DEAL ALERT: Last chance for the Nikon V1 closeout specials…


Last chance for the Nikon V1 closeout deals…

B&H Photo must have had loads of Nikon V1 stock as they have been clearing them out for the last couple of months now. Last time I wrote about this deal I purchased one myself to give to my Son as part of his Christmas gift. He now shoots the V1 and it has pretty much replaced his aging D2h 🙂

B&H has raised the price of the V1 and 10-30 combo from $299 to $349 but they have other specials as well, one of which is the “superkit” featuring the V1, 10-30, 10-100 Power Zoom (which sells for $749 on its own), the Nikon lens adapter, the external flash and a bag for $799. Yep, $799 for the entire kit including all of the extras. It was not that long ago that a Nikon V1 and 10-30 would set you back $850. Today you can get the camera, lens, power zoom, adapter, flash and bag for $799!

I know many of you took advantage of the $299 deal for the camera and one lens just like I did and now I am tempted to grab this “superkit” as it is giving so much for the money. One could buy this kit and sell it in pieces and make money it seems.

Let’s see…

Sell V1 and 10-30 for $250

Sell 10-100 for $450

Sell adapter for $90

Sell Flash for $75

Sell bag for $20

If you took it all and sold it you would make just about $85 profit. Crazy!

The reason this post says “last chance” is because I heard it through the grapevine that there are not many of these left, and once they are gone they are gone. The Nikon V2 is out and going for $850 with just the 10-30 and from what many have been saying it is a small improvement over the V1 in the IQ dept. Nikon also recently released the 18.5 1.8 lens which you can read about HERE. Great lens for this system and under $200.

For anyone looking for a nicely built and made camera that puts out sharp detailed 10MP files with great color, the Nikon V1 is currently a steal. You can read my review HERE as well as Craig Litten’s review HERE. Craig LOVES his V1 and will most likely have it with him shooting during our Daytona Bike Week workshop in March!

Buy the Superkit HERE

The 10-30 Kit for $349 is here

The V1 with 10-30 and 30-110 for $429 is also HERE.


  1. Steve, that’s a very good deal. How would you compare a NEX F3 kit with a 50mm f1.8 to the Nikon V1 with a 18.5mm f1.8. Currently own the Sony but not sure whether to buy the Sony prime or switch to the V1. Have been loving the the V1 form factor.

  2. Purchased my V1 with Steve’s earlier notification of the price blowout and have not regretted the purchase at all. The luminance noise is a non-issue for B&W conversions (mostly what I do) and love the portability.

    Steve – does the EVF for the RX1 black out with polarized sunglasses?

  3. Wow – that’s a steal!

    I’d definitely recommend the V1 and this kit at that price.

    In my opinion it doesn’t matter how much DR a camera has… if it’s sitting at home because you didn’t want to bring it with you.

    Anyone who doubts the image quality or capability of the Nikon1 just needs to check out Craig Litton’s post on this site.

    Does anyone here have the adapter? I’d love to see some more images using the adapter.

  4. This is a highly recommended deal. But I already paid full price for everything just over a year ago.

    What I can’t wait for is 9 months from now when Nikon will slash prices on the V2 by 1/2 or 2/3. The company has taught me to hold off for less than a year and I’ll get a screaming deal.

  5. Steve, please let us know if they have any close out deals on the flash. I bought my v1 when they were still pretty highly priced and am still very happy with it. I would love to get the camera powered flash just to have in the bag.

  6. I use the V1 and 18.5mm f1/8 as my street and travel set-up. Love the build quality of this camera! Also, the super-sharp LCD, fast hybrid auto-focus, color engine, and elegant matt-black finish are stand outs.

    I greatly prefer the V1s clean design to the newer, mini-DSLR shaped V2!

    You were spot-on is saying the V1 is a true bargain. Thanks for recommending!

  7. Unfortunatly B&H do not ship this SuperKit to Russia, I had to buy 10-30/sb-n5 kit at home, yet cheap. Like it very much.

  8. I had a V1 for a couple of weeks, then sold it when the price was still close to the moon. I didn’t like its cheap consumer-oriented color rendition and the very narrow dynamic range of the sensor. The 1es are more like electronic gagdets, like the Sony RX1 (I’m sorry that I’m always so negative about the RX1, but I still think that it is rather a moon-priced marketing gag for rich people than a camera.)

