• No I do not. They would need all new lenses as their current lineup is not FF compatible. I do not see them doing it but hey, you never know. I think they will release an X-Pro 2 and X-E2 with the faster and more accurate dual AF of the X100s and probably enhancements to build quality. If they do this it is really all they need. As for an X100 FF with a built in lens? MAYBE, but doubt it. Could be an RX1 competitor but do not think Fuji will go that route. By the looks of it they may be making more money with the cheap small bodies (X-M1, X-A1).

  1. Hmmmmmm. I am looking for a small, high-quality autofocus camera to take on my first ever trip to Europe in April. I have and love the M Monochrom, but my wife wants color and she just doesn’t get the rangefinder (she wants me to be in some pictures).

    So the big decision is new Fuji X100s, used Sony RX1, used Sony NEX7 w/ CZ 24mm or used Leica X2 or possibly X Vario.

    Decisions, decisions.

  2. i will buy one 🙂 . Latest news guys :

    Adobe has made the cloud an essential part of its business strategy, but today it’s been dealt a major blow thanks to cyber attackers. The company has revealed that an intrusion led to an untold number of Adobe IDs and passwords falling into the hands of hackers. But it gets far worse. Adobe says “certain information” on 2.9 million customers may have also been compromised. Among that data set are customer names, encrypted credit / debit card numbers, and expiration dates. Source code for “numerous Adobe products” was stolen in another recent attack, and Adobe says the two are likely connected.

    Arkin says that Adobe doesn’t believe attackers made off with any decrypted financial information. Nonetheless, the company will be notifying the many customers whose credit or debit card information was involved. Those users will be eligible to receive one year of complimentary credit monitoring “where available.” Banks have also been notified to be on alert, and Adobe says it’s actively.

  3. Such a shame for all those less than honorable (imho) retailers that where enjoying being able to sell them for inflated prices as high as several hundred over the MSRP……

    • Mine is on its way back to B&H now. I had the original x100 and was expecting a lot more from the x100s after the glowing reviews. Maybe I got a lemon, but mine was still far too buggy to be acceptable. In fact, I think may have been more buggy then my original x100, but maybe I just got used to those quirks. Despite the bugs I would have learned to live with it if it were not for the sketchy AF. While the “s” has faster autofocus it just missed/couldn’t lock WAYYY too much for me to keep it. The strangest thing of all for me was that it could never focus on skies/horizons. Also, many times would say it was locked but when I would later look at the pictures on my computer, I would find it had back-focused. When it didn’t miss focus, the pictures came out *beautiful*, but I found myself just wishing I had not sold off my original x100. It came with the latest firmware so I’m guessing I must have got a bad “s.” Either way I will hold off for now and maybe wait for the next X#00 or RX#.

      • I’ve always found the X100(s) as well as the Ricoh GR to be a bit inaccurate with the AF, they always would confirm focus, but especially in lower light the results would be a bit soft. My RX1 on the other hand could be quite slow to focus but then finally would confirm and be quite accurate. Its like you can have either speed or accuracy with cameras these days and have to pick one lol

        I just got the E-M1 which so far seems to be both pretty fast and accurate though so fingers crossed on that one. Features like touch to select AF point and Face Detect are things I really missed a bit on the X100s as well. Seems like a silly gimmick but it just plain works and makes shooting/composition a little easier.

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