Fuji X100s first look video and low light samples


Fuji X100s first look video and low light samples

Hot on the heels of my Leica M review is the new Fuji X100s (The S must stand for Speedy) which Fuji has promised to be much faster in AF and overall use and let me tell you. They did not lie! The Fuji X100s seems to be an all new speed demon when it comes to auto focus, processing, menu browsing, write times and the body and buttons have stayed exactly the same, as has the menu look/layout.

I LOVE the original X100 and even with its quirks it was a super camera just because it delivered so well on image quality and color. The size is right, the body style is attractive and the good news is that the “S” kept all of that while making vast improvements to the hardware of the camera.

In fact, shooting with the S looks like you are shooting with the old X100 so looks wise, it is exactly the same camera. Many have been waiting for this one from Fuji as it starts the beginning of a new era for Fuji X cameras as from here on out I expect them all to have worthy AF. Again, the AF in the X100s is superb. I shot it in good light and low light and the focus was spot on each time. No miss, no hunting, just press, lock and fire. Bam, it worked.

I just started shooting it so I have only 2 days under my belt and the 1st place I went to with it was a wax museum in Los Angeles. I’ve shot in this museum before but the X100s had no issues in the dim lighting. The AF rocked, the color is nice even at high ISO and the noise level is under control.

I bought this from Robert Jagitsch who is a Fuji dealer and he offered to sell me the one he got in so I bought it and will now be doing a full review with it. The review will not be as long as the new M review as this is basically an X100 with a new sensor and all new AF and MF system. I will go over these improvements and show plenty of samples, crops, and all kinds of ISO situations. I already updated my Leica M review this morning with a 4 camera shootout comparison of the M, ME, RX1 and now Fuji X100s. Take a look in the comparison section of the review to see it.

I have to say though, as you will see in the video..I already put a huge gash in my LCD by rushing out the door and throwing the X100s is my bag without realizing I had a lens in the pocket. So the result was a deep scratch, which is an early battle scar, lol.

So enjoy the video above and you can take a look at my 1st images below from the camera which happen to be all high ISO because as of this writing I have literally taken about 30 shots with the camera and only inside this museum. Much more to come in about 7-10 days!

PS – Already, for me, the X100s is MUCH more enjoyable to use than either of the X bodies just due to the fact that the AF is now up to par with cameras like the OM-D and other speedy AF cameras. So just for that I thank Fuji but I knew this had to be coming. I think the X100s will be a huge hit for  them just as the X100 was, even with all of its quirks. It does have the Lightroom X-Trans sensor issue though and I may have preferred the old sensor but I wil not make any statements just yet. 

You can pre-order the X100s at the links below:

AMAZON – Pre order the X100s here 

B&H Photo – Pre order the X100s HERE

of you can buy this one with some free extras at a great discount HERE.

Click the images for larger versions – remember, these are just my 1st look snaps but all have the Fuji character. I will have much more in the full review. 








  1. Love it thanks for this review, its tough to get your hands on one of these. Unfortunately had to sell both my M8 and M9 and have missed shooting with them. Just ordered a X100s and looking fwd to using it soon

    • I think you will love the X100 s. I shot with my M8 since 07 and let me tell you, I really love using my X Pro1. I would imagine you will like the X100s the same! Honestly, Fuji is so good I am even drifting away from some of my Leica M lenses!!!!

      I can’t wait till Fuji improves the X Pro with X100s technology!!!

