Update on the Pentax K-3 “Mirror-Flop” from Amy Medina

Update on the Pentax K-3 “Mirror-Flop” from Amy Medina


IMPORTANT UPDATE (as of June 11th, 2014)

Just wanted to come back and fill you all in on what has happened since writing this article.

First, reports have continued to come in on the Forum Post I started on PentaxForums.com… we are up to a total of 114 members of that forum who have encountered the problem, with three people possibly having other more severe problems occurring to their cameras as a result of the mirror-flapping. Reports and all the information are here:

More importantly though, as of last week, Pentax is now responding differently to people who report the problem directly to them. This started with someone from Germany reporting that he was told he could send his camera in for repair, specifically for the mirror-flapping problem, and that it would be a software-fix that could only be done at a service center. He sent me copies of his paperwork, which seemed to confirm the issue being addressed was mirror-flapping.

I then contact the rep I’ve been dealing with at Pentax USA who replied and informed me that indeed they were offering a fix now for the crazy mirror-flapping. Though the email is a bit vague in its nature, at least progress. There is no indication as to what the cause is, or what exactly is being fixed/adjusted. The part of evaluation and testing is a bit concerning, but it’s a step in the right direction.

Another member also inquired about a fix for the problem received a similar reply.

Below are copies of the emalis:

– – – – –

Thanks for the followup. I can confirm that U.S. customers who are experiencing the “mirror-flop” issue (evaluation and testing are still ongoing) with their K-3s will be advised to send their cameras into our main service center in Chandler, AZ for adjustment to help resolve the issue.

Thanks again,

Mark Davis
Product Specialist

Thank you for contacting RICOH.

We have been informed that there is now a shop adjustment that can be made to help resolve/reduce the reported K-3 “mirror-flop” issue. I recommend you return your camera directly to RICOH Imaging Company at the address listed below for examination.

RICOH Service Department
250 North 54th St.
Chandler, AZ 85226


  1. At least it is a more mature answer to the infamous left-focus problem or some other serious prob that 2 “big guns company” experienced… or better, “not experienced” because for them, quality control probs simply doesn’t exists…

  2. Well Amy , that is a good developement I’m pleased for you
    + I hope that all those people how were in need to write nasty comments on your 1st post got their answer.
    Frankly I don’t understand how companies this size, are so reluctant with their aftersales service.
    The D600 problem (which i almost bought) and this one puts me off or at least will make me think twice before buying Nikon or Pentax in future, both brands i’ve been affected to and used for many years.
    They still don’t understand that it’s a different market today and that people in general are much more
    open to switch brands than they used to be.

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