The Classic Cases Leica M 240 Case


The Classic Cases Leica M 240 Case

Hello to all! Today I wanted to share some news about a case I am trying out for my Leica M 240, made by Paul Glendell is the guy who is behind these fabulous cases and he makes them for the Leica Monochrom as well. You can see the Mono in his case HERE in my part 1 review of that camera. He also offers M8 and M9 cases and all of them have different options available (with back flap, without, etc). These are all hand-made with quality leather AND hands.

His M 240 case is of fantastic quality and it is a bit too stiff, and not too soft…which IMO will break in well over time, maybe a year or so. It is a case I really like and much different from the Gariz case I reviewed a while back (can see that HERE). While the Gariz was nice, small and fit like a glove the Classic Cases 240 case is more traditional when it comes down to the case design and offers a little bit of grip to hold on to. Not because there is a grip but because it adds a little size to the camera and those with larger hands will get a better grip when shooting the camera. It FEELS like a higher end product as well.

Take a look at the case on my M from all angles…







I had planned to do a video review of 3-4 M240 cases all at once but the two others I was expecting over the past three months never showed up for review. Paul was the only one who sent in the case so his is the only one I will be posting about today.

In the hand it feels nice and the fit is very good (better than the Luigi I had for my M9 that I couldn’t use due to the fit being so off). In fact, the fit of the classic cases case is superb and if I had to complain about anything it would be that the live view button is slightly covered, which is a bummer (UPDATE: Paul told me he has corrected this for all future cases). It is tough to design a full half case for the 240 (that wraps around the full back, top and bottom) without this happening though. The upper sides, unlike the Gariz, are well protected and the leather feels like a real quality leather.

Some of you out there love cases and some of you out there hate them. I like cases but sometimes i prefer to go naked because it is much easier to unload batteries and memory cards without having to remove a case to do so. On the other hand, there were times when I went naked (my 1st M 240) and it got beat to hell when I dropped it. So these days I prefer a case.

There are quite a few cases out there for the M240 and this is the one of the good ones. It is not cheap at about $285 US Dollars (ships from the UK) but it is one of the nicest cases among the sea of half cases to protect that $7000 investment. Many wonder why a case would be so expensive but think about it. A full leather, hand-made and stitched case for under $300 to protect a camera you spent $7000 on (without a lens) is not bad at all. You can go up to $390-$490 and buy an Art Di Mano case which offers a different design and colors (my review of the Arte Di Mano is here, and it is a beauty) and spend even more for a famed Luigi. $285 is about right for the Classic Cases M 240 case and offers up some style, beauty, protection and luxury to your already luxurious M. You can get better but it will cost you almost 2X the amount.

if you are one who enjoys cases, you can check out all of what they offer HERE at the Classic Cases website. 


  1. I urge you to try a different Art and Artisan
    I bought one for my M7 and its the best case I have every had (I had had most of the brands discussed here).
    Not only is it tight fitting, its perfectly fitting. It soft inside and a list soft on the outside making the grip superb
    I am now getting one fro my M240

  2. This is the best leica m240 leather case ever in the world ! Cover of camera body best! One thing pro and advanced photog do not want show logo” M” still the best !!!

  3. In my eyes it looks cheap. Look on pic nr 4, the lv button is even partially covered by the leather.
    Not for me 🙂

    • Doesnt fit loose at all, in fact, it is much more form fitting than either Luigi I have owned – much more form fitting than an old A&A I owned (That was $290), etc. The only cases that are truly form fitting are the $390 Art Di Mano and the simpler but good looking Gariz but the Gariz is really a half/half case. This case is quite nice and while not the best you can get, it is better than Luigi (from my experience with two Luigi cases) and offers more protection than Gariz. It is also a better fit than the Leica made cases. Not sure why their cases always fit so horribly. To be honest, I have seen an Arty Di Mano case on a friends camera and it was beautiful. If I had $400 to spend on a case it would be one of those. If I had $280, it would be a Classic Cases. If I had $200 it would be a Gariz.

      • On a more serious note: this looks like thick, high quality leather (English more than Italian), which is probably quite stiff initially and unlike with shoes doesn’t get much more supple with use as a camera case. The initial fit therefore is very critical because it will nog get much better in use and honestly this looks like a non-snug fit, though looks may deceive. The shoulder straps look funny, but they have been designed this way so it should serve a purpose.

      • I love my Luigi case for the M9. It fits perfectly, has a tactile surface, and a bump in front. The M typ 240 is harder to grab and hold than the M9 so I think I’d miss that bump.

