The Olympus PEN E-P5 and black lenses are here! Pre-order now!


The Olympus PEN E-P5 and black lenses are here! Pre-order now!


Pre-Order links at B&H Photo for all of the new Olympus Gear

Pre-order the body only in BLACKSILVER or WHITE.

Pre-Order the BLACK body, 17 1.8 lens AND NEW VF-4  HERE. Pre-order the silver body with 17 1.8 and EVF HERE.

You can pre-order the black 17 1.8 lens HERE. The 45 1.8 black lens HERE. The black 75 1.8 lens HERE and the new VF-4 EVF HERE.


OK, it is 100% official! This post was supposed to be auto posted this morning early but somehow did not, so here we go, better late than never!

Yes! Olympus is continuing on with the amazing camera releases and we knew this one was coming and we saw the leaks online but this one will be good. It will meet or exceed the E-M5 in speed and quality. It will keep the 5-Axis IS of the E-M5. Is now available with all black lenses and looks sleek, sexy and beautiful in black or silver. They even are releasing it in white like they did with previous PEN cameras. One cool new feature that sticks out is the 1/8000th mechanical shutter. The E-M5 tops out at 1/4000s which made it tough to use fast glass in daylight (when shooting wide open). No we can use those lenses wide open in the sunshine 🙂


Olympus has officially announced the long awaited and super cool and sexy looking follow up to the E-P3, the new E-P5 series of camera. The Pen line is alive and while Olympus has improved just about everything with the PEN series, they still have not added a viewfinder in the body! BOOOOO.  If they did, it could have been “THE” camera of 2013.

As you can see above they went even more retro with the series this time around with the “Olympus Pen” text on the front of the camera, just like the old days of the original film PEN camera so the camera is gorgeous and I have no doubts that it will be an amazing camera. Olympus never seems to deliver a bad camera.


The new PEN E-P5 has it all when it comes to speed, image quality and fun factor. Below are the specs:

16.1MP Live MOS Sensor and TruePic VI Image Processor – Up to ISO 25,600

5-Axis Image Stabilization – The amazing IS from the OM-D E-M5 is now in the PEN, this is AWESOME.

3.0″ Tilt Touchscreen LCD – 1037k Dot resolution with full tilt and touch capabilities. This is a great thing to have on a camera such as this so you can go for unique angles.

Full FD 1080p Video Capture – I found the video on the E-M5 to be pretty good, hopefully the PEN will keep that up.

Built-In Wi-Fi and GPS

1/8000s Mechanical Shutter – Nice, 1/8000th speed for daylight shooting of those amazing lenses WIDE OPEN if you desire 🙂 The E-M5 can not do this.

F.A.S.T. Autofocus and Manual Focus Assist

“Frequency Acceleration Sensor Technology (F.A.S.T.) AF in Single, Continuous and Tracking modes is available for high speed autofocus. 35-area focusing areas provide precise focus throughout the frame and four different AF area sizes can be selected. Face Detection and Eye Detection focusing is also supported and an AF Illuminator is available if needed. Focus Peaking with white or black edges is provided for ensured shooting. Manual focus is also available with two optional focus assist methods: a Magnified Focus (MF) Assist Function and Magnification Display. The MF Assist feature aids with critical focus by allowing you to zoom in on part of the image by simply turning the focusing ring on the front of the lens. Magnification Display enables you to selectively enlarge the image on the LCD at the touch of a button.”

Built-in Flash with Wireless Control

2 x 2 Dial Control with Custom Lever – Nice manual dials and buttons!

i-AUTO with 42 Shooting Modes

Sequential Shooting and Self-Timer

Art Filters and Photo Story

HDR and Bracketing

Interval Mode, Multiple Exposure and Live Bulb

Level Gauge


New Kit Lens and all black versions of your favorites, now available!

