A Photo Stroll in Wetzlar Germany with the Leica CL by Shai Ashkenzi

A Photo Stroll in Wetzlar Germany with the Leica CL

by Shai Ashkenzi

Hey Steve and dear readers, how are you? I want  to share with you my last trip to Germany, to the Leica factory to fix my SL camera(after two and a half years of massive use).

I arrived early in the morning, after I took a flight from Israel to Frankfurt and from there the train to Wetzlar. When I gave my camera I asked for a replacement( the CL) to “play” in the city when I waiting for mine…

The Leica CL is A very unique camera, something between The M,T and the SL. The camera sits beautifully on the hand, light and comfortable.

I had so much fun with her, the evf is beautiful almost like my SL (: The lens I used on it was my 35mm 1.4 so I got 56mm after the crop factor.

Wetzlar is such a nice place, quite and peaceful lot of green forest along with a river. The people are easygoing and calm and the whole atmosphere it’s like from an old movie…

My plan was to buy a CL to be my second body next to the SL, but know Leica announcing something new in June, so I’ll wait to see what’s on her sleeve this time.

I hope you enjoyed the pictures 😊

Thank you all for reading and thank you Steve for the amazing work you do

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  1. Very beautiful images and I love the colors. Not many Leica photographers have pleasant colors and soft picture. I think about buying CL, it’s a really beautiful small and stylish camera with quality. I don’t like many odd buttons in other cameras. But lens choice with the crop is a big issue. 35mm or 50 mm goes being too big or expensive (M). Thank you for a nice post! 🙂

  2. Colors are a bit strange, due to PP I guess. The artist is the boss, so this is what he wanted – no worries. Is a matter of taste. I come from the old days of film – we used to get colors like many now use PP to replicate, but it was never what we wanted, it was the fault of film technology (processing labs, old film left in the sun, etc). But hey; life is not perfect – art imitates life 🙂

  3. Average photos that do not reflect any thoughtful composition nor talent of the photographer or camera.

    • Well, for someone just using a loner camera in a place they may have never been before, what do you expect? The only criticism I have, and this applies to the style and not the photographer, I what is considered “street photography”. I don’t find taking pictures of people going about their business as a valid form of street photography, especially children. I thought unique situations, events, people, as street photography, not the average person, just my opinion.

  4. Thanks for sharing. Your pictures give a great sample of what this camera can do when taking tourist pictures. Snaps are the best types of pictures, just capturing life which most camera buyers do – me included. I love the Leica colors. Was it nice having a very unobtrusive camera? I am seriously considering this camera as a life shooter. I feel big cameras get in the way of life. Thanks again for sharing and don’t pay any heed to any negative comments. We all have different shooting styles and every ones eye sees things differently.

    • I can say the CL makes for a GREAT everyday life camera. Small, solid, nice to use, fun to use and fantastic IQ. Sure you can get more from other brands at the same or less cost but there is something different about shooting with a Leica. Also the pride of ownership is nice as well. Makes you want to use it.

    • thank you
      yes, its that kind of camera exctlly! tourist style (:
      you just need to hold it in your hand to have the Leica feeling

  5. Very much enjoyed this series. The CL seems like a great little camera. I’ve just booked a trip to Wetzlar in October, so seeing your photos has really made me even more excited for the trip.

  6. Hi, Nice effort but unfortunately a mixed bag of photo snaps. Personally I would have culled about 80% and concentrated on the better pics. Nothing wrong with being a Leica CL fan, but the pics would certainly not inspire me to buy one. Thanks David

  7. I love pictures like that. Confirm in an impressive way that sharpness is not everything! And with Leica!

      • Hi, Shai,

        I’ve totally misunderstood the purpose of your post. I thought it would be about Germany.

        Back in 2010, I was dreaming about Leica, but now with my aging eyes I can only envy the users who can manually focus using their rangefinder types of cameras like Leica.

        I ended up with Olympus OM-D EM-1 and I have no regrets. If I had deeper pockets and better eye sight,I would end up with the Leica or Phase One or both (depends on the depth of my hypothetical pocket).

        I would like to see more of your photographs on this forum.

        Take care,


        • Thank you very much Val
          The Olympus are great cameras,
          For the CL you don’t need a depth pocket (: and the focus is quite easy

    • This is a horrible comment and shows no thought. If you want to comment on others work at least be constructive! You are the worst kind of internet troll! It came across that Shai enjoyed his time with the CL and enjoyed taking the photos and that shows!

  8. You bonded remakably quickly with that camera! – A very enjoyable set of photos, and actually I think your simplest images are the best.

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