  2. Hi Steve,

    I have photographed black and white since 1987 in my darkroom days (I still indulge with D-76, but only in 8×10 film!!) and these are beautiful. So much so that many would hesitate buying a Monochrome or new M. I had to because of my budget and am using the x Pro 1. The tonal range in your pics and sharpness blows me away! Well done. Deep down, I feel Fuji is really trying and is forging ahead where Nikon and Canon are afraid to. Leica, Sony, and Fuji seem to be the ground breakers. Leica and Fuji respond to the traditionalists needs (dials, aperture rings, simple menus, etc,,) better than Nikon and Canon. Should I say they come closer to a photographers camera company, not a maker of a camera that behaves like a smart phone! By the way, I have been reading online that the X Pro is marked discontinued in some places in the world right now. Maybe a X Pro S/ x Pro 2? I smell something! If Fuji nails the focusing problems of the X Pro which they will as seen with the X 100S, they will have a winner! Nice thing is I can get one and use my X Pro 1 as a backup without busting the bank! That is one thing Fuji has over Leica right now, price. I have been an M shooter since 1990 (M4-2, M6, and then M8) and a Fuji shooter (GSW 690) and both companies should be rewarded for their efforts of really listening to us for what we really want in a camera. When at the Photo Plus Expo NYC last year, I had a great time talking to both the Leica people and Fuji people. They really seemed on the ball and really wanted to be seen responding to our needs. I remember when at the Fuji area, I had my Noctilux f1.0 and wanted to try it on the X Pro. The Fuji guys were all over me and were very curious about how the Noct would feel and look. Gave me a warm feeling inside! I can go on and on. I am proud to buy Leica and Fuji. There, I said it!

    • By the way, the X Pro was similar to the M8 in many ways. One thing that impressed me is like the M8, I took the Fuji right out of the box and started using it without reading a page in the instruction book. You cant do that with Nikon or Canon. I was impressed!

  3. Hi Steve,
    My x100s is in the mail.
    Many of us, like me will be getting theirs tomorrow.
    Looking forward to your review.

  4. Hi Steve,

    I have the old X100 and find the EVF very choppy and laggy.
    How does the new EVF compare with the old one? With the OM-D’s?

  5. Why I Chose the Fuji X100s over Sony Rx1

    The prices here, of the Fuji x100s with a Fuji Film leather cover was $1362 and the Sony Rx1 is $3400.

    In my opinion the Sony without an electronic view finder is not worth $2000 more. Based on reviews online, Sony Rx1 might have a better Image Quality and a Shallower Depth of field. As I won’t be making large poster size prints and most of my work will be for the web, I believed the Fuji X100s Image Quality would be enough for my needs (and the image quality is amazing).

    Also, I decided that I didn’t want to be a first generation owner of the sony Rx1 and will wait for a RX2 where they may include an EVF.

    The one thing I have been disappointed with that I was not aware of at the time of purchase, is that Apple Aperture does not support the Fuji X100s RAW images. Which means I have to buy Adobe Light room 4.4 to process the RAW files.

    In my opinion, it appears that Fuji Film also seems to listen to user feedback and has made major improvements over the X100. This tells me that its a company that cares about their core users (Photographers) rather then Sony which seems to be focused on the product.

    I posted sample images here


    Steve let me know if that link is okay. It’s no where as awesome as your reviews.

  6. Hi Steve,

    First time on your site and I find it really informative!

    I will be heading to London soon with the x100s and really like the idea of going 28mm with the WCL-X100 angle converter. In terms of ease of switching and practicaility, would you reccomend the constant switching between 28 and 35 for photography trips?


  7. HI Steve!

    It would be great to have you thought regarding the real using of split image feature:

    I saw demo (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_fJDX1hzUIg&feature=youtu.be)… But I did not understand from it, whether magnification is turned on… I believe that split image will work fine once you magnify the image you see in the EVF… It would be great if it is usable even without magnification, this would be just quicker, and that is what you have on old film cameras… Also image on the demo is not too complicated…. How will it work in the street? How does it work in comparing to the Leica M9 rangefinder? What will be the difference between manual focusing with M9 and Fuji x100s with split image, in the speed? in the accuracy?


    • Split image…it is ok. I much prefer peaking. It is tough to see the split image IMO. Without mag, peaking is best. But that is just what I feel after using the camera. Between the M9 and X100 there is a huge difference. Not even in the same ballpark because the X100 is not an RF and the split image looks and acts nothing like a real RF window and focus patch.

