting for the Lightning bolt connector from a future iPad to a digital large format lens – I can dream right.

    Regardless, you seem to be having a ton of fun Steve. Wishing you well. Perhaps if you have a Hawaii or west coast cruise I can convince the wife.

  12. Looks like you all had a great time. Steve or Ingo, with the new firmware, how was the manual focusing? Thanks Steve, and keep up the great work.

    • Focusing is great. No focus peaking but you can see the sharpness well enough to shoot with manuel focus.
      I used a Leica 90mm for example and got no problems. You can use 2 magnifications now. switching between them rotating the upper thumb dial. Best regards, Ingo

  13. Thanks for the pictures and the comments. I hope you make the cruise (or some such vacation) an annual event. (Also, I hope you move it back or forward a month so I can go.)

    I would be interested in hearing more of your comparisons between cameras. The Fuji seems well-designed for certain styles of shooting, but not for others. The colors and sharpness are good, but you seem to have avoided action shots and wide-open apertures.

    The blues in the photos seem particularly good. Were any of these shot with a polarizer?

  14. Great Times & Pics Steve! I Wish I Knew You Guys Were Stopping In Boston, I Would Have Stopped By & Said Hello! Maybe A Future Workshop In Boston? I’ll Definitely Be At That One! Have A Safe Journey Home & Looking Forward To More Pics. btw…ordered the new M today 😉

  15. Great overview. You really had a nice day here in Boston. Today the morning was very gray and cold but now it has cleared up and the sun is out. BTW Your boat was huge. D!RK

      • Hi David,
        I really like this straightening tool ! Do you know if the plug-in also works in Lightroom?

        • Kris – if you Google for “Fisheye Hemi” you’ll find Image Trends’ website, here: http://www.imagetrendsinc.com/products/ ..where they say “..The Fisheye-Hemi Plug-In is a set of Adobe® Photoshop® compatible plug-ins, and a plug-in for Apple Aperture, that produce aesthetically pleasing images from a fisheye lens”.

          They further say “64 bit version now available for Photoshop and Aperture!” and “Fisheye-Hemi is a set of plug-in filters for Photoshop, Photoshop plug-in compatible applications, and Apple Aperture which provide correction for hemispheric fisheye lens distortion”.

          I don’t see any mention of Lightroom. But why don’t you go to their Support page ( http://www.imagetrendsinc.com/ITIASP/support/Plugins/support.aspx ) and ask them? Remember, as I wrote before, my pal Lennart says “Google is your friend”.

  16. Colors often look a bit muddy and missing contrast……
    Steve, your the one I trust about the general value of cameras,, thank you, I am waiting your opinion about the I.Q. value of new M cmos versus CCD of M9, and versus CMOS of Sony RX1.
    Kind Regards. Jacques Leclerc

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