Little Big Inspiration by Luiz Paulo

Little Big Inspiration by Luiz Paulo

Hi Steve,

It has been a while since I wrote to you last year, and thankfully some of my pictures were featured on your site. It was a such pleasure.

Tomorrow (August 11) is Father’s Day in Brazil. As a father of a 6 years girl I’m so glad to visit her. She’s my little-big inspiration — even not seeing her as much as I’d like to — maybe you remember my story: she lives far away from me, about 1,000 miles. Time to dust of my camera — or not. With only 2 months my new Leica Monochrom didn’t collect so many dust and kind had been busy last month during my daughter’s July vacation. Please may I share with you my recent pictures from this intriguing gear. A camera which I’m loving and hating, loving as it produces so sharpen images… hating because it seems I have to think a little different while exposing and very different while processing its files… But maybe it’s just me.

Hope you enjoy my pictures.

And in advance, happy father’s day to you!

Best regards from Brazil,

Luiz Paulo









  1. I thought that I did recognize the little girl from past photos. She seems very happy to be in your presence, which is nice.

  2. I’m sure your daughter will grow up to cherish these photos — she’ll likely be amazed by them as us readers are. I remember your other post as well; these are the kinds of pics I aspire to take if I am to become a father later in life. Thank you for sharing! Really fantastic — the kind of stuff I come to this website to see.

  3. I remember Luis’s last images of his daughter and these images can only be taken with the heart. As someone whose two sons have lived at the other end of the UK from me for most of their life I understand the love in Luis’s photographs. They are among the few images which grab me on the site because they are not about cameras but about what great photography is really about – compassion and committment.

  4. I’d like to express my sincere gratitude to Steve. This post means a lot for me. Thank you so much for your open mind to share not only your thoughts but many thoughts in a such positive way.

    Happy father’s day from Brazil again!

  5. Luiz, I know you agree with my assessment of this crazy camera but listen to me: keep it! If you sell it, you’ll regret it (I speak from experience).

    These are fantastic.


    • My friend Peter,

      By chance or not I agree with you in so many things…

      I’m listening to you carefully — to me you’ll always a great inspiration in many means.

  6. I love all of the shots but the shot that really stands out for me is #2!!! I love the way the Monochrom handle all the tones!!!

    I see you are bringing her up right and getting her started as a shooter! Is that a Fuji X100/X100S I see in image #4?

    • Thank you Rich!

      You noticed the newcomer shooter! Her pictures are better than mine 🙂 She’s handling a Fuji X100. The nice thing of this camera is that you can see trough a OVF — clean as rangefinder.

  7. Fantastic Luiz. You’ve done it again….. create beautiful moments with your daughter…! Thank you for submitting. Inspiring….

    • Oh Andrew. That going from you means a lot. Thank you so much. And I love your last post here on Steve’s. Really beautifull set!

  8. I love the one in the hammock and the other where she is dashing through the drapes – Magical! Thanks for sharing.

      • Luiz, I am in love with your photography and could not find a site you post too except here and LFI. I am taken by your black and white but even more particularly your color images. The life and quality you create is incredible and rare. If you do have a site or anything to see more please let me know! Id also love to have even a hint of how you colour grade your colour images, simply outstanding. – A fan, William

        • Thank you so much Will. I do not have any site unfortunately… If I can say something about colour, I do love it but it rarely (for me at least) work out as color has to do composition in the same way as geometry so this is why I guess I’ve got few pictures in color… the only hint I would mention is that few colours (or a restrict palette) usually is better in my opinion.

          Thank you again!


          • Yes I definitely noticed the use of black and white primarily! Other than the Leica site where your photos are posted is there any other blogs or anything besides a specific site you post your work? Looking forward to seeing more! Cheers,

          • Luiz, I was also wondering if you’d be so kind to briefly explain your black and white process? Im having troubles getting the soft grey of tones you get, it always seems too ‘flat and sharp’, are you using silver efex? A brief run through would be greatly appreciated! Im also curious as to how to post photography on LFI? Is it through them choosing you or can you register? I made an account but don’t see anywhere to post- now that I have some Leica glass. 🙂 Thanks again! (Ps. You should see about making a book with your photo’s through the years, just viewing them in itself is such a great story)

          • Thank you for the kind words Will. And thanks for the book advise — for now I’m doing some small copies of my most interesting pictures (interesting to me at least). 🙂 And congratulations on your Leica glass. To post your photographs on LFI: after the login you’ll be able to choose “my gallery > upload”. As for b&w I use silverefex due the organic look that this app can achieve. Meanwhile a b&w picture has to start as it — composition and geometry, everything else will come easy afterwards… It’s hard to explain how I do my process (dark room) as each image has its own approach. The thing is do not overly contrast or structures too much and get a well balanced color picture in first place — this is the reason I’ve gave up the M Monochrom… Hope that helps! Thank you again. Best regards,

          • Oh very nice! And yes it is great, I just got silver efex back finally with this computer. And I definitely agree about the photo being set before adding black and white process! (I am in the process of loading some photos to my LFI, can’t wait I absolutely love this site and the talent and honest-ness of the photography. I’d love to know which presets you like using from the Preset Library! (In silver efx) Im trying a few now in testing but am not sure how to add the slight yellow cast to the highs I find in your photography and others, I can add it using other methods but can you add it while in silver efex? The only options I see are under Finishing and Adjustments > toning. But these seem too strong of a yellow cast. (Do you add the silver efex preset once you’ve dodged and burned etc or do you get your photo colours etc ready, then silver efex b&w process and then dodge and burn last back in photoshop? (And maybe add the slight yellow tint then?) Haha sorry to rack your brain I just find its the best way to learn and really appreciate the help thus far! Im very passionate about getting the photo’s ‘just so’ as Im sure you understand 🙂 ! Thanks again Luiz,

          • Hi Will. I guess we should thank Steve for allowing our conversation here. 🙂 Either way, I’ll try to answer your questions briefly. I do not use the silver efex presets. Honestly those presets are too harsh for my eyes. One has to develop his/her own adjustments according to own taste. There are many options expanding the controls which includes the split toning for instance. I develope my raw files in capture one, the best raw converter by far in my opinion. No dodge/burn or anything else in photoshop — instead use local adjustments in silverefex. I only use photoshop to keep silverefex adjustments editable (converting background as smart object).

            Hope that helps. If you have an email it might easier to keep the conversation if you’d rather so.

            Thank you!


  9. Oh Luiz!!! What beautiful pictures, and what a gorgeous daughter you have. The camera is another discussion. If this camera always created these kind of pictures, we would all be getting it… 🙂

    • Yes, I agree here. I think that this is one of those posts where I really don’t care what kind of camera was used. It could be a Leica, a Fuji, or a Sony; it doesn’t matter. I am just captivated by your beautiful photos. Great artists like Vermeer and Chardin have this ability to slow down time. Your photos do the same.

      • David and Kragom,

        Thanks so much for the kind words. I couldn’t agree more with you guys — no matter the gear, how and what you “figure” is what cares.

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