  8. List of, more or less, improvements:

    Image Quality (due to X-TRANS CMOS II sensor)
    – No optical low pass (AA) filter for sharper images
    – Resolution increased to 16.3 MP
    – RAW dynamic range increased to 14 bit
    – Max Auto ISO is now 6400 (25600 extended)
    – Processing for better noise reduction, high signal to noise ratio
    – Processing compension for small aperture diffraction effects
    Speed (due to new EXR Processor II & faster readout sensor)
    – Camera fully operational while writing to card in background
    – Continuous mode increased to 6fps for up to 31 frames
    – Faster interval between non-continuos shots of 0,5 secs
    – Faster startup time 0,5 secs
    – Lower shutter lag time of 0,01 secs
    – High performance mode 
    Autofocus Improvements
    – Faster phase detection / contrast detection “hybrid” autofocus of 0,08
    – Minimum shooting distance using OVF reduced to 50cm (80cm X100)
    – Minimum focus in normal shooting reduced to 21cm (40cm X100)

    Manual Focus Improvements
    – More responsive/accurate MF ring; less turns and is a world more smoother now
    – Digital split image MF aid
    – Focus peaking MF aid
    Battery Life
    – OVF power save mode
    – Battery life 300 > 330 pictures
    – Improved optics for OVF
    – EVF LCD resolution increased to 2.36 MP
    – EVF refresh rate increased to 60fps
    – Dustproof viewfinder
    – Fingerprint-repelling coating on viewfinder
    – Q menu from X-Pro1/X-E1
    – Ok button is larger
    – MF-S, MF-C, AF-S, easily toggle between MF and AF-S
    – AF point selection moved to 4-way controller
    – Drive mode button moved to left flank
    – EVF/OVF lever (toggle) new slightly shape
    – Larger gap from A to other settings on shutter speed dial
    – Stiffer shutter speed dial
    – Stiffer exposure compensation dial
    – Battery only goes in one way
    – Hot shoe shape adjusted for easier attachment
    User interface improvements
    – Auto ISO now in the same menu as ISO
    – Tabbed menu system from X-Pro1/X-E1
    – Live histogram works correctly in manual exposure mode
    – Updating firmware doesn’t reset settings
    – Frame number memory
    Eye-fi card support
    Shooting Modes
    – Square aspect ratio available > 1X1 picture ratio
    – More customizable film simulation bracketing
    – Multiple exposure mode
    – New pro neg std film simulation from X-Pro1/X-E1
    – New pro neg hi film simulation from X-Pro1/X-E1
    New effects
    toy camera
    pop color
    low key
    high key
    soft focus
    partial color (R/O/Y/G/B/P)
    – 1080p video in addition to 720p
    – 30/60fps video instead of 24fps
    – Stereo mics onboard
    – Support for external microphone
    – Mic level adjustment
    – Volume meter
    – New “bokeh” effect.
    – Camera eyelets have been reinforced via “double plating”

    Visual changes
    S badge on front
    X100S name engraved in top 

  9. Hi Steve, are the ISO readings also incorrect ( e.g. iso 3200 is actually iso 1600 like on x-e1/x-pro1 ?

  10. Hi Steve. A quick question: how does the continuous shot mode works?
    When I’m bracketing on my D7000 I can simply keep pressing the shutter button until the buffer fills up, the X100 instead takes 3 shots and then stops for storing images. Does the X100S still works this way?

  11. Recently came across your site in my search for a mirrorless camera.

    Currently trying to decide between the Sony Rx1 and the Fuji X100s.

    Would love if you could share you thoughts on the comparison between those two. If the Sony has an advantage being x2 more expensive (Depth of Field and Low Light performance).

    Love the site and look forward to your thoughts.

    • The Sony RX1 is in Europa 2.5 times more expensive and with the EVF 3 times more expensive than the X100s
      – Sony RX1 3100 euro. RX1-EVF 500 euro
      – Fuji X100s (including OVF/EVF): 1200 euro

    • I’m facing the same decision. I want to pick up one of the two as a second camera mostly for fun and

      Based on the images I’ve seen, and there aren’t a huge number for the 100s at this point, the Sony does have better low light performance (at least to my eye in the extreme ISOs), more depth of field and the pictures just tend to pop more. However, is that worth 2x the price – especially when that difference is $1500? That is quite a premium for differences that may go unnoticed except when viewing the images side by side.