        I value cases more as gripping aids than as protection. This Classic Case looks like there’s a little flap of leather that might interfere with using the built-in Thumbs Up. I see you can order it with a cutaway for that, though.

        • I also love my Luigi cases (one for my X100S and one for the X-E1) plus they have the built-in grip for about the same price as these.

          But, like anything, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. We all need to take blogger reviews with a grain of salt. Our own opinions may differ….

          • I value Steve’s opinion but I’ve never seen a half-case for Leica that compares to a Luigi and I’ve never seen a camera bag for Leica that compares to a Fogg b-Sharp. Nothing I’ve seen even comes close.

          • I agree about the camera bags. Absolutely nothing compares to Fogg bags. I thought they were overpriced until I got some of the cheaper bags on sale. I have tried Billingham which are the closest but look like a budget copy in every way, and from there on nothing is in the same zip code.
            My most disappointing recent purchase (thankfully used from the classifieds on this site) was an Ona Bowery bag which the raves reviews say is fantastic, but compared to what? Mine (and others I have since checked out) looks stitched together like a padded pillow case, with wrinkles on all the seams, no defined edges, and the material of the bag itself seems really prone to wear. Biggest fault is the strap has its length adjustment mechanism where it will rest on your shoulder, either directly on top of it, or down one of the sides but still rubbing.
            The Luigi half case on my M3 fits perfectly, while the Artist and Artisan one is a little looser and made of much softer leather.

            You do get what you pay for.

          • I’m comforted by the almost military grade leather of the Luigi case. Wouldn’t want it any softer. I take it off and it sits there like it has an invisible M9 in it. The Italians have it all over the Koreans and Japanese when it comes to leather, and I’m not saying that just because I’m Italian. It’s a fact, Jack, and you can take it straight to the BANK!! 😉

            Fogg Bags are buttery soft in the cloth part and it makes them feel light because they move with you. If I could change anything It’d be to put some metal feet on the bottom to elevate it off restaurant and pub floors. Billingham doesn’t hold a candle. It’s also much bigger yet has less capacity. You could buy five bags trying them out and spend more than on one Fogg, or you could just do it right once. That makes it a bargain.

  4. Time for another wacky comparison: these super expensive cases to the $80 Zhou case for the M.

  5. The beauty of the camera is lost in this case.
    It should be thinner and closer to the camera body.

    • Sorry, don’t agree. I have 2, different versions (an upgrade or something) but both are not properly aligned at the back and cover the LV button completely and is also loose at the back. Finally went with the Gariz half case which screws in at the tripod mount hole and fits snuggly.
      Granted it is a minor pain to change the battery but not onerous and all the back is clear.
      Just my 2 cents

      • I can’t comment on your version of the Arte DiMano. I own the black case with black stitching for my M9 and it is perfectly aligned around the LCD. The stitching is impeccable and the leather is of the highest quality. My friend has the open back version for his M with EVF and Thumbs Up and it is perfect as well. It does not slide but sits snug despite the open back. I will order another one for my M7 in the near future and I would highly recommend their cases. I can’t wait for Steve’s review. Just make sure you order a comparable model (open back.)

        • My apologies!
          When I got home, I discovered it was the Angelo Pelle cases nor the Arte diMano.
          There cases are quite impressive.
          Do you know how to order one, in a specific colour and leather, outside of eBay?
          Many thanks,

          • The Leica store Miami has quite a few in stock. They are very helpful and can special order from Korea at no additional charge if you want something different.

          • Many thanks.
            I have checked them out. The ebay retailer has also been very helpful, so I will order one today.
            Please excuse the stupid typos in my earlier post (there instead of their; nor instead of not).
            I’m usually not THAT careless 🙂
            I’ll be looking forward to the new case.
            Thanks again.

          • I received the Arte Di Mano case and I have to say it’s the best one I’ve seen. Very well made and the leather is superb. The Gariz is very well made too but the leather is not as good.
            As for the Angelo Pelle – excellent leather on a par with A D M but the design and construction with the leather covering the “Live” button and sagging down over the screen makes it less desirable.
            I will stick with the Arte Di Mano.
            Thanks Bernd

  6. What is that sticker on your lens by the mount in pic 4?
    That Planar really is a sweet lens and the silver version seems better built than the black (i have had both).

    Nice case, but not my thing on an M. I’m already disappointed that the M is quite a bit bigger than the M9 series, and this adds to the bulk. At least this one seems to protect much more than most.

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