The new Panasonic GX7 rumored to hit in September!


According to 4/3 Rumors, the new Panasonic GX7 is hitting in August and if this is correct, it is a beauty! This would also mean that Panasonic is finally playing catch up to Olympus who has been dominating the Micro 4/3 body sales with their OM-D and PEN line. The reported and rumored GX7 looks mighty impressive.

They are reporting the following  specs but check out that built-in tilting EVF! The body looks Fuji-ish with the silver and black and of course the source is from a rumor site but usually they are pretty spot on over there at 4/3 rumors. It is also rumored to be bundled with either a kit zoom or the new 20mm 1.7 II. This camera and a 20mm 1.7 II would be all anyone would need in the Micro 4/3 world and with the video quality of the GH3 and 1/8000s shutter speed all many of you will want 🙂

Specs as reported at

It has a Magnesium body and comes in full black or black-silver.

– It has an on sensor stabilization (first ever for Pana).

– Same video quality as the GH3

– Shutter speed up to 1/8000

– 5fps (4fps with continuous A)

– it can focus also in very dark conditions

– Tiltable 2,76 Million Dot EVF

– Tiltable 3 inch LCD (1,04 Million dots)

– Integrated WiFi and NFC

– Focus peaking

– Stereo Mic

– Shipment in September

– Body only price 1.000 Euro

– There will be two kit version. One with 14-42 and one with 20mm lens.

So has Panaosnic FINALLY listened to the demands? Is Panasonic the one who will deliver THE definitive Micro 4/3 body? It is not going  to have that incredible Olympus 5-Axis IS but could have on sensor IS. Looks good and I guess we will find out soon enough on the reality of it as well as the pricing.

What do you think of this new GX7 if it is indeed the real deal?


  1. I actually prefer a external EVF over a built in one (as long as its not loose). A. If you dont want to use it, you have the option to take it off and your camera will be more compact. B. Its upgradable when future incarnations are available.

  2. Now then. Will this be a serious rival to the Fuji X100 X100S XPRO 1 – What think you ?

    • Spot on !
      I wish Leica could, one day, LISTEN to the users/customers that are not from Qatar, Ukraine or Abu Dhabi…

  3. Nice. Let’s see what the real product will look&feel like. But to be honest, it is mainly evolution – I can’t see any killer feature (I don’t care about DSLR like EVF humps vs. rangefinder style). I am sure that Olympus will have an answer to that in September.

  4. It looks OK from the front, but the back is a complicated mess of controls. Maybe a Leica version with manual controls for iso, aperture and shutter, no flash and one automatic iso option,… But what about one without any screen on the back, you just take the SD card out and view on your iPad or iPhone …. or even a range of different SD cards for different use , colour, B&W, high speed, etc – that would be almost as good as film….

  5. Looks like just the latest version of the cameras we have already with a few extras and the EP5 is more of a beauty in my eyes! Do WE really have to keep drooling over each new release just because it’s new?

  6. I think this camera is a big deal if the in body stabilisation can match the OMD with GH3 quality video. I thought Olympus would be the first to do this, but perhaps Panasonic will. Not everyone wants RAW, but everyone who has actually tried the 5-axis stabilisation really marvels at it.

  7. Definitely interesting. My current camera is a GF1; I was plannig to buy something superior (i.e. Sony RX1R) but I want to wait for this camera to be announced and reviewed. I want do know how it performs.

  8. The GX7 is actually very intriguing to me.

    I’ve tried several Olympus bodies, EPM1 and OMD-EM5 (rental) but never liked the button or menu layout.

    Always liked Panasonic M4/3 cameras because of the video capability and ergonomics but really wanted the IBIS of the Olympus and a good M4/3 sensor like in the OMD-EM5. What to do…except wait?

    With the GX7 (if rumors are true)…I may finally, use my PanLeica 25/f1.4 that has been in a box for some time now.

    • BTW owned a Fuji X-E1…great camera but I use the video capabilities of my cameras and the Fuji however fantastic IQ for stills just couldn’t do video very well.

    • No, it’s NOT a Fuji copycat. See: Panasonic DMC-LC1 (Four Thirds wonder). Panasonic are finally coming to their senses, and bringing back the glory of this amazing machine. And yes, I have actually shot with it, but never understood why they didn’t bring it back with a m43 mount.

