The Nikon 32 1.2 lens. Only one left in stock at Amazon!


Last week there were 12 of the Nikon 32 1.2 lenses in stock in Silver at Amazon and now there is only ONE. The Black versions sold out very fast. As of today, there is only one left at Amazon in Silver and B&H Photo are sold out of the black and silver 100%. This lens is selling very well despite the Nikon 1 hate patrol’s predictions 🙂

I bought this lens on 7/24 and am not disappointed in the slightest. In fact, my son and I left for a long road trip on Friday and all I brought was two Nikon V1’s, the 6.7-13, the 18.5 1.8 and the 32 1.2. I also snuck in a Sony RX1R and RX100II 🙂 My son is shooting his V1 and 10, 18.5 and 30-110.

The V1 has been doing fantastic, and the 32 1.2 is my favorite lens. It really is the best lens for the 1 system, hands down. Size, build, feel, etc. All there and all gorgeous.

If anyone has been eyeballing it and thinking about it, there is one left. Act fast if you want it!

You can nab it HERE.








  1. Hi Steve, after reading all your good comments on the V1, I finally surrendered and bought one a couple of days ago. I have to say that so far I’m hugely impressed – I don’t recall any other camera that I immediately bonded with in the way I have with the V1 so I’m very grateful for your one man campaign to spread the word on it. Incidentally, V1 prices seem to be on the rise again in the UK (price on Amazon is now 80 pounds above the lowest level seen a couple of months ago) so I’m obviously not the only one listening to you.

    A quick question on the 32mm. I’m wondering whether an alternative might be to try the FT1 adapter with the 35 1.8 DX (I’m assuming DX lenses will be ok) as that would give a similar focal length albeit with the loss of a couple of stops. Normally I’m not a fan of using adapters to mount DX or FX lenses on small bodies as that kind of negates the point of having a small camera body but I suspect the FT1 plus 35 would still be pretty compact (same with 50 1.8 which would give a nice fast 135 equivalent). Autofocus will work with this combo as well. Do you know of anybody who’s tried this?

    • Yes and the results are not the same. Its MUCH larger and a bit softer with a different look. I much prefer the 32 1.2 as it is built much better, feels better, has the manual focus feature goes to 1.2 instead of 1.8 (makes a difference) and performs better while staying small. If you already have the FT1 adapter and wanted to save money it would be worth it as you will get the similar focal length with a slightly softer and different result (color, contrast, etc). AF will be slower as well by a bit.

      • Thanks for that. I haven’t actually seen the 32 in the flesh so am not able to compare the size relative to the FT1 with a DX 35. No doubt it is quite a bit larger and as I said, my inclination is not to compromise the compact form factor of cameras like the V1. As for performance, I’ll take your word for it as I haven’t seen any images with the FT1/35mm combo. Interesting that you see a big difference between 1.8 and 1.2, but it is 2 stops so I guess I shouldn’t be surprised. Hmmm…maybe I’ll have to save up for the 32 after all.

  2. I will get one of these lenses after I get the 18.5, the V1 has been a revelation to me and is firmly my fav digital camera to date, my DP1 has superb IQ but we know its problems, the Pentax Q is so much fun but it’s IQ cant live with the V1 and my X10 although super shows it’s age from time to time but the manual zoom is still great. Cheers Paul

  3. I am missing something!
    “[…] all I brought was two Nikon V1â€ēs, the 6.7-13, the 18.5 1.8 and the 32 1.2. I also snuck in a Sony RX1R and RX100II”
    “All I brought” would make me think the list that follows would be a short one. Yet I see a list of four cameras and three lenses.
    I really go out with one camera / lens, you know 😉 Yes, they change every time from my arsenal, yet… one!

    • I am no different. When I go out it is with one camera and one lens. But when I go on a two week road trip I pack what I may want to use during the trip on any given day. Last night I only shot with the V1 and wide angle zoomn. Today it is the RX1R. So just as you say “they change from time to time” tells me you have more than one and one 🙂

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