Help Amy Medina get into the top 10!


This is a bit off topic but hey, loads of stuff I post is sometimes πŸ™‚ Some of you may know Amy Medina (dangrabbit) as she has posted many articles here on this site. Just do a search in the search bar above with her name “Amy Medina” to see what she has done here. I have known Amy for many years and not only is she a wonderful and dedicated photographer who shoots every single day no matter what, she has a great family and is one of the friendliest people you can ever meet.

No for the help. Amy and her family are huge fans of the TV show “The Walking Dead” and they are getting close to reaching the top 10 in a Walking Dead contest where they created an original video to enter.

Seeing that Amy has always been good to me I decided why not post about her contest entry here so you guys can help get her to the top 10? She is soooo close!

If you want to help her out all it takes is a vote. It does seem to go through Facebook.


I am sure she would appreciate any vote, even if just a few of you go press that VOTE FOR VIDEO button! Thanks to all in advance!

ALSO, I am shooting the new M 240 like mad and have some great shots so far. I have started writing my review as I experience the camera and I expect to be done with the full review within 2 weeks or so. I will be using it every single day and exploring everything, including video (already have the plug-in mic and EVF for it). What many of you want to know is if it can replace the M9 for in “will I be happy to replace the M9 with the M”? That answer will be in my full review, which will be the most thorough real world review of this camera to date. Guaranteed. Stay tuned!


  1. cool video…voted. Good Luck!!!
    Steve as always love your site, keep up the great work!!!

    • Thanks Henry πŸ™‚
      We’re in the home stretch now… 36 hours of voting to go… hope we can hold onto 9th place!!!

  2. Steve, I cannot thank you enough for surprising me and posting this. YOU, my man, have made my day! In the wake of my recent lay-off, you know how to cheer me up!

    I’d love to give a little back-story for anyone interested…

    Obviously, we are fans of The Walking Dead. My husband is into making short films as a hobby. We were even going to make a little zombie short a few years ago, but never got passed making a trailer. LOL!

    On this very day, not only did we shoot our Ultimate Fan of the Walking Dead video, but it was my husband’s 50th birthday celebration. My niece and nephew were excited to help us make this… and they were naturals. Our son and his girlfriend (the bigger, older zombies in the video), were more than happy to help out, as fans of the show themselves.

    And in additional to all that, our son proposed to his girlfriend later than night (not still wearing Zombie makeup! – HAHA – though truth be told, that would have been very funny!)

    It was a great day full of laughs and fun… which is what our family is all about. Like the video says, Ultimate Family, Ultimate Fans.

    Again, thanks so much Steve.

  3. How about some quick comparisons at various ISOs with the RX1 and any other camera you think worth comparing?

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