Daily Inspiration #393 by Gianluca Grossi

Ciao Steve,

My name is Gianluca Grossi and I’m a long time follower of your site. I’m an italian amateur photographer who re-discovered the pleasure of taking picture with the arrival of mirrorless systems. I have the Olympus EM-5 with 14, 25, 45mm prime and I’m really happy with the performance and quality of the system. I shot these pics during a musical performed by a group of italian ,very talented actors. The musical is “Chicago”. I shot with the 25mm and the 45mm in aperture mode and auto iso.

All shots have been edited with LR4, except the iso 25600 picture that has been edited with PhotoNinja, which is a fantastic program. It was very difficult because I could not move to avoid disturbing the actors and the audience.

If you need more pics I have others.

You can see some of my work in my flickr page:




P.S: feel free to correct my poor english! 😉

ISO 25,600 – 45 1.8


ISO 1250  – 25 1.4


ISO 4000 – 25 1.4



  1. My first look impression was Umm not sure for me. I looked again and am convinced I like these shots. I then looked at your web site as well. I am now addicted to your great outdoor shots and your treatment of them. The softness of colour is a case of less is more.

    ISO 25600. That’s got all the BIG TOY boys wondering. How are they going to explain it.
    Well done all round

  2. Caro Gianluca,

    Tutte e tre le fotografie sono, in modo diverso, molto belle. Mi piacciono in particolare la seconda e la terza immagine. Bravo, hai saputo trasmettere l’ambiente del musical tramite un set di appena 3 foto!

    Buona domenica,

    • Ernest,
      Grazie per le belle parole, devo dire che i musical sono molto stimolanti da fotografare.
      Buona domenica anche a te.


    • Thanks you all for your kind words! I have to correct myself, I worked in shutter priority mode, not in aperture mode.

  3. Nice! I like the look of the second pic! The ISO 25,600 pic is impressive! Still good colors and detail, if you look at her hair and the feathers in her hand. Is it cropped or do you shoot in 3:2 ratio?
    Why did you choose to use PhotoNinja? Is it better for high ISO pictures? I only use Lightroom and Snapseed.

    • Yes, I cropped the image. I think PN is much better than Lr in high light recovery and if you use it carefully it give better result in noise reduction especially with details.

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