      Pluses on the 100s side are most probably faster focus and an EVF/OVF.

      • There aren’t many (if any), out of camera raw comparisons between the Fuji X100s and the Sony Rx1.

        So, it makes it more challenging to compare them.

        From the posted images though what I found interesting was the type of photographs that have been taken.

        Sony Rx1
        More Landscapes
        More portraits

        Fuji X100s
        More street photography (Moving subjects)

  12. Hi Steve! Thanks for the first look video!
    Can you tell something about the focussing in video-mode? Is manual focussing possible with the new x100s? or any manual controls? Would be great to know! Thanks!

  13. Steve,

    Can you test the AF with the OVF vs EVF? Historically, the hybrid VF X cameras’ AF perform better with the EVF as opposed to the OVF. At least in my experience. Thanks.

      • Thanks Steve.

        How about ability to lock focus? On both the X100 and XPro1, it was easier to lock with the EVF than OVF. It was also easier to lock with C-AF than S-AF, particularly in low contrast situations.

        Thanks and keep up the great work!

  14. How about a battery? The one used in X100 classic was so damn poor that in pair with it’s autofocus and all of those quirks i’ve sold it and forget about buying some. But if those things changed i will definetly be interested.

    As far as i can see, mirrorless cameras are doing great job in terms of image quality and ergonomics, but they are soooo damn crappy when it comes to battery life that it’s just kind of funny.

    Also, few questions about X100s,

    1) The shutter button is still made of poor plastic?
    2) Does it slow down after uploading photos from SD to mac or ipad?
    3) Is there still a viewfinder lag, when you’re making photos and want to quickly change vf mode from optical to electronic? X100 liked to freeze the knob for about 4-5 seconds.

  15. Hi Steve
    Followed you since the time you posted on DPR site. there was a post on the Leica forum saying they missed you last week.
    Always liked your honest and keep it real reviews.
    Can see all the hard work you put into the site so can I help you with all the cameras pictured.
    Save you scratching any more cameras just send me Sony RX1 will surely lighten the load for you.
    Keep up the good work.

  16. at the moment i use a Fuji x100 and Sony RX100 and printing large Print outs the fuji x100 has more sharpness and detail.
    steve is it only me or do you think that Greens are rendered Poorly on the Little Sony rx100.
    but i am considering getting a Fuji 100s.

  17. I wish the photos would have more depth. In your review of the M240 where you compare the X100s (and others) against the M240, you have a shot of a fire hydrant. The Leica and Sony RX1 have that rich depth, like you can reach in and grab the hydrant. But the X100s looks kind of flat by comparison. Although these photos from the museum are excellent, they still seem kind of flat. Is that just my eyes, or can anyone else see that?

    • To my eyes, the X100s hydrant pic is overexposed, compared to the other three. X100 seemed to overexpose, and maybe x100s does it too. Eay to solve, if that’s the case. But the B&W pics in the museum don’t look flat at all. Color ones are sometimes great (Bruce Willis, The Queen of Africa), but sometimes flat (Elvis and ET), but for me it’s more because of the type of picture.

    • Well, you know I love Leica right? BUT with that said..this X100s is a speed demon and probably 3X quicker than an X2 (estimate not scientific) – The X2 is gorgeous to look at and is capable of getting great images but it is still on the slow side when it comes to usability and has a little of that frustration factor when comparing it to other newer cameras. High ISO win easily goes to Fuji.

      Price: Fuji X100s
      Overall Speed: Fuji X100s
      High ISO: X100s
      AF Speed: X100s
      Manual Focus: X100s
      Lens Speed: X100s (f2 vs 2.8)
      Close focus ability: X100s as X2 can not close focus.
      Simplicity/Design: X2 takes this one.

      IQ: That is the question I can not answer just yet.

      • Hello Steve,
        I am also wondering, how does the Leica X2 in this comparison. X100s is technically winner here – but Leica is still more reliable product in my eyes.
        Can we trust Fuji they resolved SAB problem now? Or there will be another “hardware issue” like e.g. broken viewfinder after half year of use? What do you think?

