USER REPORT: The Samsung NX300 by Christina Davis

USER REPORT: The Samsung NX300

by Christina Davis

Hello everyone. I’ve been enjoying the mirrorless life now since last May when I picked up my Fuji XPro1. I wound up selling my dslr and lenses in August. This Christmas, my husband said he would buy me a camera of my choice – just not a really expensive one. I figured I would pick up a smaller “pocket” type camera. I initially got the Ricoh GR and while I love the size and portability of it, I found the files to be lifeless and needing a lot of processing to give them that “pop”. I sent it back, did a little research and with my daughter in mind, I ordered the Samsung NX300, thinking I would wean here off the iPhone and get her to make some “real” photos with a little better quality and more permanence than her Snapchat and iPhone pictures. No such luck there, but I have to say I am enjoying using it on an almost daily basis.

poppy 1

I researched the Samsung NX300 and found that they had that “imagelogger” program. I would love to be chosen for some of those types of programs – it would be awesome to get to try out gear for free. Ha! Maybe in another lifetime. There were quite a few people posting some really good work from this little camera, using its wifi capabilities and putting a lot of examples on instagram and on their websites. Thanks to a drop in prices, I wound up with the camera kit and also the 30mm f2 lens. I tried the kit lens once, set it aside and have done all my photography on this camera with the 30mm lens. I like the idea of one camera, one lens. It’s simple and I never have to think about which lens or look I want. I just use the single lens and make it work for whatever situation I am in. I carry this camera with me every single day. Yes, I know the Fuji’s are small and portable, but there is something about having that tiny Samsung package. It is even smaller and lighter than the Fuji’s.

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After working with the camera for a few months, I find it to be really versatile and use it to catch moments with my kids when we are on the way to school, shopping, in waiting rooms, and to just catch every day moments for which most people would use their iPhone. I’m still hoping my daughter would warm up to its use, but she has yet to show interest in it. In some instances I have used this camera alongside my Fuji and have actually preferred the photos of the Samsung with their color and contrast.

Usually, I don’t upload directly from the camera to the phone. I do like to do a little editing on all my photos and some things I can’t edit effectively on an iPod/iPhone, like acne on my teenager’s skin, for example. The colors the camera produces are quite rich and have good contrast. The only real issue is with reds. The Fuji handles reds better than the Samsung, I have found.

jason 16

I really enjoy using the touch screen and set the camera up for engaging the shutter by touching the screen. It seems to make focus more accurate and quicker than using the shutter button. Also, a plus for this camera, over the Fuji XPro1, is that when adjusting the f-stop and shutter speed, what you see on the back screen is what you get in the final photo. This is something I think would make manual shooting very “kid-friendly”. It removes the frustration of thinking you have the shot then seeing, when you review the picture, that you over exposed, for example.

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Thanks to these tiny mirrorless cameras I have photos of things and times which I would never have captured had I still been using a DSLR, which, due to its size, spent most of its time in a drawer.

I’ve included some of my everyday moments here, all of which were caught with the NX300 and 30mm lens.

Thanks for reading and happy shooting to all!

flower 4

Chris Davis




  1. I’m new to Samsung NX in the camera world and now considering the NX500 vs the older, now less expensive NX300. While 4K video is nice, I do not have a 4K TV. Thats said, is there any other reason I should choose the newer NX500 over the older NX300 camera, or vice versa?

  2. The first time a vendor in one shop here in Chile showed me this camera, I said him: “Samsung? It is not a brand for good cameras! They are an electronic company, not a camera company!” Then he started to show me its qualities and I could see how easy is to use it and access its commands… Since that time, I was in love with it! Aftar ten months I found a good deal and bought it!
    All you’ve said is true! As much as I use it, more Iike! To use it with the original lens is quite easy! As soon as the adapter I bought arrives, I will start to use it with my manual lens. Let’s see what is going to happen…

    I am seriouly thinking to sell my Nikon and move to the mirrorless world!

    By the way, nice pictures Chris!

  3. REally nice pictures, Christina, thanks for your post.

    I can only confirm again and again: the 30mm f2.0 is one of the best lenses available, it’s almost a “most-own” for all Samsung NX users. My family uses an NX10 since it was released 4 years ago and these NX cameras have gotten better ever since, the latest NX cameras are highly capable and priced very attractively.
    So while I really like the NX300, I have waited for the release and availability of NX30 (which has an Elecronic Viewfinder) and will buy it before summer.
    I encourage everyone to try out Samsung NX cameras, you might be surprised.

    • Thanks for taking time to look! Yes, I love the 30mm lens. I’ve noticed some of the people I discovered through my research – those in the imagelogger program – have gotten the NX30; however, I haven’t seen them produce work which is really superior to what they did with the NX300. Maybe there is an adjustment period and they just haven’t gotten into a groove with using it yet.

  4. Nice photos. I like the GR – the in camera JPG’s can be modified in settings and the auto DR adjustment can be turned off or down to increase contrast.

  5. I have used a range of Samsung cameras over the last few years including the NX100, NX10 and NX 20. The NX 10 and 20 have an EVF and the 20 even includes a fold old screen as well. Like the author of this post I find these excellent in colour representation, pretty quick to use and with a range of good quality lenses.
    I think overall that Samsung has been underrated and perhaps not seen as a legitimate or real camera which is a shame although this has led to retailers offering some very competitive deals – they represent amazing value for money.
    I recently acquired the 45 mm f 1.8 prime lens and this is an amazing and sharp lens.
    As to the photos in the original post, they are excellent.

  6. Lovely images, certainly there is no excuse to not take great photographs with the nx-300, and also it has a gorgeous design, and much better it that the price is, comparing to alternatives, very affordable.
    I was pretty interested but the downside to me is the lack of viewfinder, I am not old school, just to me a screen is great with waist level, flowers shots or others but a viewfinder is better when I want to put the camera at my eyes level.

    • I have to admit I was surprised at its capabilities. Surprisingly, I like the design of the camera as well. I bought a brown one and love the way it looks.

  7. I’m impressed… the colors and clarity as well as dynamic range are nice! Great job. I with that camera had an EVF, though.

    • Yeah, the lack of EVF makes it really hard to take the flower pictures. I’m almost shooting blind when I take those. It is so hard to use it when shooting into the sun/backlight.

  8. There’s a lot of heart in these images. That comes from the perspective of the person behind the camera. Thumbs up from me!

  9. Great photos! I just spent a few minutes browsing your site too and love it! You have a beautiful family and it’s awesome that you are able to capture little slices of life this way. Keep it up!

    • Thanks for looking. I guess you could call it my attempt at my lifestyle. I’m going to be glad I have these photos in the years to come. I just have to get on printing them out. Haven’t done so in several months.

  10. I was surprised to see that this camera has an APS sized sensor. The small size, wifi and touchscreen are quite ideal for actual image taking/sharing I would think. Too often camera decisions revolve around technical issues and in real life they just don’t matter. Ease of use and images do matter though, I like your images.

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