Download the new NEX-7 Firmware Update Version 1.01

Download the new NEX-7 Firmware Update Version 1.01

Well it seems that Sony has listened to the requests of the NEX-7 shooters and delivered a firmware update for their cameras! You can download the update HERE.

What will this firmware fix do?

Addition of capability to enable or disable the MOVIE button!

Addition of exposure settings of bracket shooting (three frames /1.0EV,2.0EV, 3.0EV)

Improvement of response for showing auto review image.

Improvement of image quality when using a wide-angle lens!!

Improvement of indication when setting “Flexible Spot”.

I just bow downloaded this update for my NEX-7 as I have been waiting as well! Thanks Sony!


  1. Hi,
    Awesome blog you have here, really helpful. I have a NEX 7, even after updating my firmware, I cant actually am able to change get the exposure setting options for Auto bracketing. Is there something I am missing. 😉

  2. Did some searching around the webz. It looks like the 1.01 update deliberately removed Sigma compatibility with the Nex 7. Another update needs to be released.

  3. After using their live chat service, I’m not confident at all with what they can provide without charging me an arm and a leg.

  4. Does anyone’s NEX-7 have frequent freezing sessions? I take a few photos, and then the camera freezes. The only thing that fixes it is removing and replacing the battery. This is frequent, every 3-10 shots.

  5. A step in the right direction. They made a great camera better and it’s still my favourite but it’s still missing everything from my wish list. The bracketing upgrade is nice but there’s no Custom C Modes (For all the gripes about the ‘virtual’ mode dial, this would have been a great addition) and Playback mode still plays favourites between photo and video,

    It still overheats unpredictably in video mode, the biggest disappointment for me. I’m hoping for a few bonus features they didn’t document but overall I’m still waiting for more.

  6. Nex7 Firmware update will not install on my mac 10.6.8.
    I get this window in the update application.

    “If the camera is connected, this application cannot be initialized properly. Disconnect the USB cable.”

    When I do the install app quits. Camera has to be connected and on for me to get this window. Mass storage is selected.

    Any clues what I am doing wrong.

  7. It would be great if we could get update for the 5N as well. Any idea if this is on the horizon? I would have loved 3EV bracketing this weekend in Toronto. And I must have inadvertently recorded have a dozen movie clips.

  8. Whats with the USB cable approach ? Why not dump the file to a card and upgrade within the camera as other manufacturers have done

    • I know Fred, talk about primitive. A 50mb download too. Never updated firmware this way before today and the time it took when compared to other cameras I was getting a tad worried half way through the time it was taking, all is OK though.

  9. Sony just earned 20 customer loyalty points with me. Nice work, Sony!

    Finally, no more missed shots because it’s recording a video of the inside of the lens cap.

    Finally, useable bracketing configurations.

    The other 3 improvements are fine, but these 2 have been on my firmware upgrade wish list since day 1 with the Nex 7

  10. It only took Sony almost a whole year but we got it in the end thank goodness!!!

    I’ve got to be honest, I am grateful for this firmware update – incredibly so – but looking at Sony’s pathetic record of support for their camera systems when it comes to firmware updates will almost certainly put me off buying Sony in future unless they up their game.

    Can’t wait to disable that stupid video button! 🙂

  11. Wait a minute! Like someone mentioned, this update is from the UK site and suggests it is an update for a PAL version of the NEX7 with 25/50p video. Sure it might update just fine on US-spec NTSC 24/60p cameras, but can anyone confirm that the update won’t also change the video recording to 25/50p replacing the 24/60p recording it’s supposed to do with NTSC firmware?

  12. I understand that the movie button is a pain… but it seems strange that a useful feature to disable another useful feature is applauded!!

    • If you have never missed a shot because you had inadvertently touched the movie button, you would not understand. If you had missed many shots because of it, it would be abundantly clear.

      • Hear, hear! The “Movie” button has annoyed me since day one. I am so happy for this update. Now, my NEX 7 is (almost) perfect.

        All I need now is the Zeiss 24/1.8

  13. Yes. Hallelujah! I will be keeping the NEX 7 now. Getting rid of the movie button would have been enough, but great improvement for wide angle and real bracketing. I feel like I just got a new camera! Thanks, finally, Sony!

    • Hi Juno
      Please let us know if the new firmware improves matters enough not to have to use corner-fix any longer with the 12/15mm Voigtlanders, I realize some vignetting would still be present but fixing the cast in the corners with firmware would be great if it was possible!
      Many thanks

  14. OK, updated, but where are the instructions regarding implementation of the update features, or do we just start searching through the menus looking for something new? No mention on Sony site or a new addendum.

    • I don’t get your reply Dogbum….

      I think that was a bullshit solution to have a menu setting in the bullshit menu system to enable/ disable the movie button…. come on.

      my habit was to grab the camera from the sack (its always in the same way, lens down) and as I’ve grabbed it turn it on with my index finger.
      by the time its at my eye, its ready to take a picture…. I keep it in my hand, with the red button out of the way of any wrong pressing…and when the image possibility has passed, I turn it off with my index finger and place her back in the sack.
      All without looking at it.

  15. Absolutely love this update… My only gripe with my Nex7 was hitting the movie record button by mistake and now this little annoyance is gone, thank you Sony.

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