Last call for entries to the I-SHOT-IT.COM B&W Contest!


This is no April fools joke!

MAN OH MAN! Whoever wins this contest is going to be one happy photographer. I have never seen anything like this and you may have seen my past two posts about this contest but there are only three days left in this one and the prize is up to over $13,000 CASH and a Leica Monochrom camera. This value is over $20,000. It seems word has spread about the contest site and the crazy prizes they are giving away to the winnner. For this B&W contest they are running you will need to enter a fantastic shot though because there is some very intense competition going on. You can see the images already entered by clicking here and if you feel you have a B&W image that can compete then I urge you to enter the contest.

There is an entrance fee of $20 but this helps raise the prize money as well as pay for the Monochrom prize (I am assuming this as the MM is $8k).

It would be so so cool if one of the readers of my site wins the prize. If you want to enter you have just 3 days left. If you do not feel you have a winning image you can check out all of their other contests as well as  their free competitions. Just start at their main site HERE. To anyone who enters any of those competitions, I wish you luck!

If you have already entered share a link to your entry in the comments so we can check them out!




  1. Anyone notice that the i-shot-it black and white contest closed two weeks ago with no announcements for winners? Could it be too large a $$$ prize?
    Just wondering.

    • With over 2,500 entries, you’d want to hope that it would take at least 2 weeks – especially given the stakes involved – rather than their making a rash, whimsical judgement after only a couple of days of randomly glancing about the entries. Actually, it’s only been 11 days. Take out the weekend, and that’s 9.

    • There are over 2500 entries; have patience friend, we’ll hear all about it in these days to come.

      • I have patience, but thanks for the insulting insinuation. Anyone know when to check back for the results?

  2. Exhibition needed!!!

    Whoever wins, One thing is certain: Many of the photos are WORLD CLASS and should have an exhibition somewhere in the world (New York City for example). They all need to be seen! They are incredible! Maybe a book too!!!!

    Just my opinion.

  3. I figure my chances are somewhere between Frosty the Snowman’s odds surviving a holiday in Hell and the odds of successfully navigating an asteroid field. If I beat the odds, I’ll be sure to write up a nice guest post for you if you want it.

    • I wouldn’t just see it that way.

      Your pictures will be seen on a recognized (quality oriented) platform.
      Beside the main winner, you can also get a Mark of Excellence from the judges.
      Other photographic centers and institutions are certainly monitoring the site and entries as well.
      Included is the possibility to get contacted by a potential buyer and hence sell your work directly.

      I even heard, that there are meanwhile more and more groups of enthusiastic people/photographers gathering on weekends to discuss their entries in the local communities … that’s something!


    • Hey Kristian,
      I marked your image down as one of my favorites and a good chance to win for the poetry of it as well as the symbolism mirrored in the tonality of the picture: “From Darkness to Light”

      My pic is relying on the same B+W contrast both tonal and in it’s content also:

      Good luck!


  4. OMG Steve, what have you done, I will get no sleep from now on for the next three days 😉 of course i participated in that contest. Unfortunatelly I could not decide which one i should send in, so i sent in two photos. this one: and this one:

    Steve, if I win, I´ll let you now. Thanks for your very cool and interesting site, I do love reading your blog, your reviews and the inspirations. Please keep up the good work! 🙂 *thumbs up*

  5. Here is mine… just entered. Thanks for the heads up Steve. Not going to win based on the other pictures I saw but always fun to try 🙂

    My pic

    • Most of the things that are completely free and non-profit have zero quality involved.
      I Shot It is renowned for its quality aspect in the business and art world in collaboration with Leica Camera AG, Germany and The Harvey Milk Photo Center in San Francisco.


      • Thanks. Good to know it’s legit.

        I’m familiar with the Pulitzer obviously, as well as the National Geographic awards, The World Photography Awards, The World Press Awards and a few others. I’ll add this to my mental list of ‘legit’ contests.

        With so many scam awards (where the sole purpose is for the organizers to make money) it would be great if there was a list of valid competitions.

        I guess if Leica is sponsoring this one, that’s a good sign/indication.

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