        Can’t wait for your review anyway 😀

        • X2 is MUCH MUCH slower in use and high ISO will be better on the Fuji. EVF/OVF beats the X2 (it has none) and usability goes to the Fuji. Design, I prefer the X2. IQ, that is up to you.

  18. The look of the B&W godfather photo, at 1600 looks great!
    Great enough to put a M where the S is, if it only shot monochrome only.

  19. Nice pictures Steve. I had Imported one and had it since march 5th. I use the x100s and the RX1 most of the time as my two cameras. I don’t really even use my sony nex or my sony alpha or any other my others I just really like the RX1 and the X100S.

    • I’m considering the RX1 and X100s, but can’t afford both. Since it sounds like you shoot with both can you tell me in which cases you reach for which?

    • Jared, I also wanted to ask the same question. These seem like two very similar cameras. They seem like they would both fit the same set of needs: Fixed lens, fast sync, no IS, small size, and quick AF.

      Why both? Its a free country, of course, I am just curious.

  20. Hi Steve – thanks for your review(s)! Any chance you can talk briefly about how the x100s compares to the the OM-D in terms of speed, IQ, color rendering, etc.? Much obliged…

    • Will do 🙂 But early thoughts…it is just as fast as the OM-D. I mean, the X100s is like an X100 that just drank 20 cans of pure caffein. It is FAST in not just AF but the whole feel and in use. One of the fastest feeling cameras I have shot with. Crazy seeing that this is a Fuji X. 🙂

    • Have not yet tried it but will. I am leaving for an 8 day trip with my son on Saturday and will be shooting a ton and trying it all out. Hoping to have the review up in about a week or so.

  21. Now Steve my big question having owned two X100’s over the last couple of years would be battery issues. Firstly the battery life sucked and secondly the way it would suddenly die on you almost seconds after the low battery indicator started flashing! Has that been fixed/improved?

  22. I think i will def sell my XP-1 and 18mm to go back to the X100 once this is released. It is finally the camera it should have been originally. What a wonderful little camera.

  23. Steve,

    How do you think it compares IQ wise to the Leica M?

    Is it close enough or not even?



    • I posted the full size samples in the M review – from the X100s, M, ME, and RX1. I have not had enough time with the X100s to come to any IQ conclusion but this thing is fast as a bullet! 🙂

  24. Is the wall charger the type that plugs directly into the wall or does it only have a cord? I see that you showed the cord, but I’m wondering if this is the type that has the prongs or can use the cord.

  25. looking forward to your review. As a very happy x100 owner, I would appreciate your insight on: for the average camera enthusiast, I would appreciate it if you answered the question of: would you buy the new one if you owned the x100 (assuming one would trade it in or sell privately)… assuming I can get about 650-700 for mine thus its about a $600 upgrade. I love mine, guess I would just have a better AF and more MP etc to love more!… as always- always look forward to your insight Steve…..sterno

  26. Hi Steve.

    I received my Fuji X100s in the mail today from Japan. I took it out for some testing and everything looks great. Only prob im having with it now is an Alert on the LCD screen saying Turn off the camera and turn on again. I was getting it for the last 5 minutes after doing manual focus on close objects n I also tried the macro mode, but did the same alert several times. Battery became weak in an hour of playing with it lol Have you experience this with the cam?

    • Laurie G.- I had the same problem with my X E-1. It said the exact same thing no matter how much I turned it off and on. My solution was to replace the Fuji 18-55mm with another one- that will not be easy with the X100S !

  27. Looking at the images there seems to be some really weird dithering and artefacting even at 1250…


    • Sorry, specifically in the second shot. With the blue and purple mixture…it’s like it was compressed too far, Hopefully this is just due to a setting

  28. The X-Pro 2, or what every they call it is going to great. Give me 20MP and the new focusing, who really needs full frame. With Fuji glass. Going to good. I would keep my X-Pro 1 as a second body. Fuji is creating not a Sony or Leica killer, but a great system unto themself. PS with the new firmware up grades my X-Pro 1 focuses pretty much like new X100s, with a 60mm and 14mm. If someone wants a fixed lens camera, the X100s makes Fuji even a better choice then before.