The new PEN E-P5 will have the option of coming with a new kick ass kit lens (in black), the 17 1.8 lens (that I reviewed HERE). This will give you a fast 35mm equivilant just like the Fuji X100s and Sony RX1. Since they did not put in a built in EVF of some sort, Olympus has released an all new Electronic View Finder that attaches to the hot shoe. The new VF-4 is here and ready to take you to the next level of EVF. Olympus has also released two of the best lenses in black, the 45 1.875 1.8 and  17 1.8. They look much sexier in black (imo) and will be right at home on the black or silver body.

Many of you will be excited just about this announcement as the black lenses are more desirable than silver, and now they are here!



So we now have the 17 1.8 in black, the 45 1.8 in black and the 75 1.8 in black. What about the 12mm f/2? This was available in black in a special edition a while ago but they have all been sold and are now gone. WIll Olympus re-release it in black soon? I would think so as it is the only lens left that is only available in Silver!

The new VF-4 EVF


Olympus has released the new VF-4, an upgraded EVF for the Olympus cameras. (will it work with the Leica M)? Hmmmm. You can pre-order the EVF here.

The new VF4 specs:

Clear view when shooting in direct sunlight

Steady eye-level composition

2.36 million pixel resolution LCD

1.48x magnification

100% field of view

Eye-sensor recognizes when your eye is at the viewfinder and can automatically turn on VF-4 and turn off the rear LCD.

The VF-4 tilts up 90º to enable waist level and low-angle shooting.

Brightness and contrast can be adjusted in seven increments through the camera’s menu.

Built-in diopter adjustment from -4 to +2

Directly compatible with the Olympus E-P5 mirrorless camera and compatible via firmware upgrade with E-PL5, E-PM2, E-M5, E-PL3, E-PM1, E-P3, E-PL2, E-PL1, E-PL1s, E-P2 and XZ-2 cameras.

So there you go! Olympus has released a slew of new gear today and I expect it to continue the tradition of superb and very capable cameras and if going by the E-M5, this E-P5 will 100% be the best PEN camera yet. As you may have guessed, my pre-order is in 🙂


Pre-Order links at B&H Photo for all of the new Olympus Gear

Pre-order the body only in BLACKSILVER or WHITE.

Pre-Order the BLACK body, 17 1.8 lens AND NEW VF-4  HERE. Pre-order the silver body with 17 1.8 and EVF HERE.

You can pre-order the black 17 1.8 lens HERE. The 45 1.8 black lens HERE. The black 75 1.8 lens HERE and the new VF-4 EVF HERE.





  1. Olympus are advertising their ad all over the place, stating that 90.2% of DSLR owners left their DSLR at home. Indeed, i wouldn’t want to carry my 1 Kg Body plus my bulky place wherever i go, unless i have a purpose in mind. They got the point here. +1. You can simply stuff the E-P5 in you bag or even your pocket i believe when you have the 17mm F1.8 mounted and you try to stuff that EVF maybe inside you underwear? ( just kidding )

  2. I like what i read here and i am not being negative it is my second comment .You dont need to talk to me that way. Remember that we support your website with our visits here . (help me to keep this site going and growing) Yes we help you because we like photos .
    BTW. There are six companies tracking us here: twitter badge,google+1,linkedin,facebook connect ,google adsense and wordpress stats.

  3. How cool would it be if one could use the new VF-4 on the new Leica M?
    I bet it will happen at some point

  4. It should be noted that the OM-D E-M5 is a separate product line from the PEN E-P5, which just happens to share a lot of parts. (Canon and Nikon use the same APS-C sensor across different models, too) The E-P5 is not an upgrade or a downgrade from the SLR-style OM-D E-M5, it’s an upgrade for the rangefinder-style E-P3. When different product lines launch in staggered timing, upgrades sometimes happen on the lower model first. The Canon 6D, for example, has wifi while the higher 5Dmk3 will have to wait until the next model. It would be reasonable to expect the E-P5’s advances will be integrated into the OM-D E-M6.

