Photography, Education, Exams by Tim Hogendoorn

Photography, Education, Exams

by Tim Hogendoorn

Documentary photography; one of those magical things in live I love.

My name is Tim Hogendoorn, 23 years old and living in Rotterdam, The Netherlands.
From the year 2010 I have been studying photography in Rotterdam and this year in May, is my graduation.

From the beginning of my study I saw students following the same routine of photography as there has been for years on my school, and many other photography academies: studio portraits.
It is not in a way I felt the urge to be different, but I found myself not being able to express my feelings in that way.

I started experimenting with street photography but quickly wanted to tell stories with my photographs, searching for people who had extraordinarily jobs and telling their stories.

That is also what I did for my exam of my current photography education.
I stayed at a circus family for about a week. Taking photos of the shows, but especially when they were not working or preparing for work.

After being in this study for four years now, and photographing three of those years solely on film, this was my first digital series.
I gave digital a try a couple of times before, but not really feeling it untill now: I bought a really nice second hand 5d mark ii and am using my analog Nikon lenses on that body with just an adapter ring.
The look of the old Nikon Nikkor 35mm 2.0 AI on the 5d sensor is lovely…

The full series can be seen on my website. (like me on facebook and keep up to date with my work: )

I wanted to share my experience with the readers of stevehuffphoto because I am a daily reader myself, keep it up Brandon and Steve!
(recently I went on a photography trip to Chicago (my first time in the US: WOAW!), and I would love to be sharing that new series in the near future as well!)

All the best,

Tim Hogendoorn

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  1. You might very much like Saibal DAS ‘s book circus girl for a superb documentary photographic journey in the circus life

  2. Tim, I like your approach and the images (only three?), and I just liked your FB page as well.

    The images and your approach (sort of “embedded”, in the positive sense) reminded me of a book I’ve had for ages:

    On a rather irrelevant sidenote: I have that 35mm lens (have had it for ages as well), but was disappointed with its performance on my D800. That sensor is a bit too demanding, and is a very likeable, but not very sharp nor very contrasty lens. I couldn’t do without it though, but use it mainly for film.

    I’ll be following you!

    • Thank you (and everyone) for the kind responses!
      Thanks for introducing me to the photo’s of Jill Freedman, the circus pics she made are amazing!
      Love how different the circus was back then…

  3. Very nice photos on your website! Great to see another photographer who has a highly developed eye rather than one who depends on their gear.

  4. Great message and images. It is always better when you image invokes an emotion, and usually apparent when the photographer felt something. Congratulations on your impending graduation.

  5. Hi Tim,
    I checked your website. You have some wonderful images and as you mentioned the context and stories are equally important. I felt some of the images could have been in color (farmer’s series).

    Mo (

  6. Nice Documentary, i have one too, second hand eos 5D mk2, and my quests is to search the net just to get the canon 35mm f2 non IS, coz the new version with IS and USM not give “better” result … but is give more expensive … that’s all, and i have one now, ever since the lens is my first fave lens … the second one is the 85mm f1.8 … for potrait, and bokeh lover … that lens give u all …

    cheers, denie from indonesia

    check my fb at

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