Happy Thanksgiving! Black Friday is just about here! Special Deals and what I am thankful for.

Happy Thanksgiving! Black Friday is just about here! Special Deals.

It’s that time yet again! Every year I usually make a post with some kind of black Friday deals but the truth is that you guys know what you want and how to look for it. If you want a Fuji X100, you know you can get it at Amazon or B&H Photo. If you want a Leica Noctilux you know you can give Ken Hansen an e-mail and say “I WANT IT”. If you have been lusting after a 35 or 50 Summuilux ASPH you can call the Pro Shop at 561-253-2606. PopFlash has loads of cool Leica gear in stock as well right now and Dale Photo even has that cool new Leica book called “99 Years of Leica” which I hope to review soon. I have heard great things about it and will have one here to peruse soon πŸ™‚ More deals below but 1st…

It is Thanksgiving today and as the Turkey is cooking and the smells are filling the house with that familiar holiday aroma I am sitting at my desk being thankful for the things I have now without worrying about what I will have tomorrow. I am thankful for my son Brandon, who has always been the greatest kid ever. Never has given me one cause to worry and even as a 16 year old hormone filled teen he is never disrespectful or rotten. I am his dad and we are also best friends as well and that is pretty special to me. Β I am also thankful for my modest home, my fiancee and her daughters. They have been in my life for well over a year now and it has been awesome having someone here with me who I can get along with and have so much fun with. I am thankful for having what I have, even if it is not that much or anything to brag about. I am thankful for my health and the fact that at age 43 I am still feeling like I am 23. I am thankful for this website and ALL of you who stop by to read it. You may not always agree with me but that is a part of life. If we all agreed on every little thing the world would be a boring place.

So thanks once again to ALL of you who visit this site. It has grown quite a bit over the past year and 2012 has been the best yet. I also thank the site sponsors for helping keep this website alive and for those who send me their products for review so there is always something interesting to look at. I also thank those of you who submitted guest posts and daily inspirations all year long! These are the things that keep this community going and growing and I hope to grow even more in 2013. There will be 2-3 workshops in 2013 and possibly a new 2013 Cruise to all new destinations. I am planning the RV Road trip for me and 4-5 others as we trek across Route 66 looking for amazing photo opportunities. So much is yet to come and yes, I am thankful for that as well. So I guess I am thankful for what is to come after all πŸ™‚

So to everyone, enjoy your day and family and I hope you spend it doing whatever it is you love to do the most. Thank you all!


Oh, and don’t forget the Black Friday deals! Links Below to B&H Photo and Amazon!

B&H Photo Black FridayΒ – Main page

Amazon Black FridayΒ – Main page

Batteries for the Sony RX1 – CHEAP and now in stock at Amazon (wont last once camera ships, and you will need them! I ordered three) $7.85 each!

SANDISK Extreme 32Gb SD Card – $32

SANDISK Extreme 64 GB SD card – $64

FUJI X100 BLACK with 2% Rewards back – $1399

Nikon V1 and 10-30 Zoom with a HUGE price drop. This is a steal.

NIKON V1 ULTIMATE KIT AT A HUGE savings! With 10-100 power zoom, flash, adapter, case, kit lens and more for $899

LensRentals 25% off rentals and Used Lenses deals!Β Here is a list of all items for sale.

Other HOT gear in stock NOW.

Olympus 60 Macro – Amazing lens..review soon. $499 at Amazon

EVF for Sony RX1 – Not in stock but ships around same time as RX1 (2-3 weeks)

Desirable black paint Leica 50 Summilux with classic knurled focus ringΒ – USED but this is a great lens.

Leica 35 Summilux FLE in stock!

One of the best 90mm lenses you can get for your Leica, the 90 Summarit and its the cheapest! Email Ken Hansen HERE.

Leica M-E in stock.Β Also HERE

Leica D-Lux 6 in stock

Sony NEX-6 in stock!

The son of the RX1, the amazing RX100

Leica 35 Summircon USED DEAL!