    As for the missing EVF, has some interesting info:

    E-P5 VS X-E1, Fuji’s smallest mirrorless with an integrated EVF
    Olympus PEN E-P5 is 5% (6.7 mm) narrower and 8% (6 mm) shorter than FujiFilm X-E1.
    Olympus PEN E-P5 is 3% (1.1 mm) thinner than FujiFilm X-E1.
    Olympus PEN E-P5 [420 g] weights 20% (70 grams) more than FujiFilm X-E1 [350 g] (*inc. batteries and memory card).

    Olympus PEN E-P5 dimensions: 122.3×68.9×37.2 mm (camera body only, excluding protrusion)
    FujiFilm X-E1 dimensions: 129×74.9×38.3 mm (camera body only, excluding protrusion)

    E-P5 VS NEX-6, Sony’s smallest mirrorless with an integrated EVF
    Olympus PEN E-P5 is 2% (2.4 mm) wider and 3% (2 mm) taller than Sony NEX-6.
    Olympus PEN E-P5 is 13% (5.4 mm) thinner than Sony NEX-6.
    Olympus PEN E-P5 [420 g] weights 22% (75 grams) more than Sony NEX-6 [345 g] (*inc. batteries and memory card).

    Olympus PEN E-P5 dimensions: 122.3×68.9×37.2 mm (camera body only, excluding protrusion)
    Sony NEX-6 dimensions: 119.9×66.9×42.6 mm (camera body only, excluding protrusion)

    Both Fuji and Sony have been able to cram an EVF *and* a much larger APS-C sensor in a “humpless” rangefinder style body…with very minimal additional bulk. So if it isn’t a size issue, it must be cost, time, or product differentiation. An EVF adds a direct material cost from adding an LCD, more silicon, a lens, an eye-detect sensor, a diopter mechanism, and an eye-cup. E-P5 is a refresh of the E-P3 body; integrating an EVF would mean taking the more time consuming approach of reshaping the OM-D. But the most likely reason, in my opinion, is that the integrated EVF is left for the OM-D as a carrot to keep people buying it.

  5. Ordered E-P3 like 2 days ago, hasn’t even arrived to my doorstep yet, and it’s already been replaced. LOL. But $379 price tag on E-P3+kit lens (14-42) from Adorama at least saves me money for one or two prime lenses. I guess there’s always that E-M8 that’s coming in a few years when (hopefully) I might be a little richer.

  6. Totally overpriced… But the looks are great. If it had a built in VF, and the body was like 200$ less then it would have been the hit of 2013, my opinion.

    • Every PEN E-P canera is priced the same every release but each one gets better and better. The E-P3 was the same price at launch. With the lenses available for this system this new PEN and the E-M5 are great choices to have.


        • I reply when I disagree just as you replied when you disagreed. I let people say what they want as long as it is relative. Why do you type in all caps? Why do you come here if you do not like what you read? Why do you feel the need to be so negative? Only you can answer those questions, but this is my site, I pay thousands per month to run it..if someone says something like “totally overpriced” when it is in reality not, and priced exactly the same as the previous version but much better, I can make a statement that says so. It’s all about the facts, not about moaners and groaners who come here to complain (you). Thanks. BTW, I RARELY comment on this site as I stay out of most of the discussion. I post a comment maybe 10-20 times per year.

          • The e-p3 release price was 899$ with the 14-42 lens. The e-p5 release price is 1099$ with the 14-42 lens. I understand that it is more sophisticated and advanced camera than the e-p3, better specs and for sure (same om-d sensor wise) better image quality. The thing is that every new camera is better than the previous one but the key factor in many of us is price/performance ratio. I have an e-p3 which i love, amazing little machine… But i was hoping and waiting for the built in viewfinder, to help decide for the e-p5 and not the om-d or the x-e1. Judging from the pricing policy of olympus my decision made much more easy now..

