Refurbished Leica M 240 Available for $6750 – Direct Link


Refurbished Leica M 240 Available for $6750 – Direct Link

A refurbished Leica M 240 is available on Amazon through a third-party seller “Focus Camera” who has a 97% rating on Amazon. You can see the details HERE. I am sure this will go FAST but a refurb already? Lol. Seems as though Focus Camera is keeping a 4.8 star rating out of 5 recently so looks like a safe bet. Leica refurb always come with warranty so if you have an itch for a 240, Go get it!


  1. I just wondered, should there be any consequences for Amazon?
    I mean, did they break any contract between me and them? They had an Item In stock, I received a confirmation mail, and the order changed its status later on to Shipping soon.
    I know my chances of getting it now are equal to zero, still. I feel this was their mistake, and…
    Ah, bad luck after all I guess.

    • Unfortunately, I don’t think we have any grounds to get anything from them. Mistakes happen (that’s what they’re gonna say). The only thing is that the merchant will get a ding on their star rating if you’re able to leave feedback which I wasn’t able to because the transaction is as if it never happened.

      I know how you feel, I feel the same way!

  2. This is very strange, I was able to buy one right now. I thought it sold out within 3 minutes???
    Is this a glitch? I went back to check after I bought it and it now says sold out.

    Who else was able to buy this thing?

    • My order got cancelled today from Amazon. Not sure if someone got in contact with Focus camera and took it from me, but suddenly the camera became out of stock. 🙁

      • I filed a complaint to the Amazon so they’ll check what really happend. Maybe it was also a glitch in my case, I just thought I was fast enough.

  3. A friend of mine bought a Leica M, within a month, the camera was sent back for a “recall” repair. Apparently the strap lugs came loose. Anybody else has this problem?

    • Yes, there was a recall for the cameras shipped before April 5th as far as I remember.

    • This was last year and they seem to be much better now unless they are able to manipulate reviews on Amazon.
      I’ll share my experiance anyway

  4. I’ve had excellent service from Leica in Solms and the UK, they really take it personally if someone unhappy with a camera or the brand, they always go the extra mile.

  5. It was me some 15 minutes ago. I was about to go to sleep, but couldn’t and I was so pissed that I went out for a smoke. My PC was already switched off, and for some unknown reason I went to see what’s new on Facebook on my phone, the post was 7 minutes online. I was certain someone will get it while the computer was booting, but…

    Thank you Steve!!!

    What’s the deal with the refurbished cameras, do they come in “like new” shape? I mean there won’t be any scratches or so, right?

      • It will only come with 1 year warranty though. All USA Leica models, regardless of reason, if they are open box or “refurb” They will only have 1 year warranty. I purchased my M9P and Monochrom this way, and saved about $1000 off retail. Not sure if just $250 off is worth it to not have that extra year of warranty but I guarantee that the card in the box will only be for one year.

    • By the way this “refurbished” item is probably just a box that was opened but unused, or perhaps one that had to go back to Solms for lug repair and then brought back to the dealer, but again unused. I’d be this camera has never seen the light of day and is essentially new. The Monochrom I got, for example, had 76 actuations (likely from factory) and although was marked “used” the dealer said that Leica had only marked it that way because the box had some damage (which was actually hardly visible). Saved me a ton of $$$$.

      • Gee, my M9P box was slightly dented but I didn’t get 1k off. Should I have said something?

        • Nah it’s just how it is marked by Leica and sent to the dealer. My Monochrom was purchased at an authorized dealer and for whatever reason they said Leica had marked it this way because of that. I don’t have any reason to suspect otherwise. It all depends on how Leica sells it though. Often these cameras marked as “used” by Leica are a great deal because they haven’t really been used. you do, however, only get 1 year warranty. You can get around this by registering them online though and not sending in the card, as they won’t check.

      • i’d just updated the Amazon with my HK bank details then it kicked me out just before I clicked ‘pay’. Denied! So many Leica shops here, yet I haven’t seen an M240 🙁

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