Daily Inspiration #195 by Alisdair Jones

Steve, I’ve been reading your site for a few months now and have gotten a lot from it – many thanks! I’ve just bought an M9 and am waiting for a Summilux 35mm! My name’s Alisdair Jones from Toronto Canada and I’m a graphic designer/ animator who loves to shoot. I took all these shots one morning a few weeks back in a snow storm. The snow was coming down so heavily, I had my camera wrapped in a plastic bag:


All these shots were taken with a Canon 5D2 and an EF50mm f/1.2L lens – all shot wide open at f1.2. They were all converted to black and white with the Silver Efex Pro plug-in in Aperture. There’s full Exif data available in the shots themselves.

I’ve got a MobileMe gallery here:


And a Flickr photostream here:


Cheers, Alisdair


  1. Nice photos, especially like the first one. God the 5Dmk II awesome, paired with a 50mm f1.2L = dream setup! If only was little smaller, I think it would run rings around M9.

  2. Just great; I echo Stephen B’s comments (as long as he meant “strong” instead of “stringy”… 😉 ) . Just goes to show what a good dslr can do, if used in the right hands with the right eye. Thanks for sharing Alisdair!

  3. Hi Alisdair,
    like your Flickr stream too, hope you will get your M9 running soon with the wonderful Summilux35


  4. I love them! Also took a look at your Mobile Me Gallery and especially enjoyed your shots of PAris. Can you tell me what the 90mm lens was that you were using? Thanks!

    • Thanks for your kind comments on my photos. The 90mm lens is a Canon TSE 90mm f2.8 – it’s a tilt/ shift.


  5. lol
    I looked at the images before reading the text and was thinking, hey this looks like TO
    Very cool.
    Thanks for sharing

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