    • You have it wrong on the RX1 and V1 but especially the RX1. It is one of the most capable 35mm format cameras on the market today, regardless of cost. Period. The V1 has less DR than APS-C and full frame but gorgeous results can be had with it quite easily. The color is very “Nikon” and is similar to the color signature of their other cameras and DSLR’s. It also has a very solid and sturdy well made body and easy menu system. In fact, the body is more solid than say… a Fuji X camera. It is 100% SILENT and stealthy and amazing non threatening on the street. Not everyone will like every camera but at the price it is going for it is a steal and a HUGE improvement over ANY P&S yet it comes in at a P&S price right now.

      The RX1 gives you the best of FF performance with a solid pro build and lens that fits in a coat pocket, and if you so desire, the best EVF on the market. It is also 100% silent and stealthy and …. light. Coming it at less than the cost of a Leica 35 Summicron lens makes it well worth the cost. Calling it a marketing gag for the rich is silly as that would mean cameras like the Nikon D800, D4, Canon 5DIII, or any camera in that price range is a “gag for the rich”. ALl give equally impressive images and in fact, there is one comparison with the D800 and 35 1.4 against the RX1 that gives the edge to the RX1. Hardly a “gag” .

      • Well said Steve!

        “but I still think that it is rather a moon-priced marketing gag for rich people than a camera”

        …what an asinine statement to make.

        • I don’t agree with JR either, but to call his statement asinine without a contradictory argument strikes me as an insult, rather than civilized debate. And whilst I agree with Steve, JR was just stating an opinion, I said “I don’t like”, and “I think”, which you cannot say is simple “wrong”, they are personal opinions which are different for everyone. He can dislike the RX1, you can like it, you’re both right.

          Sorry to jump in like a teacher and tell you off, but it seemed JR simply stated his opinion and some people, including Steve just had a go at him for not going along with the accepted opinions in these comments. Shame on you and go stand in the corner. 🙂

      • As you will probably have surmised by now I’m an SLR guy, not a mirrorless one. I have held the RX1 in my hands, seen numerous images on a good quality screen and I can only say the image quality is very very good. It’s no more a toy than other top quality cameras.

        It is also very expensive, particularly if you add the necessary evf etc.

        • All FF cameras with high quality lenses are expensive. I wish I could afford an RX1.

          I’m very happy with my bargain V1. I got the two zoom kit with the 30-110 for $399 before Christmas. It was like getting the second lens for $100, which is amazing, as it’s a quality lens.

          The Nikon 1 image quality is just adequate due to the small sensor, but they didn’t skimp on build quality at all. The V1 is a sturdy magnesium beast with a nice rear screen and a viewfinder that is way better than expected. Not quite Sony OLED quality, but there is little lag and I can see the whole thing wearing glasses. Many I can’t without jamming them hard against my face, including the Sonys. And the thing focuses so quickly and accurately in good light I barely see it doing it. The metering and white balance are excellent, too. Sure, it has quirks, but it feels good in my hands and gets the job done.

          For some reason no one talks about the Nikon 1 lenses, but they are surprisingly good, with metal barrels and mounts and no skimping on the optics. They could be faster, but they’re such tiny things and so remarkably cheap I don’t mind. With this system you can easily buy yourself a V1 and a nice set of lenses for well under a thousand. I don’t shoot video, so the chunky 10-100 power zoom didn’t appeal to me much, but coming out is a new 10-100 without the motorized zoom that is smaller, lighter, cheaper, and slightly faster. For travel that would be a nice one-lens solution, though three or four lenses still fit in a modest bag and don’t weigh much.

    • Consumer oriented colors?? Don’t real photographers shoot RAW and adjust accordingly? Not serious …but you get my point.

    • Nice photos. Just goes to show you that the camera doesn’t make the photo, the photographer and the lighting/scene make the photo. Some cameras may make it easier to achieve said photos than others. It’s all about getting out and shooting. Spend more time exploring and less time talking about gear and your skill improves exponentially.

  9. Bought mine when you first let us in on the deal. Loving it and ordering the 18.5mm, great compact system cam!!

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