    • MF works much better and now with split image and peaking it is much easier to use MF. It is still nothing like shooting a MF camera but much improved over the previous X cams. I think this may end up being the biggest selling X yet. Fuji seemed to get it just right this time in all aspects of the camera.

  29. Hey Steve,

    Thanks for this preview! I currently own a Leica X1, but have made up my mind to sell it and buy either the X100 or X100s. I fell in love with the ‘film-like’ quality of the X100 images as they all seem to have a similar consistency across the web; so my question for you is this: does the X100s possess the same ‘look’ as the X100 images? I can’t seem to tell based on the wax figures.

    Here is a link to a photographer that uses the X100 brilliantly, in my opinion — http://www.loiclequere.com/new-york-city

    Hopefully his ‘New York’ gallery will give you a solid understanding of the look I’m speaking of. I love my Leica X1, but it produces images that look almost too modern for my liking, whereas the X100 seems to carry a very old school flare. I welcome all of the improvements made to the new X100s, but again, just want to make sure the new sensor/pixel count retains the same look of the X100 images.

    Thanks for any light you can shed on my question. Keep up the great blog!

    • I guess when I get to actually use the camera I will let you know (in my review). The files will not look like the X100 imo but more like those that come from the X-Pro and X-E1. A little different I feel.

      • Ok, great, thanks Steve. Would definitely appreciate a section of your review dedicated to the the differences of the ‘look’ of the images between the old sensor and new. Your review on the X1 years ago is what convinced me to buy it because you had kept mentioning that certain sparkle/clarity that Leica gives you over the competitors. I enjoy the technical aspect of your reviews, but also appreciate hearing about your personal connection with these cameras.

    • Wow, thanks for posting the link, I really enjoyed looking through his work, great images. I think that is as much down to technique as camera – including both pre and post processing. I can’t see any equipment info – how do you know what he was using? It does look like film.

    • I agree! Le Quere photos are amazing! Really? With the X100? I would love to learn his post-processing techniques as well. It looks as if there is desaturation going on or a shift in the temperature sliders? Beautiful, melancholy photos.. my favorite kind!

  30. Amazing pics as always, Steve. That Marlon Brando shot is absolutely incredible, so dynamic. I’ll be keeping an eye on this camera for sure.

  31. I would be interested in some comparisons with maybe the nex 6 and that sort of thing. Same price range, different set of strengths.

  32. Can you do a small demo of autofocus in your review where you “do not” point to the transition areas. I mean that instead of pointing it at the edge of the LCD panel, pointing it at the LCD panel itself?
    Thanks in Advance.

      • Sorry for not being clear.
        Actually I have suffered a lot at hands of E-PL1 with its kit lens in Auto focus dept under low light.
        At the end I had to point the camera not at the object but at the edge of object there was abrupt change of light conditions (Light/Dark?). Then the camera latched on the subject and I would then move the camera on the subject and take a picture. I hope you are getting my drift.

        Your low light auto focus demo has camera pointing at the edge of all the objects you are focusing on.
        Time in Video: 3.46 till 4.01

        Hence I asked.

        Sorry for nit picking but once bitten twice shy.

  33. I wish all these products would use a basic Gorilla Glass on the screens. Screen protectors compromise the quality of the screen and without them, they are vulnerable as Steve has demonstrated.

  34. Does the X series have an electronic level? My shots all tend to look like the Leaning Tower of Pisa without one.

    • Hi, the M focus on X100s is very quick and enjoyable to use. I am using one (lucky to be able to get it this early). I also owned X100 and could not resist to buy X100s. Enjoy, Parkpoom

  35. Steve,

    Thanks for the info and early preview. Looking forward to see how ISO’s above 1600 look. Also very curious vs the RX-1. So good to see Fuji has revamped the focusing. I use Fuji’s full time at my work and my “off hours” work as well. Thanks again.