  7. If Olympus got rid of the plastic finger grip it would look perfect. Smooth lines all around.

  8. I still love my E-M5 , but also own an X100s and the RX1 haha and Samsung NX-300. I rarely use my E-M5 now simply because to me even as great as many Micro Four lenses are vs the rest of the current interchangeable lens world giving M/4 an edge, Micro Four’s sensor is simply not going to give you as good IQ, dynamic range, depth, low noise, as an aps-c sensor can. The five axis image stabilization IS great, and a huge REAL plus though…too bad Olympus is now committed to Micro Four and nothing else at this time, I guess. Nothing wrong, but it’s sort of scientifically impossible that a micro four sensor no matter how good, can fully compete with a camera with an aps-c sensor. Certainly forget about IT vs a full frame RX-1. All that aside, again we have no built in evf…so since it won’t REALLY be pockeatable once you add on an external evf…why not just stay with an E-M5? Other than the faster shutter speed I don’t see anything too exciting here. One odd ball camera nobody ever talks about and SHOULD, is the passed over Samsung NX-300, 20 meg full sized sensor’s shutter speed can do 1/6000. It also has no built in evf though (Boo), it has GREAT accurate color and some good lenses to choose from already, It’s also just about $699 with a kit lens to start. Nobody is even looking at Samsung, I understand it screams CELL phone or HDTV??. Sony was also a joke not too long ago as you’d think Walkman certainly not a serious full frame camera like an RX-1. In any case I feel E-P5 is overpriced vs so much better competition now including the EM5 with built IN EVF that’s a big least to me..

  9. I am on of those that do NOT complain about the lack of the built-it EVF – it would require complete re-design of the camera and made it considerably bigger. Just get the OMD if you need one.

    The biggie for me here is that the new VF-4 not only has more pixels, but gives much larger image – the magnification is 1.48 compared to 1.15 that can be found in OMD EM-5 (or the VF-2). I will definitely go and try this camera in a shop – it may be that the EVF will not look like a tunnel anymore. It will also probably appear in the next update of the OMD. 1.48x translates to 0.74x in full frame. My wife’s Minolta Dynax 7 has 0.8x and it is really nice viewfinder to use.

    Of course – there are many more updates to be found in the E-P5, but Olympus gets thumbs up for the viewfinder from my side!

  10. Looks too expensive to me, think the new Pentax Ricoh GR has moved the price point goal posts 🙂

  11. A built in VF would have been nice. I don’t know how good the quality is on a camera like the OMD or fuji camera’s
    but I found an interesting link (in dutch) where they state that the view through the VF-4 is bigger than the viewfinder of the canon 1DX or Nikon D4. That’s exciting to me! Perhaps they could incorporate such a “big” view(finder) in body of the pen, but I’m not sure. If not, I’m happy to look through a big external one. I wonder what the view is like through one of the fuji’s

    • Couldn’t agree more. The old PEN is clean and stylish, with no cheap details. I can see why Olympus is hoping to catch some of that magic, but so far the digital PENs just aren’t as clean and clever. The basic shape is there, but the details are too ordinary. Just look at the lettering on the old model. Slim, stylish, nicely fills the space without feeling cramped. On the new camera the words are cramped, heavy, and there isn’t really enough room for them. It adds nothing to the design. Hire better designers, Olympus, and give us something clever.

  12. Thanks, but no. 🙂 As I have just picked up the E-PM2, which is lovingly mated with my Panasonic 20mm f1.7 as we speak, I see no need to go larger if the body in question has no built in viewfinder. It’s the OMD or the E-PM line for me, nothing in between has any appeal any more.

    Olympus, with Panasonic’s help on the lens, has finally sold me a camera to equal the old XA. Now if only they would put out a 20mm f2.8 pancake smaller, lighter, closer and faster focusing than the Panny pancake. With the improvements in high ISO rendering the Sony sensor is giving us, I would gladly give up the extra light for the other features.

    Long live the belt camera!

  13. All the upgrade features are very welcome. The price will keep the competitor happy. Because they can come up with something better (or the same) for very competitive price.

