Daily Inspiration #392 by Jose Enrique Dominguez

Hi Steve.

I’ve been reading your blog for some time, and I think that is a wise move on to see “real results” of many cameras and lenses. Two weeks ago I bought a Fuji X-E1, and last weekend I had the opportunity to photograph a concert of some friends (The group is called Over).. The light was poor, so I took it as a real test of performance at high ISOs and AF. I can say that the results for me are great. I used center AF reframing later and lost less than 10 photos of 300. All photos taken in manual, automatic ISO, 1/60s and 18-55 kit zoom. Processed in Lightroom from raw.

And then some pictures …

ISO 6400, 1/60″, f4, 55mm


ISO 5000, 1/60″, f3.6, 31mm


ISO 6400, 1/15″, f2.8, 18mm (really dark here)



  1. I’ll repeat the others and say that the second image is just WOW! It has all: feeling, great lighting, nice composition etc… Mind blowing!

  2. Did you do a lot of PP to get rid of the noise? Looks like a bit smoothing from noise reduction going on. Nothing offensive though. These are actually much better than my pics from the other night from a club i was at. I shot at ISO 2000 and had to really do a lot of PP to kill the noise. Was rather unpleased with the results seeing as how these (XP-1) are touted as being so good at high ISOs.

    • Actually the only pp I do to reduce noise is to shift control of the LR to between 30 and 40.
      For the 1st photo, I think the effect you mention is due more to the type of lighting used (LED), which causes areas of saturated color.

      Thanks for comment!

  3. Second picture is really nice, great vibe going on, the lighting and processing are also of great taste. Sadly, to me, pictures 1 and 3, don’t work at all. They don’t seem sharp enough nor nothing really going.

  4. After reading all the forums and the issues concerning RAW conversion software from Adobe, it is nice to see some images that are from that software. With all the talk about color fringing/smearing, loss of detail, I was wondering how much of it was from pixel peeping. I have a pre-order for the X100s with the X-Trans sensor and can’t wait for it to get here. While there are issues, I am really interested in seeing how the RAW images convert based on my style of shooting and subject matter. Thanks for sharing…

    • LR is slow with RAWs of x-TRANS, but I have not noticed a lack of sharpness, or watercolor effect. Simply increasing the focus control at 50, I get a similar look to jpg.

  5. Some excellent results. The second photo is a real gem. I would have likes to have seen more so I could really get a feel for the event.
    Thanks for posting

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