New Ilford B&W Disposable Cameras – XP2 and HP5 to go..

New Ilford B&W Disposable Cameras – XP2 and HP5 to go..

So you want a Leica Monochrom but do not want to shell out the mega cash to obtain one? Want to shoot B&W and get that classic feeling? How about spending $15-$25 for a disposable B&W camera with REAL B&W film, one option even coming with a pre-paid envelope for processing? Well soon you can with the Ilford Disposable B&W film cameras ๐Ÿ™‚ With the XP2 version you can get the film developed at any location that does C41 (Walgreens, etc) and with the HP5 version you can do it yourself or have it done at a lab or send it in with a pre-paid envelope!

They will be available any day now at your fave shops such as B&H Photo, etc so if it floats your boat then get ready for some fun ๐Ÿ™‚

Some of my old XP2 and HP5 images ๐Ÿ™‚


  1. Steve, as a complete novice…are there any differences I should know about in using one camera over the other? Particularly with ease of getting the film developed? Thanks!

  2. 15-25 dollars? I just bought 4 disposables for 11 dollars a few weeks ago. I think at that price you could get a cheap film camera and then just add the black and white film inside.

  3. So…. ILFORD is in huge problems? I mean, a decision to release a product like this, seems so desperate in todays environment, probably they try to come up with something to make some money….

    I reall yhope Ilford will stay in business and sell 35mm film products for several more decades….

  4. I use xP2 with great success on my M4 and get developed and scanned at Costco for around $5. Great film no matter what anyone says!

  5. Steve. Did you take these images with one of these cameras or with a regular camera and the film types? Somehow they look familiar to some images you posted a while ago. Just checking if they represent the optical quality of the cameras. Thanks. Great product. D!rk

  6. i use to reload those disposable with tri-x in 1993 when my m4-p broke down, got them for free (and emptied lol ) from a small photo lab. It even had a flash. I should have tried it with kodachrome, tempus fugit.

  7. This looks like a great idea for those of us who have been shooting digital cameras. I’ve been wanting to buy a Leica M film camera but one of the challenges is where to get the film developed. This way I could at least try out a couple of the labs to see how they do before plunking down a good bit of cash for the Leica film camera!

    • If thinking about a Leica camera but not new M7 or MP โ€” which means you’ll get an old and used Leica โ€” I suggest you’d be better off buying a good, new film camera still in production, like Zeiss Ikon, which takes all Leica M lenses.
      The price of the new Ikon and used Leicas start at about the same price, and then Leica bodies get more and more ridiculously expensive. Why such a course of action?
      By supporting film cameras still in production, we encourage camera manufactures still interested in affordable film camera production to invest more, and like that we also make film shooting more vital, ensuring its more brighter future.

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