  14. Looks nice, however I think they will have a hard time beating the Fuji’s. I think the separate viewfinder in this case might be a bummer….

  15. So, how do you think it will compare to the Sony RX100 or the new Pentax/Ricoh GR? I’m looking for a camera in this range up to the Fuji X100s in quality, but more pocketable.


  16. Why all the negative comments. It’s a positive move for Olympus. Transfering developed technology into a new product is very common. Why no EVF ? Well, why kill the EM-5 by offering a very similar product. Doesn’t take rocket science to work that one out. The move to black lenses is a very good idea and my guess will be the 12mm will also be available as standard and not a special edition.
    Finally the Pen looks way better than the toy looking EM-5

  17. Ep1 was one of my favorite digital cameras, and i have had quite a few of the classic digitals.
    Only this current version has made me feel like perhaps i should get it.
    With EVF built in i would not have hesitated…Still …

  18. Progress requires a built in EVF for premium priced not so compact and not pocketable cameras in 2013. Sony with its NEX 6,7, and Fuji with the XE-1, X100s show how it should be done. Otherwise a nice looking camera, though overpriced considering its small sensor in comparison with Sony and Fuji. The OMD looks almost like a bargain in comparison, EVF and weather sealing included.

    • Love this new Pen, but have to agree it’s a lot of scratch, particularly for M4/3.

      In the continuing megapixel war, I’m not sure where we go next, but I suspect improved dynamic range and high ISO capability will soon be prized over strict megapixel counts.

      For cameras with smaller sensors, I’m not sure where that leaves them. The smartphone has killed/is killing the compact market; offering a bigger sensor in a smaller body is the only way for manufacturers of compact cameras to claw back market share as the smartphone trend continues.

      I’m also not sure where M4/3 goes next to keep the format technologically relevant, as more manufacturers start placing APS-C sized sensors into mirrorless bodies, and APS-C DSLRs become less abundant in favor of full-frame (35mm equiv) sensors.

      But I do love this new pen. 😉

      Major soft spot for most Olympus stuff.

  19. Yes I’m sure the new VF4 will work with the Leica M and what an experience that will be:)

    • Yep, I’m sure Leica will rebadge it and sell it for 3 times as much. But the new VF specs look great. I’d buy one of them for the M. Old VF, not so much.

  20. Steve agree with everything you say except I am afraid the most important thing will not be changed “IQ” will be the same is the OM-D. This is not a bad thing but I see no reason to “upgrade” to the new PEN.
    Only if it had the builtin EVF, but sadly Olympus left this out.

  21. Why would anyone buy this over the OMD? A bigger price for wifi and faster shutter speed but no built in viewfinder?

    • Sure, thousands will. I am guessing we will see improvements all across the board over the E-M5. This is how Olympus works..each model gets faster, better, sleeker, stronger 🙂 Plus, many just adore the PEN form and style. I can not wait to review it as I have always had a soft spot for these PEN cameras starting with the E-P1. The silver black looks gorgeous and I bet it will feel as good as it looks. I do wish there was a built in EVF though. The black lenses are welcome too.

    • The wifi capabilities do excite me a bit, considering that there may be an app brewing that lets me tether it and do some creative work through a laptop or tablet, not just gimmicky quick-link and social post from a smartphone.

      The new black lenses are great for people who want the black on black look. Personally, I prefer the silver bodies and lenses, but that’s just cosmetic stuff. If Olympus makes more money with more options, good for them.

      But that 8000th mechanical shutter is really a big deal, (and the iso 100 extension) especially considering just yesterday I was pricing (and getting discouraged that I have to buy) ND filters for my OM-D to take better advantage of the fast Olympus lenses in average (let alone bright) daylight.

      I’m certain I will not sell my OM-D to by a an E-P5, but I like the progression of their innovation. Especially if some of the developments like software peaking (and _better_ bracketing?) are retrofit to the E-M5’s firmware.

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