  36. I’m so tempted to sell my X100 and pick up this new beauty. But it’s strange, even with all the new stuff I can’t bring myself to abandon it! Instead I went with the XE1. It should be arriving tomorrow. And the XE1s will be announced Thursday…

  37. Fujifilm says the X100S has fully 70 improvements over the X100, some major (like the sensor), some relatively minor.

  38. WOW!!!…impressive image quality…I am thinking the direct lighting really made these images pop, too!
    So when is the X-E1s coming? 🙂

  39. Hi Steve,

    Thanks for the review. Do you know if Fujifilm will bring out a firmware update for the ‘old’ X100 as well, to improve the lagging speed a bit more?


    • Completely different cameras…
      The X100 or 100s is not the poor man’s Leica and it will never be.
      I have a black X100, the files it outputs are great but it falls short when it comes to speed of use.

      • Hi, the X100s is definately much much quicker than X100. I can say this becuase I am using it now for a fews day. You will certainly appreciate and enjoy the speed and focus accuracy. What you read on Fuji’s website about X100s is so true. I can’t wait to find a time to shoot more with this new baby. Sadly, I am saying good-bye to my X100 (love it). Can’t resist buying it…saw it in the shop and quickly grab it before someone else buys it. LOL

  40. Very much looking forward to your review. But isnt the x100s atleast as big a upgrade as the new Leica M?
    New sensor, much improved AF/MF, better menues, upgraded hybrid viewfinder etc. I dont mean to demand as big a review as the new M since thats obviously a great deal of work. Just that i have pre ordered the new x100s and is anxiously awaiting reviews and impressions 😉 Anyway i greatly enjoy your reviews. Thank you for a great site!

    • No, its not as big. Leica had 21 improvements/changes. Fuji has about 5. New sensor, faster AF, new manual focus, VF and processing speed…menus are the same. But the Af speed boost does make it very enjoyable to use/shoot. The dials are also stiffer, which was needed so maybe 6 improvements. 🙂 It will be a thorough review, just not 14,000 words worth 🙂

      • From what I’ve read another change off the top of my mind is improved distance for closer shooting. Having to change to macro/evf on the x100 when you aren’t really that close is sort of annoying at times but i’ve heard its much improved and maybe even better than what they had claimed.

      • I think Twinsen makes a valid point. The Fuji site says they have made something like 70 improvements over the X-100. Thanks, Steve, for getting your first look out so fast. Looks like Fuji will be giving us a great camera for an affordable price. My order is in.

  41. The low cost of this camera system, coupled with its amazing picture quality, makes it so damn attractive. The fuji colours look great! And it’s tack sharp. Great dynamics in the Brando B&W!

    Can’t wait to see more.

  42. Hey Steve! thanks for this preview… What do you mean by Lightroom X-Trans sensor issue??? can you explain al little bit more on that?
    Do you have some information if this camera is going to be available again in black LE?

    I love my X100 I’ve been shooting weddings with it with pleasing results!

    • I wish it was in black…

      The Fuji files using the X-Trans have an issue with Lightroom but only when viewed at 100%. It is well documented. This never really bothered me as I never look at 100% views of my images unless I am testing something. The X100 has such a pleasing output and the X100s will have the X-Trans output which is a little different. Many prefer the X-Trans sensor so we shall see how the latest and possibly greatest does from Fuji.

      • The release candidate of Lightroom 4.4 (available for download from adobe) deals with the RAW issue that previously existed with X-trans files (that Steve refers to). Alternatively Capture One does stunning conversions as well.

      • While I prefer technical quality of x-trans output I cannot say that I prefer it to the output from X100 when it comes to ‘look’ 😉 there’s something in how X100 renders, not sure if it’s lens or the sensor itself, will have to wait and see how X100S renders.

        • Yes, I agree with you. I was happy with the X100 IQ and ISO performance and it did have its own look. X100s review will be up in about a week and even I am hoping it holds up because if it does this is going to be a no brainer upgrade for once.