Olympus OM-D with Kit Zoom…black.Β 

Black Special edition Olympus 12mm f/2

One of my fave lenses and beautiful on the Leica MM – IN STOCK!


  1. Wish you (Amercians) a pleasant holiday!

    Here in Europe we don’t know anything about “Black Friday” – just reminds me of the crash at the stock exchange Friday back in 1929, the start of the great depression but for sure no connex for holidays.

    Nor are we eating turkey around this time of the year…we are starting to look what christmas presents we may buy and in the upcoming two weeks we will go to the christmas tree market to get a nice tree which we are not (!) using until December 24th, where we decorate it. Anyone who does have small children even hides that tree until the evening on December 24th.

    So – NO holiday season in Europe – “normal” working days these days.

  2. Happy Thanksgiving Steve! For me… looking backwards this year, my company was purchased by a foreign business and thus eliminated my entire department and though I was laid off… I am grateful there is still job opportunities out there. I am grateful for having spent four of those unemployed months taking care of my dog, who passed away Aug 19th. He was 8 yrs old when I adopted him. Shortly after his 13th birthday his health deteriorated so much, his pain and suffering was evident. Being unemployed, I had no financial options to save him other than euthanizing him. I will always be grateful for the daily outdoor walks in the park with him. At 57 years of age, my dog made me feel as though I were 37 without him, I don’t think I would have experienced the outdoors and photography as much. I too am grateful for much. I wish, I could give more of what little I have left. Rest in Peace… my Prince.

  3. Happy Thanksgiving from Ireland! And many many thanks for running this great site, like many others above have said it’s a daily read for me! Happy Holidays!

  4. Steve thanks for the tips on some great deals here. However “Batteries for the Sony RX1 – CHEAP and now in stock at Amazon (wont last once camera ships, and you will need them! I ordered three) $7.85 each!”

    Yep a super price but it’s an after market battery. For me I’d rather pay the $30 or so for a real SONY battery cause I’m not sure it’s worth ANY risk in using an after market $7 battery in a $2800 camera. Just my neurotic opinion πŸ™‚ Happy Holidays!

  5. I’m really grateful for your site, Steve: a running photographic education! It’s my almost daily fix when i click “Huff” on my toolbar! Greetings for your US celebration from Denmark!

  6. Happy thanksgiving from Down-under Steve!! And thank you for your passion, expertise and sincerity throughout. There wouldn’t be a day go by that i don’t visit your site; it has inspired me to get back in to photography after a lay-off of some 20 years. For that, I am truly thankful! My first child was born last Saturday and I can’t wait to document his life in pictures, amongst other things of course. I have much to be grateful for and your sharing above prompted me to reflect on my good fortune. So again, thanks and best wishes!!

  7. My trips to the US have never coincided with Thanksgiving, but it sounds like a worthy institution, albeit so close to Christmas.

    I know it’s a time when the turkeys are nervous, but them aside, what a wonderful thing to celebrate and as its name describes, to give thanks to those who enabled everyone to live in a manner the free world worked for.

    The US is exceptional in many regards, despite being told otherwise, and its people have individually created great enterprises, despite being told otherwise. And together the totality of such endeavour becomes a great power for good and a bulwark against tyranny.

    So, here’s to you and yours, Steve, from Downunder, and a thanksgiving from a grateful ally since Dec.7 , 1941.

  8. Steve and you all, happy thanksgiving from Spain. Can the turkey have a special Leica inside! Or whatever brand you like –even a Sony…

  9. My son married an American lady two years ago so understand why you folks across the pond celebrate Thanksgiving.
    Best wishes to Steve and his now extended family, and to all fellow subscribers to his website – may it long continue.

  10. Happy Thanksgiving Steve & family!! I’m thankful for you and your wonderful website and look forward to all the new reviews!


  11. Thanks Steve for all the amazing opinions, reviews and photos. Already ordered the book πŸ™‚ Dale’s price seems cheaper than price at Amazon, which I saw from The Leica Forum newsletter. And that comes with free shipping to UK. Nice!

  12. Happy Thanksgiving Steve, and your family. Thanks for the great site, wonderful pictures, reviews and sharing.

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