A Handmade Real Brass Mini “Leica” SD Card Holder

A Handmade Real Brass Mini “Leica” SD Card Holder!


Check this little thing out 🙂 It’s an SD Card holder but looks like a real mini Leica M! For all of you Leica shooters this could make for a cool SD card holder for sure. Handmade, real brass and holds your cards in a stylish and fun way. The only catch? Its $188, BUT keep in mind it is hand made or real brass, leather and top shelf materials. Is it for you? Not sure but had to pass it along for the cool factor.

More info:

Real leather cladding

Individually numbered

Authenticity certificate included

Holds two SD Cards

Bottom attaches with two rare earth magnets

Each one has its own unique characteristics

Each one is individually boxed, like all other Walter products

Price includes shipping with registered airmail worldwide

You can find this cool accessory and order it at walterleica.com. Walter also sells the M-Stedi and the Walter Eyepiece. Great stuff.


  1. I use a Walter eyepiece and i am over the moon with it. Walter thinks out of the box and can be considered an artist in a unique way. The fact that it is expensive and that not everybody can afford it ups the cool factor . Just placed my order.

  2. I recently made a leather and brass (one) SD holder for the N7 strap – press catch, polished tan..looks better and smaller than this one. Mmm, maybe I’ll start a sideline, $75 a throw..

    Good idea though, when you have left the bag behind.

    But how long before that bottom lid falls off the Walter and with it the two cards? Looks a bit dinky.

  3. Small enough to loose….,like the SD cards inside (and it ads 188 dollar expence to the loss as well)…..my SD card holder is a Tamram Pro 12….slightly larger but about just as expensive….and it also holds my other camera (a Fuji GX680 mark I and a 50 mm for that)….but having said that, at least I’m not likely to forget that in a hotel suite.

    Greats, Ed.

  4. Honestly, all good with a nice business model and all that, but does an SD card holder require an authenticity certificate ? I’ll pass too, would rather buy some filters instead !

  5. LOL wow we Leica shooters must look like we sweat money. Can’t blame them though cause I know someone would buy it if this was ‘official’ leica gear haha. Got quoted $40 for an original 50lux plastic lens cap

  6. it would be worth $188 if it also took photos.
    otherwise this is just a bauble, and being made out of brass it is just waiting to give your camera a nice dent.

  7. I have a piece of toast with a pattern on it that looks a bit like an M9 (if you squint a bit and are quite drunk). $250 anybody?

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