  9. this with the new 20mm f1.7 is definitely a kit i would consider. hope it delivers on its promise. *just when i leave micro 4/3rds, they pull me back in….*

    a nice looking set of features too. intrigued by this purported “can focus in very dark conditions” — always hear this but whenever i’m shooting nightlife in dark clubs i have to make a sacrifice to the AF gods or just go back to good ole zone focusing (…or i can get a DSLR i suppose).

    in any case, will be following this release!

  10. Sounds impressive, it was about time someone finally developed a rangefinder-shaped camera in the m43 world. I’ve been an m43 shooter since the GF1, and I love the system for its size, low weight and understated looks, it is ideal for travel, street and reportage.

    The thing for me is, Panasonic colors look a bit funky to me, and their raw files somehow look mushy, with not a lot of dynamic range to handle highlights in a pleasing way. I’m not saying Panasonic files are bad or anything, but i’ve been way more pleased with either Olympus or Fuji in that respect. And that, to me, is a huge thing.

    In any case, I hope this camera is a home run!

  11. This looks like my first Panasonic body! I hope this will hold its value better then releases in the past.

    • Panasonic bodies have always been known for poor jpegs, poor skin tones. If what you want is speed then get a $ 499 DSLR. If what you want is great skin tones as in great portraits then get Fuji colors. The Pana is in the middle. Not great speed for action, not great skin tones.

    • I didn’t know you were buying cameras to sell them.
      When I buy cameras, I U-S-E them.
      Think different… Drink Pepsi…

  12. This is what the Pen E-P5 could and should have been with the build in off center EVF. That it`s tiltable at the same time is great. The specs look great.

  13. Indeed, I agree with Zambal above…enuff’ already.

    I am certain the camera companies would be thrilled to sit back and let their R and D department take a long and extended vacation too. The cost of keeping up with the Jones’ has to be destroying each of these companies bottom lines…how long can they keep up this trying to out do the other?

    And, as portostreetshooting above has written, in six months, twelve months at the most it will be outdated and another mo’ bettah’ camera will be launched taking it’s place.

  14. Yeah well Fuji X-M1 is smaller and has an APS sized sensor. Clean ISO 6400. $799 including zoom. Pancake at the same price as Pana 20mm

    • The GX7 is not really comparable to the XM1, which lacks features like a touch screen, killer video, face detection, EVF, tilting LCD, access to m4/3 lenses.

      If the XM1 is right for you then great, but they are very different cameras.

    • The X-M1 lacks an EVF. The X-E1 is a much closer match.
      The Fujis are nice cameras, but their lenses are much larger than the equivalent m4/3 lenses and their autofocus is slow (I’ve owned an X100 and an X-E1).

        • Cynically speaking, the Fuji`s IQ might be slightly better. But often time it`s an academic question as it misses the shot with its slow and not so accurate AF and the annoying shutter lag on top of everything (I own a Fuji XE-1)

          • FWIW, the new V2.0 firmware has fixed the X-system focus speed issues. Still not O-MD fast, but it’s pretty close now. I was a happy O-MD owner, but I just switched to an X-E1 and am VERY happy. Body size and weight are comparable to O-MD (OM-D is slightly more compact but heavier). Fuji X lenses are higher quality and only very slightly larger. APS-C sensor captures more fine detail and DR. (I did a LOT of testing before selling the O-MD!)

          • Then let`s agree that we disagree. Fuji earned the “Alfa Romeo” nickname of all camera makes imho, Over promising and constantly under delivering. They should feel the heat of the beta testers, also called early adopters. Now what was that again with the gloriously pre-announced FW upgrade 3…which they already had to withdraw.

  15. This never ending race for new gear takes away from what true photo artists strive for – creation of images that manifest their intentions. Enough already.

  16. This is super tempting. I’m constantly wishing my OM-D had an off-center view finder. Makes the most sense for the smaller form factor. Really bummed to see only one control dial, though. Fast manual control is one thing make the OM-D so nice.

  17. I am interested… as an OMD E-M5 user, this will probably deliver just as high quality images, and offers a EVF that does wast-level, as well as an LCD that offer Waist-Level viewing as well…
    1/8000, IBIS + OIS for longer zooms if you want… (not at the same time), Focus Peeking, Smaller than an E-P5 with the VF4 attached, (Vertically) for about the same price w/o a lens.

    • As an OM-D user I’m intrigued as well but I’m pretty sure I’d miss the weather sealing (I live in the Pac NW) and the 5-axis stabilization. I’m also hoping that VF doesn’t poke out too much. Looks good, hoping the reality follows suit.

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