          • Can’t wait to read it, after all I do prefer X100 to X-Pro1 and I still use it more than it’s bigger brother. Also, not sure how’s that possible but somehow X100 feels ‘tighter’ or better made.

            There seems to be some delay with the stock here in the UK. I’m on Fuji’s mailing list and so far now email from them informing me about the availability. Shame, I’m going to Sicily in the beginning of April, X100S would fee like at home there, it looks like X-Pro1, X100 and M6 will make the journey with me.

  43. Looking good! Bit waxy look, so looking forward to more samples. Very tempting camera, wish it were full frame.

  44. Looks pretty sweet Steve, I have the Pro and EX that I mentioned before, so the AF on this will be a welcome attribute. I pick mine up on Friday. After I play with it for a bit, the EX may more than likely go up for sale. (Can’t wait for the Pro-2)
    Look forward to the rest of your findings……
    Cheers Greg.

    • Yeah, I can’t wait for the X-Pro 2 or X-Pro 1s…or whatever they call it. Mostly what it needs are the speed improvements now offered in the X100s — but I’ve no doubt Fuji will bring more to the table with that update. I have a feeling that update will be an industry-shaker.

      Zack Arias has already called the X100s his favorite camera of all time. Remember, too, that Zack shot a Land Rover campaign with the X-Pro 1.

  45. WOW! so far, so good Steve. I’ve been shooting an RX1 for a couple of weeks now alongside my OM-D, trying to ignore this new Fuji. Someone is going to have to restrain me from buying it. I use my Olympus as my system camera (12, 17, 45, and 75 Oly primes) and the RX1 as my take with me anywhere camera. I love them both for what they can do. How am I going to justify the new Fuji. Hmmmm, there must be a way! LOL

    Thanks fore all of your great reviews. I’m really looking forward to the more complete X100s review.

    • I love the X100 but if you have an RX1 the fuji seems pretty redundant. That is unless you like collecting cameras. Can’t ever have enough of those babies. 🙂

      • Redundant?, maybe for some, but the Fuji has OVF and EVF built into the body, as well as much better low light AF than the RX-1, making it a more versatile all-round camera if one can do without full-frame. I’m guessing the IQ, dynamic range, and colors of the Fuji will be very impressive, as Steve has already suggested. Looks like a no-brainer at the price, and will fit into a cargo pants or jacket pocket—try that with an Rx-1 with the Evf attached — a great camera to be sure, but I need something with great imaging that I can get in and out of a big pocket easily, as I spend a lot of time in places where I want my camera out of sight when I’m not actively shooting e.g. barrios in Colombia..

          • OK it does support it but it’s not what I would call “great” yet. Hopefully that will come I would like to see support for innovative sensor design.

          • really recommend to to process files you care about in Capture One instead of LR – I’m keeping both, for everything LR (years of photos in catalogue and I like the workflow) but for those which I really want to get max from them, Capture One gives me better results. This is related to X-Pro1 files which also uses X-Trans sensor.

            No Mr. Huff you inserted massive bug to my head eating me slowly. I had money for X100s but couldn’t resist M6 in mint condition 🙂 Might see how much I can get for X100 or might sell X-Pro1 and lenses and keep only X100s and Leica M6 (RF is RF)

          • I like C1’s output. I used to use it for my M8 files years ago and it always did the best. I just might have to go download it and give it another shot (back then it was slow). It seems LR 4.4 is doing well now with the X-Trans though. I will say the X100s is a speed demon in all areas..amazing difference from the old X100.

    • I am lucky enough to have got one. The compensation dial is indeed stiffer. Its AF is fast. It is almost a prefect camera for me!

      • Yeap, I certainly agreed on your statements. I was also lucky to get hold of one just a few days ago. I owned the X100 but decided to sell it of to a friend to get this S. Looking forward to more of the full reviews and feedbacks from friends. Thanks, Parkpoom from Thailand.

        • Hey Parkpoom !
          Just thinking it might be worth the try. Is your friend maybe willing to sell the x100?

  46. Those look pretty cool, and it looks especially neat with the retro subjects (sorry Bruce!)

    Look forward to your next X100s update, thanks!

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